The Pleasure Lord
210 He Did It Once Again - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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210 He Did It Once Again - Part 3

Ragetti thought for a moment and decided to take one of his men with him. When the entered the Castle, the soldiers closed the gates behind him. Ragetti would be lying if he said he was not nervous. He laced his hands near the pockets at the side so that he can take out a protective inscription scroll to activate. 

The soldier did not walk towards the gate of the main hall but took a turn towards the open space son the right side where pirates used to train.

"Where are you going?"

"General Legonal is waiting for you in ht training grounds. He likes to train in the morning and had just finished with his routine. Please follow me," the soldier replied nonchalantly.

When they reached the training grounds, Ragetti looked around but he did not find anyone.


Ragetti quickly took a defensive posture and turned around when he heard the sound coming from the back. But when his eyes had just passed by his unresponsive subordinate, he saw an arrow piercing through the back of his subordinate's head. 


Ragetti immediately put up a protective barrier to his front. He also jumped to the side and put his guard towards the soldier that had brought them here.

But to his surprise, that soldier ran at full speed the moment his subordinate had fallen down.

"Shit! Its a trap!" Ragetti cursed under his breath and swept his eyes from where the arrow had been fired. He thought it was Legonal who had fired that arrow but he found him nowhere.

"Legonal! You bastard! Come out." Ragetti yelled at the top of his lungs so that his subordinates standing outside the castle wall could here and help him.

"Legonal is not here, small man" a voice came from the corridor to the left. Ragetti saw a teenage boy with a bow walking out from the dark shadow with a smirk on his face. He didn't react to the mocking words because of his shock after comparing the face of that boy with the image in his mind.

"You!... It can't be. You cannot be here... You..." Ragetti yelled in denial but his eyes were not lying.

"Don't be surprised. I came here to exercise. Why don't you come and spar with me? You should be good at spear then I will be using my daggers against you, that should be fare enough." Alex said as he took back his Bow inside the inventory and took out two short daggers, held in each hand. He was an assassin by nature, therefore, his fort was also in using knives and daggers. But he doesn't like using it much and feels like something is missing. Even the swords and the bow are the same. As for other weapons, he still have try them one by one again in this world. 

"What the hell are you talking about? I asked why you are here. Where are Legonal and Marce?" Ragetti furiously looked around. He was thinking whether they have already recruited Alex Mordrake and have turned their back against him.

"Chill man. There is no one else here besides you and me. As for Legonal and Marce, well they are sleeping in their prison cells back on the Seashell island."

"Prison...cell?" a confused look appeared on Ragetti's face. 

"Yes, they had bad intentions towards me and my territory, therefore I came here last night and made them regret their choices. Catching all the Lion shark pirates and their Captain was just a silver lining. Come, I don't have much time to waste."

Ragetti couldn't believe what he was hearing.

'Just what happened while I was chasing after Pintel' This all made Ragetti feel depressed.

Seeing that boy started walking toward him, Ragetti shouted "Stop right there you psycho. You are just an Early-stage Dantian formation Realm cultivator, therefore you cannot fight me head-on... where are your helpers? I know they are near and waiting to sneak attack me." 

'I won't be fooled with a low trick like that boy.' Ragetti could see the cultivation level of the boy when he released his aura.

"Haha, don't worry no one would come here to sneak attack you. If I wanted, I could have told my soldiers to gang up on you but I didn't since I really wanted a sparring partner. If you can kill me, you can walk out of here free. If you refuse to fight then I can only tell them to poke some holes inside your body." When Alex said that sentence, he pointed towards Castle walls and the terrace. Dozen of soldiers had their bows pointed towards Ragetti.

A look of hesitation appeared on Ragetti's face. He clutched another inscription scroll tightly inside his pocket with his hand.

"If you don't want to come then I will" Alex rushed with two daggers in both hands.

Dust particles flew into the air at the place where he stood before.

Ragetti's immediately felt the danger.

"This boy is difficult to deal with!" Ragetti tightly frowned. The speed at which Alex came at him was already above his own level. He wanted to swing his spear to attack Alex once he came into its range but he had to give up that thought after seeing Alex's speed. He had to block the dagger with his spear that Alex swung from his right.


'Fuck! He is strong!" Ragetti screamed in his mind when he felt a strong force transfer to his spear from the dagger, he almost lost his grip.

But just when he blocked the first dagger, another one came madly cutting at him in critical angle. Ragetti only felt pain in his hands as blood shot into the air.

Ragetti once again activated the protective Inscription scroll that he had deactivated while talking to Alex. While fighting, it cannot be put up all the time, or else Ragetti also won't be able to attack his enemy. It is only used to block a sneak attack or a powerful attack that can be blocked normally by their own strength.


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