The Pleasure Lord
194 Infighting - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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194 Infighting - Part 1

The next day.

On a small island somewhere in the northwest direction of the Seashell Island.

Dozens of ships were seen to be docked some distance away from that island, they were waving the black flags picturing skull and bones on them. Most of the pirates were resting on those ships while a few important figures of that pirate group had gone to that small island with only a few trees and some bushes growing on it. 

"Captain, infiltrating into the Seashell island seems to be harder than we had thought. The defenses are completely airtight. We haven't gotten a word from any spy we had sent before. The only information we got till now is from the foreign merchants that had exited the island before we put it on lockdown. But since they were the only source for the minuscule amount of information we could get from the island, we are now letting some of them pass through our blockade and let them trade."

"Also, the native merchants of that island have already stopped their trade with the other islands. All their ventures outside the island have stopped. The only ones that come outside are Seashell Island's navy." a pirate reported to the middle-age man that had the height of a ten-year-old child. in short, a midget. But no one dared to snicker or belittle the man in their heart. He was their Captain and also the Vice-Captain of the Lion Shark Pirate Group, Ragetti Crook. Also infamously known as the Crooked Squirrel. 

He is known to be a vicious and extremely petty person who would take every little grievance to his heart and payback as cruelly as he could.

He has been in a very bad mood for the past few days. Nothing seems to work against the defenses placed around the Seashell island. If he really can't finish his work than he would become a laughing stock in front of the whole Lion Shark Pirate group. He can't imagine the smug face that Pintel Pagetti would make when he goes back empty-handed.

But now there is another matter that is giving Crook a headache or can also be said that this matter is also giving him a chance to get out of this situation.

A letter was delivered to him this morning. It came from the Belmont Subcontinent. The sender was the Count of Nehmor and content was nothing but bad news for the Lion Shark pirates and if looked from another angle then it was good news for Ragetti crook.

A few years ago, he had met the Count of Nehmor in person. Ragetti was offered a very high position in the Count's Navy fleet and also a small piece of territory on the mainland and some islands of his choice if he followed Count of Nehmor's orders properly when the time came.

The rewards were mouth-watering for any man spending his half-life as an outlaw. Therefore Ragetti crook agreed to take up the offer. He sent every information about the Lion Shark Pirate's moves and especially about Captain Torrento's.

If he had not met the Count of Nehmor, Crook wouldn't even have known that Captain Torrento was just a chess piece that was placed by the Count to do his bidding, a chess piece who had ulterior motives of his own.

"Captain?..." a subordinate called out when he saw him standing in a daze and not responding.

"Huh... Ahem, you guys leave this matter aside for now. Wait for Norr to return, he might be able to succeed. Anyway, where are Mary and that one-eyed bastard."

"C...Captain, we have lost communication with the ships that we had sent after them. But we atleast know Vice-Captain Pintels general location since his main task was to find the Blackbeard pirate group." a pirate came forward and said. His hand was trembling noticeably when he reported that. He also came to know just today about this matter and didn't know how he should report it to his captain.

"... Leave it then. Anyway, we don't have to follow Captain Torrento's orders from now on. The time has come." Ragetti showed his two big teeth in the front as he smiled in a crooked manner. Crook gave the letter he was holding in his hands to his trusted subordinates to read one by one.

"Captain, this... are we really going to do this."

"Do you have any other suggestions? Stop hesitating. The count will send people to take care of Captain Torrento. Our secondary task now still is to fish out intel about the Seashell Island forces but our main task has been changed. Gather our forces secretly, and tell them to be ready tomorrow, we will go on a hunting spree... hehehe" Ragetti Crook raised his spear above him and said.

"Aye Aye Captain Ragetti!" The pirates shouted.


On a deserted island some kilometers away.

Pintels pirate group has disembarked on that island to fill their supply.

"Captain, we have taken care of the ship sent by Crooked squirrel to spy on our position."

"Good, that bastard has gone too far this time. Mingling with our enemies and so brazenly sending his ship after us, his intentions is not good toward us." Pintel 

"Captain Pintel, do you think behind Ragetti's action could be... him." one pirate standing his right side said.

"Captain Torrento... well I don't doubt that thought but so many days have passed but Crook has still not shared any intel about the Seashell island. He had been making excuses that the defenses of the Island are too strong. He has not gained any knowledge about the new Lord's forces." Pintel said after some thinking.

"But one thing that we can be sure of is that Ragetti barring his fangs towards us so openly and now we have to reply to him befittingly or I will not be called a butcher for no reason. Men, call everyone, I have done looking at Captain Torrento's face and had held back killing that midget but not anymore. If he wants to fight then that's what he will get. Get the men and ships ready as soon as possible."

"Aye Captian"


"Captain Mary, your orders!" Rea waited for her captain's order. Mary Read had increased her rank inside her group after her information has been checked out to be correct.

"Rea, first of all, I must say thank you. If not for you, that Crooked squirrel might have succeeded in his nefarious plans but now that we know he has shaken hands with our enemies than its much easier to do certain things that I had resisted doing before. Lisa" Mary waived her hands to Lisa who was standing behind her mute.

Lisa nodded and brought out a sword sheathed in a scabbard placed behind her. She came forward and handed the sword to Rea.

"This is your reward, from now on you will command one of my vassal ships. You can now yourself be called as Captain of a ship." Mary smilingly said.

"Captain Mary, I can't accept this gift even though I feel very honored." Rea rejected right away.

"...Why?" Mary smile froze.

"I can't lead a ship. I'm aware I don't have that kind of ability, please give me other jobs."

"Good, being self-aware is a good ability in itself. How about this, you become my assistant and learn how to lead a ship. How about that?"

"Thank you, Captian Mary"

"Don't mention it, I was also hesitating to send you away because then how will I be able to enjoy the night without you." Mary leaned back on her chair and pulled Rea in her embrace.

Rea blushed visually.

"Ahem, Captian please refrain yourself. We have some work to do.

"Right, Rea get everyone ready on the deck. We are going to teach that rabid god about the consequences of angering me."

"Yes, Captain" Rea stood up and exited the room.

After she went away, Mary relaxed visually. She turned towards Lisa and smiled like a small child who had done her work properly.

Lisa raised her hand and rubbed her Captain's head softly. If anyone else saw this seen they would have been utterly shocked. The infamous long-legged bitch was acting like a kid in front of her assistant.

"You did good, Mary."

"I only did as you had instructed, big sister." Mary's eyes became crescent shape feeling the soft pat on her head. She then opened are eyes asked, "When will we go home?"

"Soon. We will return soon." Lisa said looking out the window.


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