The Pleasure Lord
204 Raining Hell From The Sky - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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204 Raining Hell From The Sky - Part 2

One part of the dome above the castle came down on the heads of two people. They rushed out immediately while protecting their body from the debris falling down.

From a window, two shadows jumped out, rolled on the ground without caring about their image, and ran to a distance before looking here and there to find the enemy that dared to attack them.

General Marce was furious. He thought Torrento might have been hiding nearby and had used an inscription scroll-like before to sneak attack on them. But even both of them couldn't find his shadow anywhere.


A chill ran through the two general's spine. They didn't even know from where the attack would be coming but they still jumped to their sides haphazardly.


Two of the three arrows arrived like a small missile and smashed the ground with a loud bang where they had been previously standing before. Another one grazed the forearm of General Marce, taking a small chunk of meat with it before smashing the ground near him.

"Aghhh..." the wound caused Marce to grunt in pain but the shockwaves due to the arrows covered in Qi arrived to hit their bodies with a bang.

Marce took the worst hit, he flew a dozen of meters back while General Legonal was only pushed a few meters behind before stabilizing. He already had his arms above his chest and protective Qi around him to block most of the damage.

Legonal found where the attack had come from but he didn't have the time lookup because another set of arrows came raining down. This time four, two for him and two for Marce who was still striving to stand up after the fall.

Legonal dodged to the side and ran after that in a zigzag manner, Marce was not that flexible, he instead activated his ring and covered himself in a defensive barrier that took the direct hit of the arrows for him.

Through the yellow cover of the barrier, Marce saw a birt type Demon beast flying in the sky. Even though it was dark, he was able to spot a silhouette of a person with a bow riding on top of the Demon Beast.

"Wait..." Marce shouted when he saw the unknown attacker getting ready to fire some more arrows towards him.

But his words fell into deaf ears, four arrows came down hard with a slight deviation in angles and hit the barrier at the same place one after another.

The barrier couldn't take it anymore, it shattered into thousands of light particles.

Marce took off into the distance to find himself a cover or else those arrows will put some holes in his body.

He breaks out in full speed towards the dense tree coverage he saw in the distance.

Legonal had his bow out but he didn't shoot any arrows towards the Demon Beast.

"What are you waiting for? Quickly, take down that eagle or we will be sitting duck here." Marce yelled while he was running towards the trees.

"... I can't, the eagle is moving too fast. It can easily dodge my arrows while it's flying at that altitude.

"Tch... let's take cover first," Marce said. He turned around and slashed his sword towards the incoming arrows. The Qi projected out like an arc from the sword edge and hit the arrows head-on to destroy them in the air.

Loganal also fired arrows from his bow to hit the enemy's arrow in midair but he missed a lot of time.

"Friend, please stop... why don't we sit and talk peacefully with each other over a drink?"


A rock shattered into pieces a little distance away from Marce but the debris that flew out in his direction was not easy to defend. His protective Qi cover helped to stop some smaller ones but he was still hit here and there causing him to wince in pain. The darkness made it even harder for him to move properly.

"Bro, please listen..."


"Big brother..."


"Esteemed father..."

Boom! Boom!

"My Lord..."


Legonal: "..."

Marce: "... Divine immortal?"

Boom! Boom! Boom!

"Fuck you, bastard! Come down if you are a man and fight me like a warrior, you coward"

No matter how he pled or cursed, the arrows still came after him or smashed the ground around him. Countless wounds and bruises opened on his bare upper body due to being hit by countless fragments of stones at a high speed.

"Please target him..." Marce pointed his finger at Legonal running parallelly while keeping a distance with him. He did not feel any shame in betraying his comrade.

Legonal: "..."


Marce grimaced in pain as the arrows still came after him.

Finally, they reached the tall trees and hid under its coverage.

Fortunately, the arrows stopped raining on them.

"Who the hell is that guy? Did I kill his mother or raped his sister in the past or did I do both?" Marce cringed in pain as he touched his arm with a little less meat than the other.

"That's why I told you to stop doing those things or you will hit a hard wall someday. Look, someone finally came to punish you, it's your judgment day." Legonal said with contempt and disgust. He may have rubbed salt on his comrades wound but he still took a pill and threw it at Marce.

"Legonal, think of a way to bring him down... if he attacked our soldiers in the camp, they will be defenseless against him," Marce said with a grave face.

"What if they came running here after hearing the sound of fighting," Legonal said with a heavy heart and turned his head to look in the direction of the camp. Sure enough, soldiers holding torches came running towards their location.

Marce's complexion changed. He shouted immediately, "Spread out and defend against the arrows coming from the sky. The enemy is in the sky" He repeated.

But before his words even reached their ears, arrows fell down one after another.

Boom! Boom!...Boom!...

"Aghhh..." Few soldiers running at the front fell down after their heads were pierced by something.

"Ahh, MY ARM!, MY ARM..." a soldier cried while holding his right arm, attached to his shoulders with only a single ligament.

A few soldiers were killed immediately while some suffered severe injuries to their bodies. Some lost an arm, some lost a leg or two. The rest stopped dead in their tracks.

The soldiers in the surrounding area that were holding sharp swords and spears didn't dare to move, fearing they would be the next person to get hit by the arrow.

They also looked up in horror to see a Demon Beast flying in the air above them.

Fortunately, no more arrows were shot. No one spoke for a while and even the injured soldiers were gritting their teeth and enduring the ain silently.

... The eagle kept flying in circles. Not knowing what the enemy wanted, Legonal and Marce were put under an invisible pressure. The soldiers were the same.

"...Friend, we are Count Nehmor's subordinate. Maybe, there's a misunderstanding, we have come here on orders of the Count to exterminate the Lion-Shark Pirate group." Legonal said loudly after a long time. The man atop the eagle didn't reply causing both the generals to sweat in stress and fear. The unknown always brought extreme fear.


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