The Pleasure Lord
193 Portal Gates
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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193 Portal Gates

"You mean to say my bloodline can help me in absorbing as many different bloodlines from demon beasts into my body without any negative effect."

"Yes, the only thing I can say is you already have three bloodlines flowing in you. Two of them are still semi-dormant. If you can extract your new bloodlines from Demon Beast than it will not affect your body in any way."

'I have two more semi-dormant Bloodline flowing in me? But what are they? No matter how many times I ask she never tells anything about them... " thought Alex.

"And what about this Portal gate function," Alex asked as he raised his hands to tap on that function.

"Portal gates may not as valuable as the Bloodline extractor function but it still not something you should have gotten now. Portal gates are Teleportation devices that can help you shuttle through space and bring you to a location in an instant where it is connected to another Portal gate. You see, for the first time, you can only use three Portal gates for free. Every month after that you get one more but you need to buy it from this function. From the three portal gates, you should install one on this island and the other two should be installed on places of strategic and for convenience." The Heavenly Spirit explained slowly abut its uses and limits.

Alex saw that there are three Portal gates available in the Portal gate section. As listened to its uses Alex became happy as this function can help him in dealing with many critical situations. The only limitation it had was that once the portal gates had been installed in a place, it cannot be shifted to other places. Alex had already thought of places he should the first pace these three portal gates.

Another useful function that has been unlocked is the exchange function. In this function, Alex can interchange broken weapons for new ones or he can extract the minerals and material used in the damaged weapon to make new ones on his own.

Weapons are not the only things he can exchange. He can exchange different techniques or recipes from various professions for the random equivalent technique and recipes of any profession.

For example, Alex has some Cultivation techniques he got as spoils of war from the noble families that lived on this island before. If he exchanges them through this function then Alex can get another cultivation technique of similar level or some recipes from Alchemist or other professions.

He exchanges three or four Low-grade Black ranked Cultivation Techniques together then the exchange function will may five Mid grade Black Ranked Cultivation technique depending on their combined worth.

Alex checked whether anything is left or not, after that, he opened the Random Roll function to try his luck today.

After inputting five thousand points in the three places, Alex taps the start button.

Seeing the rewards from the Random Roll Alex was disappointed.

Rank 2 Berserk Pill 2X

High-grade Black ranked Battle Armor- 5X

Three petals frozen lily spirit plant seeds- Rank 1

The first two have already been obtained before while the last one was a very good reward but unfortunately, Alex cannot use it now.

Three petals frozen Lily is rank 1 spirit plant and is one of the many essential ingredients used in making various pills. It grows in places where the temperature below zero degrees.

There is no such environment on this island where Alex can grow these seeds. For now, Alex threw the seed into his inventory and exited from his soul space.

That night Alex showed his cooking skill and made some new dishes for everyone to welcome new members into the family and also to celebrate Anna successfully contracting her first Demon Beast. Even after Luna had become Anna's Demon Beast pet, she would still rush to Alex and lick his face once she got the chance.

The girls quickly became friends in half a day time causing the adults, Granny Umba and Alex to ease their hearts. No one would like their own backyard catching fire while they are away.

At midnight, Alex stood by the terrace at the top of the mansion that gives a dynamic view of the whole city. So many people now rely on Alex to live peacefully on this island.

Alex never thought he would become responsible for the lives of so many people one day.

But the huge responsibility on his shoulder did not discourage him, rather it brought him a sense of gratification to see that the many smiles appearing on the faces of people living on this island are because of him.

To make sure that these good common men, women, and children of his territory keep on smiling, Alex cannot rest or ever slack in his cultivation.

"My Lord, one portal gate has been installed in the basement of the mansion and on the Greenedge island as you had ordered."

"Good, let's go and see how it works."

Alex went with the puppet that had come to inform him about the portal gates getting installed in places he had desired. Alex had to keep its existence secret because the technology to make portal gates cannot appear in such a backward region.

Even one whiff of it can attract the unwanted attention of many dogs from all over the world. Alex does not want that to happen therefore, he had decided that Portal gates can only be used by him and his puppets.

In the basement of the mansion, on one side of its wall, a square-shaped irregular frame-like structure has been erected with empty space in the middle.

Alex willed to activate the portal gate in front of him with a wave of his hands.


In an instant, a powerful spacial disturbance could be felt occurring in the confinement of the frame of the Porta gate. The dark blue light that seemed to be flowing fashed, covering the empty portion of the gate in the middle.

Alex spotted a small hole appearing in the middle of the gate and saw it expanding outward pushing the dark blue almost to the edges of the gate. Where there should have been a wall before, Alex saw another room appearing just like the one he was standing on but bigger.

Alex immediately recognized it as the basement of the shed situated outside mallow port town and in the military camp of the Greenedge island.

This is where the second Portal gate has been established.

Alex walked closer to the portal gate and passed through the opening without any hindrance.

A smile formed on the corner of Alex's mouth after he successfully crossed over to the Greenedge island using the Portal Gate.

"Such convenience it is to have Portal gates. Install the third one inside the biggest warship after you have finished building it." Alex ordered. The puppets have been busy building new ships according to the blueprints they have gotten from Alex for a while now.

Till now they have only built eight medium-sized ships and some twenty small-sized ships to meet the demands of ships need to patrol all of his territories borders.

Today Alex gave them the order to start building the biggest warships that are there in the blueprint so that he can install the third Portal gate on one of it.

He had asked the heavenly spirit about its feasibility, fortunately he got a positive answer in return. Portal gates can be installed inside a ship.

"It will be done in two days, my Lord." answered the puppet.



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