The Pleasure Lord
196 Eggs Hatched
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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196 Eggs Hatched

Alex pulled his attention and thoughts away. He concentrated his mind towards both eggs as he continuously channeled his Qi into them. He felt his Qi getting devoured by the two small fragile lives held in his hands.

Time was ticking, Alex needed to make a contract with them as soon as possible since this was considered the best time. Alex immediately used his spiritual sense to draw the formation of the contract that would be used to bind the Demon Beast souls to his. It was quite easy to form the contract in his soul for Alex the first time because of his powerful spiritual sense.

"I've already run out of time?" Alex furrowed his brows for a moment. He thought this because cracks started appearing on the surface of both the eggs.

'No there is still time, the egg of a demon beast is generally harder and it is very difficult to break out of them.' Alex immediately enveloped both he eggs in his spiritual sense and tried to contact them first hand. He tried to be as friendly as he could because generally, animals and particularly Demon Beast are quite sensitive to it and is the best method of communication between them when they are still small.

Alex thought he would find some resistance since Norman and Anna both had explained the process to him but to his surprise the moment his spiritual sense touched the body of the baby snakes, they started shaking and moving inside the eggs as if they had seen their mother. Alex could feel their excitement.

They actively absorbed the spiritual sense inside their body, a vague connection formed between Alex and two baby snakes. Alex saw the silhouettes of the two snakes appearing inside his soul space.

Seeing this Alex was shocked but he still kept his mind calm and immediately pushed inscribed the same formation on the silhouettes of the baby snakes, that he had created in his own soul space using spiritual sense as the medium.

The silhouettes of both the baby snakes became more and more visible and apparent until Alex even thought they had somehow brought their own body inside his soul space.

As soon as that idea crossed Alex's mind, the eggshell cracked. He immediately opened his eyes, quickly held the eggs out in front, and watched as the eggshells rapidly split open, leaking ripples of energies in the surrounding.

Everyone's eyes were also fixed on the eggs in Alex's hand.

The eggshells cracked one after another and the small ripples of energy settled down. From one of the eggs, a round but pointed and dark-black head popped out. Immediately after, a ball-like object with sticky liquid all over its body fell out with a little splat on Alex's lap. Soon thereafter, another round head popped out from the other egg, its shape was similar to the first one but the color of this baby snake was white with some dark spots distributed over its white scales.

Before anything else, Alex told his first contracted Demon Beasts to eat their own eggshells.

The black one waddled to Alex's side, swinging left, and right after it had gobbled shells of the egg he was born from, then she nuzzled its round head on his leg probably too tired.

The white one nibbled slowly and took a while to finish her meal, unlike the black one. One round eye looked innocently up at Alex.

Alex rubbed her head slightly with his finger to which she responded with joy and started licking his finger back.

After playing with her for some time, Alex put each snake on both his shoulders. They were not even big as his palm but the cultivation level of both the baby snakes had already crossed to the first stage of Body Tempering Realm right as they came out of their shells.

Even Luna, who was born months ago had still not reached that stage yet but she was very close. It means that the growth potential of these two Demon Beast could be higher than the little fox. But their cultivation level could also have been achieved due to the large amount of Qi he had fed to them for all this time.

"Aww, they are so cute!!" Siera and Anna both said at the same time. They were ready to hold the baby snakes in their hands but Alex stopped them.

"Wait, you will get the time to play with them but not now. See, they need to rest first as they had just come out of the eggs."

Anna and Siera both nodded sensibility and held their urge to hold baby snakes on their palm.

But this didn't stop them from coming closer and seeing them from up close. Selena and Ciera also came closer to see. Hank and Tom could only shrug their shoulders and see from where they were sitting as the girls had already surrounded Alex, leaving no space for them to go and watch up close.

When Hank and Tom left they also informed the other people in the house about Alex's 'eggs' hatching. Norman and the other also visited Alex's room to congratulate also to see the baby snakes.

After knowing that Alex had successfully bound their soul to his on the first try, Norman pouted internally.

'Dear Mother Forest, how come you are so unfair.'

But he was also genuinely happy for Alex and to show for it, Norman gifted him with a Demon Beast pouch that is used to store their own contracted Demon Beast. He had also given one to Anna before. Demon Beast pouch are only sold on the Belmont subcontinent and though common than Interspatial storage ring, they are still very expensive.

"One Demon Beast pouch can store up to five Demon Beasts. This one is just the lowest grade, therefore, the environment inside in very band. If you can get a higher grade Demon Beast pouch than it will even better for your pets."

Alex thanked Norman before accepting his gift. Like the Interspatcial Storage ring, the Demon Beast pouch also needs to be bound using spiritual sense. Only after that can his contracted Demon Beast can enter their new home.

But Alex was not really going to keep his Demon Beast inside the pouch because he already had a way better home for them to stay.

Demon Beast Space.

After sometime when everyone left Alex's room, Alex covered both the baby snakes in his spiritual sense and thought of transferring them to the Demon Beast space.


Inside Alex's Demon Beast Space, vast grassland stretched towards the seemingly endless horizon. There were some hills and freshwater lakes, big and small, and enough to sustain two-three villages. Also, there seems to be a connection to the real world, therefore, the Qi inside the Demon Beast space was exactly similar or maybe even higher than the outside world.

One black, one white looked into their surroundings in great curiosity. Alex told them that this will be there home from now on. Alex also thought of giving them a name as he had done with Luna.

First Alex pointed towards the black little snake and then to the White little snake and like their body color, Alex thought of a name, "I will call you Laila from now on and your's will be... Fiona"


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