The Pleasure Lord
206 Whose Ships?
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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206 Whose Ships?

Alex made Legonal and Marce sit with their subordinates after walking far away from the place where they had thrown their weapons.

Legonal was a late-stage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator while Marce was a Peak stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivator. But later one was in worst than the former because Legonal was able to run faster and was more nimble than Marce.

"Now let's introduce ourselves, shall we?" A voice different than before sounded from behind the eagle landed thirty meters away from the Legonal and his group.

"Wha... What the hell?" Marce almost jumped up from his place in surprise. it was because the person they were dreading was just a boy under twenty.

Legonal felt he had seen this face somewhere before.

"Ah, you are... are you the new Lord of the Seashell island..." Legonal asked but he was very sure of his memory and knew that his guess was right.

"Alex Mordrake! This boy... I mean this person, is he really him." Marce remembered the name but he did not think he would be this powerful.

But when he thought back to the humiliation this boy had given him this night made his blood boil in anger. His innate arrogance of someone from the Belmont subcontinent showed suppressed any fear inside his mind. A barbarian self-acclaimed Lord actually made him suffer to this state. The shame he felt now skyrocketed because he had not been defeated by an expert but a boy half his age.

"You punk... you dare humiliate us like this. Even after knowing who we were. You are done for, you are done for. You motherfu*ker, stay right there, today you know the consequence of humiliating the honor of the Count and his people...Ow! What!" Marce was suddenly hit behind his head by Legonal who signaled with his eyes to look around him.

"Fuck, when did they... surround us?" Marce looked around and he saw an unknown number of people garbed in black cloths from head to the toe surrounding the whole army from each direction except the back where the port was located. Each one of them had a bow aimed in their direction.

Legonal and Marce spotted their weapons in the hands of those people they saw them coming forward and handing their items to the boy in a respectful manner.

"Ah, such a good bow. Its high-grade Black ranked weapon isn't it? Better than my Low-grade crescent Bow. What's its name?" Alex said as he pulled the string of the new bow to its limit. It had a very ghostly design with skulls and bones carved on its body.

"... Black skeleton Bow, High-Grade Black ranked treasure. Even I cannot pull its string all the way... You are also Body Cultivator with the rank of a Copper body at the minimum." Legonal said with a clam face. Marce flinched in surprise, he knew how hard it was train in that path. He looked at the boy again from the head to the toe, completely revising Alex's image in his mind.

"You have very sharp eyes, Mr. Legonal Bark. Yes, I'm a Body cultivator. Also, thank you for this gift, I needed to replace my bow for some time now." Alex said before throwing the Blackskeleton bow inside his space ring in front of them.

Legonal felt his heart bleed for the first time. His gloomy face deepened even more.

Marce was instead looking at the Interspatial storage ring that Alex was wearing. He almost drooled in greed but he was not in the state to directly grab it from Alex for himself.

"Thank you for taking out the Lion Shark Pirate group. They have been a menace for us and every island Lord around here. Now we can freely trade with each other and the Belmont subcontinent in a much safer environment." Alex gave a heartfelt smile.

"You don't have to thank us. We were just completely our Lord's orders, The Count of Nehmor. You should have heard of him." Legonal stress on the status of their lord as if he was giving a hidden warning.

"Yes, Yes, I have indeed heard of his title. Count of Nehmor was it. Hereditary Nobles are so lucky, they get their status from their forefathers without doing anything, unlike us common people who have to start from scratch and build a legacy with our own strength. Tsk, tsk there's no fairness in this world." Alex made a look of someone deeply hurt. But no one thought he was really showing his jealously over the status of the Count.

The Nobles of the Belmont subcontinent and the self-acclaimed nobles of the island in this area are very different in status and meaning and also how they gain their status.

Legonal was not stupid and even Marce understood the hidden contempt behind Alex's words. But they chose to ignore those words since they were not in the state to rebuke Alex.

If Alex said that before at any other place and in a normal situation then, Marce would have shown what it means to make fun of Noble from the Belmont subcontinent. He

"Mr. Mordrake, you can have the goodwill of the Count. He will definitely be impressed by your strength. Since we have dealt with the pirates, this region has almost become pirate free. I think there will be a lot of dealings between our territory in a large number of goods, don't you think?" Legonal was having a headache, he was not good at these kinds of things. Negotiation was never his and definitely not Marce's fort.

But he still had a better head on his shoulder than his comrades and understood how attractive long term trade relationship with one of the counties from the Belmont subcontinent was to these island Lords.

Almost, all the iron and grains were imported by the island Lords in exchange for Demon Beast materials that were mostly obtained from the sea.

"Goodwill of the Count? Trading with your territory? Um, no thanks we are good. I think it will cost us dearly if we really got your Lord's goodwill, don't you think? Anyway, when will you go back?"

"Right now, if you will excuse us" Marce waiting to say these words.

"Alright, have a good journey but how will you travel back?" Alex said as if he was really curious about their well being.

"How? Of course, on our...ships?..." Marce suddenly had a very bad feeling.

"Ships? Whose ships? Will someone come here to pick you up?" Alex asked innocently. Norman was covering his face with one of his wings, he was actually hiding his eagle face that was contorted due to stopping himself from breaking out into a laugh.

"What do you mean?" Marce asked back. Legonal instead turned to look towards the port. He actually stood up and started running towards that direction without asking for Alex's permission. The soldiers looked at each other in doubt but they also stood slowly. When they saw Alex was not stopping them, they also followed behind their General.

"You don't want to go?" Alex asked after seeing Marce standing on his face with a dumb look.

"I...You...I...I will take my leave then." Marce immediately turned to leave. He didn't look back in fear of throwing profanities at Alex in anger. He rushed towards the port by limping all the way.


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