The Pleasure Lord
201 Reinforcement...!?
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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201 Reinforcement...!?


Viper had jumped to the side and nearly evaded getting hit by the projectiles arriving from two different directions. He evaded the spear but the arrow was still able to graze his shoulder. He looked at his wound and saw it turning darker at a visible speed.

'Fuck, that arrow was laced with poison.' Viper cursed under his breath and looked in the direction from where the arrow and the spear had been fired from.

If it was any other time, Viper should have been able to completely dodge this kind of a sneak attack but his mind was completely focused on driving his knife in the back of Captain Torrento. How ironic, wanting to poison another but it was he who got poisoned in the end.

But before he could even look around, he felt his body getting locked under the eyes of a beast.

"VIPERRRR!" Torrento's eyes had turned bloodshot, the betrayal by the hands of his adviser cum brother only fueled his anger. A powerful Qi force suddenly exploded around him blowing the wood debris around him into the air.

General Marce and Legonal were all shocked. This was not how they thought their plan would go. They had thought that Torrento would be defeated quickly after getting stabbed behind his back by viper with the poisonous knife and the other pirate would surrender seeing their Captain getting beheaded. After that, they can recruit these pirates to work for them.

The two people that destroyed their plan had already turned and jumped into the sea after firing at Viper. No one knew who they were.

Legonal immediately took out his bow and knocked an arrow to fire towards Torrento who was going to jump at Viper with the intention to kill him.

The face of General Marce looked grave, he ordered his men to bring the ship closer to the ship who which Torrento and Viper were standing on.

"Viper!" Torrento yelled again as he took out his sword and swung it horizontally at the betrayer.

But he felt his Qi moving slower than before inside his body. He couldn't use his full strength of a Peak-grade Dantain Formation Realm cultivator. Viper was easily able the dodge away with his speed.

To the surprise of the Captain, Viper was at the late stage of the Dantian formation realm, the advisor had clearly kept his strength hidden from him even after staying with him for so many years.

Viper suddenly smiled and said, "Hehe, looks like the drink is finally showing its effect. Can you feel it, you must be having problems gathering your Qi attack and defend unlike before. Don't worry, it will slowly become worse as time goes on. You will anyway die in the end."

He left out one thing from his speech. The slow affecting drug that he had used in the drink would also eat away Torrento's reason to think clearly as the time passes by. His threat has lowered now but his men still had the same.

"Captain!..." Some pirates around them rushed to help their Captain and some went to attack Viper who turned out to be on the enemy side. Some pirates who were smart only backed away from their Captain and the advisor as far as possible.

"Stop! I will deal with him, You all go and move the ship around. Don't let them come any closer." Torrento shouted and then pointed his finger at the ship boarding the leaders of the enemies.


An arrow suddenly arrived to pierce his waist but Torrento was able to defend with his sword in time although his action looked sluggish.


The first arrow shattered but more came one after another.

Viper turned around and started attacking the pirates that went to follow their Captain's order. But things took an even worse turn when suddenly some pirates took out a yellow scarf to wrap around their neck and then started attacking their pirates that weren't wearing the scarf identical to theirs. They were clearly Viper's men.

The other ships near them had the same scene. They couldn't do anything to help their captain instead they had guard against comrades suddenly turning on them.

The counts navy took advantage of the situation as they brought their ships near the pirates and quickly jumped on the other side to attack the ones not wearing the scarf and take over the ship. If the pirate's surrenders then they will not kill them.

Seeing this scene, Torrento was getting agitated. If his subordinates really surrendered then he won't be able to leave from this place alive.

When the hope was all lost, the sound of a large conch came from the northeastern side. Ships of different sizes were hastily coming towards them.

Torrento face bloomed with the color of happiness and hope because the ships that were coming were of his comrades. The sound of the Conch was unique therefore he was able to tell who they were.

"Men, stay strong, and don't surrender. Reinforcement has arrived."

"Aaaaa..." the moral of the pirates was suddenly ignited. Even the one that had surrendered, stood up to attack the soldiers and the pirates that wore the yellow scarf.

Viper's face was not good. 'Damn that midget, he couldn't even do one thing right.'

Mary brought her ship around to attack the enemy's ships. Pintel instead turned his own ships to stop Ragetti who was still chasing them.

"Damn, it's the people of that stinking Count." Mary cursed but then she looked worriedly towards the person standing to her right.

Lisa's face was pale. Her body was trembling as she looked at the emblem on the enemy sails... She calmed down only when she felt someone placing a hand on her shoulders.

Lisa took a deep breath and said, "Don't worry, I'm fine... but this situation is worse than I had expected."

"What are our winning chances?" Mary suddenly asked.

"... Zero." Lisa answered after looking around. She saw Viper attacking his own comrades. She saw the pirates with the yellow scarf and also the number of soldiers and ships on the enemy side. And the worst of all, she saw Captain Torrento having difficulty in defending from arrows fired at him, he was clearly poisoned .

"Then let's not get involved and give up on Torrento, we will find a different way to realize our revenge. We can't die now and we absolutely can't let them find out about you being alive." Mary pleaded. Rea who was standing near them past this scene to her Lord.

Hesitation was written all over Lisa's face. But she still nodded with a heavy heart.

"Change in orders. Turn around the ships and sail at top speed in that direction." Mary quickly started giving out orders at a very fast pace. Her subordinates were dumbfounded by this order at first but they soon turned happy because they also didn't want to lose their life.

Some pirates hesitated, their hands were holding a yellow scarf in their pockets but seeing Vice-Captain Mary has ordered to retreat and not participate in the war, they didn't take out their scarf but chose to follow their captain's orders.


"HAHAHA... look there Torrento, your reinforcements are running away with tail tucked between their legs." General Marce's loud voice boomed in all directions. the pirates in the resistance were horrified to see this.

Torrento face lost all colors seeing this. 

"No, Mary, what are you doing!? Come back..." No matter how many times he yelled, the ships under Mary didn't turn back but they were running away faster than before from the battlefield, leaving their Torrento behind.


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