The Pleasure Lord
197 Spirit Vein
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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197 Spirit Vein


Laila and Fiona seemed to have liked their names very much.

Demon Beast in the first stage of Body Tempering Realm does not have high intelligence. They can not understand human words but Fiona and Laila can understand Alex's since there is a spiritual connection between them.

"So you finally made a contract with a Demon Beast." The heavenly spirit said as she appeared before Alex and the two beasts suddenly.

"Can't you make an entrance in a normal way."




Fiona and Laila looked at each other in confusion.

"Anyway, this is Fiona and this one here is Laila." Alex introduced his new companion to the Heavenly Spirit.

"I didn't think you could think of such good names... "

After the heavenly spirit played with the baby snakes for some time, she explained some ins and out of the Demon Beast Space that Alex didn't know of.

"As your cultivation level increases, the space inside the Demon Beast space will also increase in accordance. Also if you can find a spirit vein then the Demon Beast Space can also absorb it inside of it and enrich this space with a large amount of Qi, which will help in increasing the speed of your Demon Beast Cultivation."

"It can absorb spirit vein!" Alex asked again in surprise. Usually, spirit vein forms naturally in the wild causing the concentration Qi in that area to increase. Such areas are sought after by cultivators as well as Demon Beast because it can help them increase their cultivation in twice speed and half the effort which depends on the grade of the Spirit vein.

"If I find such a spirit vein, I will just use it for myself and let my demon Beast cultivate there. Why would I absorb it in the Demon Beast space?"

The heavenly spirit smiled and explained why he should absorb a spirit vein.

"After you absorb a spirit vein, even if it is the lowest grade, for the first time, it will transform the Demon Beast space and also let you cultivate here. that's not the only benefit, you can also use the special function of changing terrain here to plant different spirit herbs according to the environment in which they can grow."


"Yes. If you are lucky enough then this Demon Beast Space can evolve to become a plane and after which you can also bring humans here to live. If you die due to some reason then even after that this plane will not crumble but become a separate independent plane." The heavenly spirit explained.

After listening to this, Alex wanted to go outside and use all the manpower to find a spirit vein so that he can upgrade this Demon Beast function as soon as possible. Who can blame him for his eagerness because the benefits are too good to be true.


Fiona and Laila started playing with each other in the new environment. Finally, after half an hour, they stopped to rest on a small tree branch by the side of a lake.

Alex also exited the Demon Beast Space. He then went on to follow his daily routine which was to study Alchemy under Master Clayton and then training with Hank and the others. He also had to make an appearance in front of his citizen while taking a round of the Mordrake city.

On the next day before the sun even started to rise, Tagor informed Alex about the completion of constructing a three-mast large-sized warship and also the installation of a Portal gate in one of the chambers below the deck. The warship has the capability to bring two hundred and fifty soldiers to the sea.

While medium-sized warship that Alex has developed could only bring around a hundred men on board. The small ones could take at most fifty.

"My Lord, we have conducted the trial and it has been successful, the portal gate works while its put on the warship."

Alex was very happy to hear this because this can change how he fight large scale wars completely.

"How much time before the counts navy fleet arrives?

"They should reach the headquarters of the Lion Shark pirate group by evening."

"Alright, Blackbeard, you go and ready the ships to set out on the first command. Its time we destroy all the pirates as well as completely disabling the count's naval strength so that he won't even dare to come close to the sea for many years."

"The ships are ready to set out at any time, my Lord."

"Good, Tagor, what about the Vice captains? Did they fight it out yet?"

"No, they only had some small scale scuffle. Ragetti Crook is not fighting them head-on rather he is trying to keep them occupied with him for some reason. We think, he knows about the Count's attack on the headquarters of the Lion Shark Pirates and he may be sided with the forces of the count."

"Is he the hidden person that the count had placed around the Lion Shark pirate group?" Alex asked furrowing his brows.

"No, from what we have gathered from the talk between General Marce and General Legonal, the hidden person should be very close to the Lion shark pirate group and should be staying near him all the time so that he can keep an eye on him."

"You are right. it can't be him. Anyway, we can't let the counts plan to go without any hurdle. Try to inform, Mary Read and Pintel Pagetti about Ragetti's plan to keep them occupied for some reason and it had to do with the situation at the headquarters. Remember to do it only when the General Marce and his navy fleet arrives to attack the Lion Shark pirate groups headquarters. Mary Read and Pintel Pagetti should only arrive as reinforcement after General Marce had started fighting with Captain Torrento." Alex then gave orders one after another.

He kept it a secret from the masses about the war that will break out near them so that they don't worry unnecessarily. But he still told his family and Violette about it.


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