The Pleasure Lord
198 Counts Grand Plan
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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198 Counts Grand Plan

"What?! And you are telling all of this to us now!" Uncle Jack shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Calm down, Jack. Let Alex finish his words. He should have his reason to not tell us."

Everyone waited for Alex to talk.

"Yeah Uncle, calm down. I didn't want you to think about pirates every day. I wasn't expecting the Count form the Belmont subcontinent to join in but he makes my work much easier than before. The Count wants to acquire our island from a long time ago. To do this he had sent Captain Torrento here to build up naval forces by disguising as pirates so that he can use it one day to take over most of the islands in this area, especially the Seashell island since its the biggest and have the largest resources."

"But Captain Torrento thought otherwise and he seems to have gone against the Count for his own ambition. Now the Count has sent his Naval army to destroy him and take over his pirate fleet by force. The count's enemies would of course not let him do this therefore the count has used an excuse of rightly retaliating against Captain Torrento after he had supposedly attacked a merchant ship that originated from his territory."

"The nobles of the Belmont continent are very sensitive about their own image and they cannot attack others without proper reason. They only do attack others when they are much stronger than the other force but the count and his adjacent territories have strength similar to each other."

"The nobles around him are not stupid but before they can even move a finger the count may have become successful in his plan of killing Captain Torrento and using his pirate fleet to take over most of the island and also become the only man to have the largest and the strongest naval force around this region who no one can afford to mess with."

Whether it was Jack, Donald, or Norman or any other person standing there, they all were shocked to hear Alex telling them about the Count's grand plan. The was much more serious then they had thought it would be.

"Calm down everyone. Do you think I will let that Count of Nehmor do as he pleases? I have already put many countermeasures against him and have already thought of a way to win this war without much effort on our part." Alex then told them about his plans, and thoughts on how he will tackle this situation without even having any casualties on his side.

If all goes according to his plan then the gains on their side would be enormous.

The count won't be able to touch them after he loses his naval strength.

"Since this war will be fought using ships, I don't need to bring many people with me. Only the elites will do and the rest of the army can stay here to defend the island just in case. Uncle Jack, Donald, Mr.Norman and Miss Violette, I want you to come with me to the sea. Master Clayton and the rest of you will stay here and look after the island."

Hank and Tom didn't want to be left behind, therefore, they said in unison, "Alex, take us with you"

Donald thought it would be too dangerous out at the sea so he said no without any hesitation but Alex assured him that nothing would happen to them and that he would keep them safe.

They can come with them to gain some experience.

Siera also wanted to come with them and Alex also thought it wouldn't matter if Anna, Selena, and rest also came together since he can place them on a ship and let them watch from afar.

His puppets can take care of the island and if any situation arises then Alex can use the Portal gate to come back to the island in an instant.

Without the knowledge of the common people, the whole Mordrake family boarded a medium-sized ship and sailed out to the sea with thirty vessels already waiting for them ahead.

After they had gone, all the three ports have been closed for the night to the common people and the merchants. Military Curfew was then placed in every city and village.


The sun was going to set in an hour.

Pintel Pagetti and Mary Read commanded their ships to circle their common enemy but no matter how many times they tried, failed to do so. Ragetti Crook was not vicious but also smart.

He never got close or fought head-on with his opponents. The moment any one of them neared his main battleship, Ragetti would order a retreat no matter how they scolded him for being a coward. He would also not break off from the battle and keep both the vice-captains and their vessels occupied.

Until now, he had only lost some small vessels of his to his opponents.

"Ragetti, you coward, why do you keep running away, come fight us head-on, you shitty traitor," Pintel shouted. Its been a whole day out at the sea but they still haven't had a proper battle.

"Haha, catch me if you can, you one-eyed bat," Crook shouted back. He wouldn't stop no matter what they called him. He was shocked at first when they had called him a traitor the moment they had met. But when he knew the whole thing, Crooked squirrel almost laughed hysterically in front of Pintel and Mary.

How can he shake hands with the Seashell Island Lord? Maybe Pintel and Mary were using this reason to deal with him. But Ragetti didn't mind since his only goal was to keep them occupied. He acted as his secret has been out made Pintel and Mary chase him all day around the sea.

"You pipsqueak come and fight me if you call yourself a man."

"Yo, long-legged bitch, come here and suck my di*k" Ragetti pushed his pants down swung his little worm in front of her.

Viens started pooping out of Mary's head out of extreme anger but she could do nothing.

Both Pintel and Mary went after the midget's ship for some time but out of nowhere, both ordered their ships to turn around immediately. Seeing them turning around their ships, Ragetti thought they had given up.

Therefore he also turned around his ship and started using proactive words so that they can play the game of tag further but his wishes didn't come true.

No matter what he did, Mary and Pintel refused to look at him. Even after Ragetti besieged one of their small ships they didn't turn around to save it instead, they sailed at full speed in the direction of their headquarters.

"Did they find out? No... it can't be. Shit." Ragetti's expression changed when he found their heading.

As Alex had ordered, his puppets made sure to inform Mary and Pintel about the possible raid on their headquarters and about Ragetti's real intentions.

"Vice-captain Mary, you were right. Ragetti did want to entangle us here with him. See how desperate he is to catch up to us and stop us from going back". Pintel said with a grave face.


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