The Pleasure Lord
211 He Did It Once Again - Part 4
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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211 He Did It Once Again - Part 4

Fast, it was really too fast. Ragetti's could only watch from behind the barrier as Alex attacked with his dagger to destroy his protective cover.

Only with the third swing of Alex's dagger, the yellow barrier shattered into thousand lights. Immediately after that, another dagger was swept horizontally towards Ragetti who looked prepared.

Ragetti rotated the spear in his left hand and used the repulsive force to deflect the dagger, then he swung the spear with his right hand.

But his speed was slower than his opponent. Alex easily blocked his spear and made an instep to shorten their distance making Ragetti unable to swing his spear around properly or take back his spear to defend.

"Aghhh...!" In a small span of a second, Alex left numerous cuts on the Ragetti's body. He did not target the vitals though. He moved his hands nimbly around as he sliced some meat off Ragetti's body with each swing of his dagger.

Ragetti's hands were already dripping wet with blood! There was no part on his body that hasn't been cut by the two daggers once. Just when Ragetti wanted to stab his spear into Alex's chest, the boy vanished from his sight. 

No, he somersaulted over his short body.

Alex raised his dagger and appeared behind Ragetti. Then he aimed his dagger at Ragetti's heart who dodged in the nick of time by activating another protective Inscription scroll. This was his last one. Protective Inscription scrolls are too expensive and also hard to buy when you are a wanted pirate.

Ragetti was not able to show his full strength, his focus had to be on Alex's next move. At the same time he had to deal with the possible attacks of multiple soldiers, he also had to dodge Alex's fast-moving daggers. Ragetti Crook was surrounded by peril. Alex felt it was boring to fight with Ragetti, the gap between their skills were too apart. Even with the Early-stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivation, Alex was able to easily overpower Ragetti who was two levels above him. 

A sharp light flew at him. Ragetti immediately backed up and the dangerous dagger light just barely missed his chest. This sharp aura really made one's hairs stand up.

But that was far from it, Alex once again jumped across Ragetti by playing his hands on his opponents head as support. This caused Crook to lose his balance and fall forward. With a backhand, Alex stabbed the back of Ragetti's body and pierced his dagger to the front but barely missing the heart on purpose. 

Ragetti had a blank expression. He felt that his entire body's vitality was flowing away from his chest. His eyes gradually lost focus and in the end, he fell to the ground with a thud. He was not dead, but just unconscious due to extreme blood loss.

The puppets arrived immediately to save his life which was hanging by thread. Alex still had some use for him, he needed to know where Ragetti had kept his treasures. Why waste, when it can be used for the development of his territory. 

He had to say that Lion Shark pirates were very rich. Torrento has stored quite a bit of his loot under the castle.

Maybe he was gathering and saving money to run his future territory. Alex acquired a lot of gold coins, and also different kinds of weapons which would solve the basic needs of arming Alex's large army to the teeth.

Not only that, Alex actually lots of gems, and other miscellaneous materials that could be sell to gain even more money.

The gold coins are not useful for Alex now since they cannot buy any more puppets. After promoting to the Early-stage Dantian Formation Realm, the puppets can now only be upgraded using Spirit Stones.

The gold coins can only enrich his treasury which in turn would be used to pay the citizens for their work and to develop the islands in his hands. 

"Torrento had 45 low-grade spirit stones with him. I can use them to make three of my puppets to advance to the early stage of Dantian Formation Realm after I promote to the Mid-stage." Alex thought as he passed through the Portal gates to arrive back in the basement of the Mordrake family Manor.

Two puppets came through the portal afterward while carrying Ragetti on a stretcher. They transferred him to the special cell used for interrogating criminals by different and unique techniques that are never seen before in this world.

Captain Torrento was still poisoned and couldn't move much but that didn't stop the puppets from interrogating him. Viper's situation had been stabilized but he was still unconscious.

Legonal and Marce were sleeping in their cells honestly after submitting a letter to the prison guards so that they can send it to the Count of Nehmor as soon as possible.

Alex read those two letters and immediately told the two generals to make some changes and write another letter because he did not want to let the Count know how he defeated his Generals and his Navy.

Especially about the Norman or else the Count would try to make some countermeasures against him before the next battle between them. 

The pupets were busy squeezing every bit of information from the mouth every pirate whether leader level figure or just a deck washing pirate. 

They also had to classify the pirate based on their deed and if they can be rehabilitated into better men so that they can once again live like a normal and honest citizen, people similar to Norr.

By the way, Norr requested Alex to help him bring his family here so that he start a new life here on the Seashell island with them.

Going back to his home island was now impossible since the villagers there would still see him as a pirate, and not to mention that the living condition here was much better than the other islands nearby or even cities in the Belmont Continent.

Alex told him he can write a letter to his parents and then submit it to the administration building and wait for his family. Norr also showed his desire to join Alex's army or any agency that is used to gather information under Alex. He has to make a living somehow using his skillset. 

Alex told him to go to the army compound, there will be a process to test and enlist him. With his skillset, Norr would be placed under the training program suitable for him with half the salary of a regular soldier and after that join the army with a full salary.

Norr left with a huge smile on his face and went back to the dock to earn some money while doing some menial labor for the time being.

He wanted to earn enough money to rent a house in the city and after his family arrives he will go to the army barracks to take the test. getting back his freedom, made his body filled with energy so he did the most work that they then other helpers on the jetty.

Anyway, those pirates that had committed huge crimes were taken to the prisons that were used to house death row criminals. Ragetti was going to join them soon after his interrogation is completed. 

A whole day went by and soon the news brought by Pintel's pirates to the pubs of other islands started to spread around to the nearby islands. People were filled with joy because the Lion Shark Pirates had been exterminated.

Those island Lords were instead having a headache since the one to defeat the pirates were the navy of the Count of Nehmor from the Belmont subcontinent. They felt a wolf has entered their backyard who would snatch and make them leave their hard-earned territory. But then another news came and hit them in the faces.

The source was from the Pirates under Mary who made a stop an island to refill their supply. It was rumored that another player also joined in the battle afterward and it is still not known or verified who the winner of the battle was.

Another day passed by, and those Island Lord's were finally able to get there hands the information about the winner of the battle between the Pirates, the Naval forces of the Count of Nehmor, and the new rising Lord of the Seashell island.

After reading the news brought by the merchants of the Seashell island after it had opened its border for the normal trade to begin, those islands Lords had only one thought that came to their mind, "He did it once again"


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