The Pleasure Lord
205 Not Normal
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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205 Not Normal

"The unknown always brought the most fear. The unknown that cannot be touched was outright terrifying.

"... Subordinates of the Count of Nehmor?..." a voice sounding harsh came from above.

"Yes, yes, we are his men. See, I told there must have been a misunderstanding. I.." Marce was overjoyed. Atleast, that devil finally opened his mouth to talk. They can finally solve whatever misunderstanding they have between them. And from his tone, it looked like he didn't know of their identity before attacking.

"Hmph, I was not speaking to you. The one sitting next to you who is rubbing his index finger with his thumb, yes, you talk." Marce was told to shut his mouth. Legonal instead had a look of extreme shock appearing on his ghostly face.

'How... How did he know I was doing that?' Legonal thought. He was indeed rubbing his index finger but the action was itself hidden from everyone's eyes. Not to mention the dense foliage above him, the darkness made it hard for even Marce to notice that. 

"... Mister. My name is Legonal Bark. This beast-like man standing beside me is Marce Marell. Please forgive him for being rude to you earlier. It's not his fault, he has always been barbaric since infancy." Legonal put his hands together in a pleading gesture.

Marce's eyebrow twitched in great annoyance. 

"... Put your hand down. No need to ask forgiveness for the lost cause... Order you men to throw down their weapons on the ground in the open space to their right. We will talk after that." the voice sounded impatient.

"Why you..."

"Marce!... Mister, we don't even know your name. Please understand I can't give that order when I don't even know if your an enemy or not." Legonal shouted back. He stopped Marce from degrading the situation further.

"You don't give that order then I will become your enemy. Either way, your subordinates will have their weapons laying flat on the grounds with their dead bodies or after you order them to disarm. It's your choice. As for my name, you people are not eligible to know at the moment." Contempt leaked from the voice of that person.

"Legonal we can't listen to this arrogant piece of shit. He may not have any arrows left after shooting so many times. Hi is just bluffi..!" Marce threw himself to the side. He rolled again and again over the ground without stopping before getting up on his two legs and taking cover under another tree.

Boom! Boom!, Boom! Boom!...

The tree under which Marce was squatting before got hit by arrows. In just two hits to the trunk of the tree, it splintered into pieces before falling down. Marce was alert therefore he dodged in time but even after that, he felt being locked on by a beast. No matter where he ran to, that place will be under attack immediately.

It was like that unknown person had unlimited arrows on him.

"Stop! Stop! I Concede! I Concede!..." Marce shouted. He could really die at this rate.

"Sir, please stop. I will do as say. Everyone, do as he says" Legonal shouted on top of his lungs.

The soldiers hesitated but after seeing their General's state and fallen trees behind him, they threw their weapons away from them as far as possible.

Clink, Clink, Thud, Clink~

After everyone threw their weapons down, the arrows finally stopped barraging on General Marce.

"I know, some of you are still hiding knives under your clothes... I won't say it again. After that everyone back off a hundred meters"

The soldiers looked at each other before some of them moved to take out the hidden weapons on their bodies.

"You two are not exceptions. Throw aside everything, whether it's your bow, his sword, or any attack type inscription scroll on your body. Don't worry, I don't attack defenseless people. Also, I'm wearing a storage ring, so don't think I will be short of arrows anytime soon. If you do not listen to me, then I will sink all your ships and burn the warehouse storing food under that castle."

Legonal finally understood why their opponent was able to fire arrows without fearing any wastage. The status of this person is higher than he had thought because no one can get a storage space ring without enough power and status.

Their Count also had one with him but it definitely could not store that many arrows.

Legonal decisively threw his bow out of the coverage of the trees. He then took out all of his life-saving cards one after another and threw them out just like before.

Marce was in a sorry state. He was taking out an arrow that had impaled his left calf from front to the back.

"Shhs~..." Marce hissed in pain. Seeing that Legonal was looking at him seriously, he knew what he meaning to say.

With great pain, Marce threw his sword out just like his comrade and then he also took off his ring with some scroll stuffed in his baggy pants.

"Behind your left leg, near the ankle, take out that knife."

"On the right one too...

"Also that inscription scroll stuffed inside your underwear...

"Inner thigh..."

"Yes, that too..."

Marce pulled out materials ranging from hidden weapons to inscription scrolls and even the alchemy pills from inside of his pants pocket, boots, and even from inside his underwear.

The soldiers were dumbfounded seeing so many things being thrown out.

A person with no clothes covering their upper body could hide so many things inside his pants was very difficult to imagine for the soldiers.

Legonal almost face-palmed seeing Marce carrying so many life-saving stuff on his body.

How much can one person fear for his life?

Marce's face was already black, but no one could tell in the dark.

Also, after this matter, Legonal was able to guess one more thing about that unknown person. He could use the spiritual sense that could cover a very large area. Their protective Qi was not effective in blocking his spiritual sense, they weren't even able to tell if they were being scanned by it or not, which is not normal and against common sense.

"Good, I'm very satisfied. Now come out and sit with your subordinates on the ground. We can start introducing ourselves to each other after that."


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