The Pleasure Lord
200 The Hidden Snake - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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200 The Hidden Snake - Part 2

"Lord Alex, Pintel, and Mary will arrive at the site of the battlefield in twenty minutes from the Noth-east direction." Alex's puppet informed him in advance.

"It will get very dark by then, they won't be able to see us. But you take your positions in advance. Be ready to sild into the battlefield."

Blackbeard nodded and quickly started giving various direction to his subordinates telepathically. Since they only brought puppets to fight this time, the coordination between was impeccable. It was like every man on the deck of the ships knew their job, furthermore, no one talked to each other while working in the dark. If not for the sounds created while footsteps moving, people would think the ships were empty.

The ships that were behind Alex's slowly started moving in the southwest direction, some would stop at regular intervals after they reached a distance while the other will move forwards till they have not a quarter of a circle.

"Lord Alex, there are some small ships of Nehmor's navy stationed far away from the battle for early detection of enemies."

Alex swept his spiritual sense in the direction that the puppet had told and sure enough, there were really a group of ships trying to circle around the island, not for blocking the path of the escapees but to detect any other ships with sailing towards the battlefield of navy and the pirates.

These small ships were smaller if compared with small ships that Alex had built using the blueprint. These ships can only hold twelve to fifteen people while Alex's small ships could hold double the people if needed. Right now, there were twenty-five people onboard every small vessel in Alex's fleet. The size and volume was not the only difference, in fact, it was speed.

Alex's ships and Nehmor's ships were moving towards each other. The only difference was that the enemy ships were visible in the dark night and Alex's ships were not due to not lighting up the torches on the deck of their ships.

"Take out these ships quietly and don't let them signal to the enemies about our presence."

Blackbeard's signaled his subordinates on those small ships. When the enemy ships were near, Alex's puppets quietly dived into the sea making the least amount of sound and swamp towards the brightly lit ships.

There was already one puppet stationed on the enemy ships that had infiltrated before the start of the war.

While not coming into anyone's attention, that puppet quietly walked over and stood beside the pole which was going to be used as the medium of transferring the signal to their allied ships fighting far away.

If they saw any unknown ships closing into their direction then they would first tell them to stay away or change direction by firing flame arrows.

If unidentified ships still did not turn away then they would light up the big pole on their deck and ring the bells to inform their allied ships near them and to the ones fighting with the pirates about the possible third party trying to enter the battlefield, possibly their enemies and reinforcement of the pirates.

"What are you looking at, Alex?" Hank asked when he saw Alex looking in a different direction than theirs.

Hank squinted his eyes to look in the same direction and saw a number of small dots of orange color.

"What are those?"

"Enemy ships that are patrolling for any third party intrusion."

"Ah, look. The lights went out... " Anna said after seeing the strings of dots going out one after another. But to her and everyone's surprise, in a minute they came back.

"Maybe the flames on their torches blew out due to a gust of wind," Alex said with a calm face. Only he knew that those enemy ships have changed their hands in that time frame.

Each of his puppets had the strength of Cultivators in the ninth stage of Body Tempering Realm. Taking out those small ships was very easy thing to do for his puppets. The only ones that were a little tricky were the small ships that were not infiltrated by one of his puppets due to short numbers.

They had to make sure that the pole does not lit up accidentally by one of the enemy soldiers. But that never happened since every tey took them out by surprise causing the enemy soldiers to not react to the sudden changes.



"What? Are those ships signaling any message to us?" a soldier asked his companion whose task was to watch at the patrolling ships. Their ships was comparatively a little away from the main battlefield and did not partake in the fighting.

"I saw those ships vanishing for a minute."

"Vanishing?... Oh, their torches must have gone out due to the wind or something. Don't you even have that kind of a common sense boy? New recruits like you are really not suitable to do such an important job."

"Sorry" that new recruit apologized but he still felt something was not right.


A ship blew in flames, diverting his attention from that line of thought.

"Marce! You dare come here... Don't you know who I am?" Captain Torrento yelled when he saw one of his ships being taken out by his opponents. They were heavily outnumbered three to one.

"Hahaha, of course, I know who you are, Torrento. But the thing is you are way past to be of any use for my lord now. Take my advice and surrender yourself. Maybe, you can live hahaha..." General Marce spoke with a sneer on his face. His contempt for the Captain of Lion Shark Pirates was clearly visible to everyone.

"Good, good, good. You are forgetting where this is, Marce. It's not fiefdom but the sea. It's my turf."

"HAHAHA... Legonal did you hear him, he says the sea is his backyard, that's so funny, HAHAHA...Say something to him please, I can't take it anymore, HAHAHA..."

The pirates saw their Captain's body trembling. His face was contorted to the extreme.

The man referred by the name Legonal stood by the helm of the ship that sailed adjacent with General Marce ship.

Unlike the muscular body of General Marce, General Legonal had a very lanky figure. His face was looked gloomy to the extreme with heavy dark circles around covering his eyes, maybe he doesn't get much sleep. General Legonal carried a big bow on his back and quiver on one of his shoulders.

"What's there to say? Finish it quickly, I want to go and sleep?" Legonal replied. Even his voice sounded like a ghost. He clearly did not care to participate in the banter between General Marce and Torrento.

"Ah... you always have to take the fun away. But it should be about time anyway" Marce's eyes changed to that of beast looking at his prey he already considered dead. He looked behind Torrento with a grin on his face. It was the smile of a person achieving an easy victory.

Torrento suddenly felt goosebumps on his body. He instinctively tried to defend his body and made an effort to look back, but he was a step too late because his body didn't listen to his instinct unlike it would always do before.

Viper who stood behind him quietly till now, had a devil's smile on his face. His hand was holding a knife laced with a blue tint on the edge of it. It was poison and its rank was definitely above 1.

Viper's hand shot in front like snake who used his tail's force to bounce on his prey. All of this happened in fractions of a second when Torrento had just turned his neck and look to his back.

Even the depressed and gloomy face of general Legonal was smiling slightly.

Torrento only had one thought appearing in his mind, 'Traitor'.

But just when Viper few centimeters away from stabbing the knife in the back of Torrento, he had the feeling that Torrento was having just now. A look of fear appeared on Viper's face, he quickly gave up on stabbing Torrento with the knife in his hand and jumped to the side like a cat afraid for his life.


An arrow and a spear arrived at his previous place from where he had jumped.


Splinters of wood blew into the air with a bang when the two projectiles hit the wooden deck space just behind Torrento.


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