The Pleasure Lord
192 New Functions Unlocked!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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192 New Functions Unlocked!

Seeing the look of confidence on Alex's face; Master Clayton and the others also stopped worrying about pirates matter.

"Ah, right, Alex, while you were away, Anna had successfully learned the Demon Beast Contracting Method that you provided. She also has contracted her first Demon Beast, Luna, the baby fox." Norman said ecstatically. His disciple had made him proud because he had never seen or heard anyone becoming successful on their first try like Anna had been when she had contracted the baby fox.

"That's really great news and something worth celebrating. Let's have a feast tonight. I will cook some new dishes that I had thought on the journey." Alex was very happy for Anna.

Smiles bloomed on the faces of everyone present because every new dish that Alex created till now has been very delicious.

But since there was still some time left for dinner, everyone went to do their own things.

The ladies were still accompanying the new members of the Mordrake family, therefore, Alex went back to his own room to cultivate and check the rewards for his breakthrough today, if he got any.

He had postponed the journey back to the Swamp Marsh Forest and exploration of the ruins since his goal have already been accomplished. As for the Ruins, Alex decided to go there after he solves the pirate's threat to his territory. Now that he has become an Early-stage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator, he can proactively fight with the pirates without fearing anything.


Alex's spirit body appeared inside his soul space after he started mediation.

He walked towards the Book suspended in the air and touched its cover for a bright panel to open in front of his eyes.

Just as Alex went on to check the rewards, the Heavenly spirit appeared behind him like a ghost and looked towards the panel together with him.

"Exchange function has finally been unlocked, huh... there are another two new functions unlocked this time."

Two new functions became bright under Demon Beast Space and Artificial Puppet Personnel.

Bloodline extractor and Portal Gates.

Alex turned to ask the heavenly spirit about them but he saw her making an expression he thought to never see on her.

The Heavenly Spirit was shocked seeing these two functions getting unlocked. She looked at Alex's face as if she was seeing an alien.

Finally, the heavenly spirit could only sigh before saying, "I can understand if it happened one time but these two functions usually are not something that unlocks this early in the stage, and even after the fact that you are still so weak. In my knowledge, this had never happened before. You are too lucky."

Corner of Alex's lips could be seen twitching when he heard her say that.

But from her other words, Alex got a piece of information. These two functions are very important.

Rather than asking her about them, Alex thought it was better to check it himself.

First, he tapped on the Bloodline extractor. A page opened upon which a colorful circular pattern with esoteric design could seen drawn with four blocks empty inside of it placed in the four directions each.

Demon beast, Faith points, Currency Points, and Merit Points was beneath the empty boxes respectively.

"Bloodline extractor is a heaven-defying function. It's really not something you can get in the Dantian Formation stage... But since it has been unlocked, let me give an explanation about it." The heavenly spirit started explaining about the Bloodline extractor function on her own.

Bloodline extractor is like its name, this function extracts bloodline from the Demon Beast dead body, and purifies it to some extent with the help of Faith, Currency and Merit Points.

All Demon Beasts possess some sort of bloodline respective to their species or inherited from their ancestors which provides them with varying power and abilities inherent to their species.

Their goal is to refine and strengthen the bloodline running inside their body so that they can become stronger with its help and gain immense strength and abilities from it the survive int his world.

They do this with the help of the Demon Beast core that forms inside of their body at the seven-stage of Body Tempering Realm.

This core helps them to refine the trace of bloodline flowing inside their body and purifies it so that bloodline concentration increases and they can get stronger and to develop or inherit new abilities.

If a human can get the bloodline of a strong Demon Beast than he or she will be able to become much stronger than his peers and if lucky enough he or she could also get abilities and physique of the Demon Beast that they had gained bloodline of.

In this world, the only way humans could get the bloodline of Demon Beast is by refining the blood and body of a Rank 5 Demon Beast and above with the help of a Grade 6 Alchemist Master.

The other miscellaneous heaven and Earth materials used together when refining the Demon Beast body is very rare and expensive to collect.

Only those Demon Beast that is at Rank 5 and above have a high concentration of bloodline purity through which humans can extract one to five percent of it for their own use. The rest goes to waste during the refinement process.

But even the purity of that much bloodline of Demon Beast is very sought after by humans as it helps them to above their peers in strength.

Another advantage is that even their future descendants can be born with a trace of that same Demon Beast bloodline, forming a Bloodline clan.

There is one more method but humans are rarely able to obtain a powerful bloodline though that. That is if the Demon Beast above Rank 4 gifts his own bloodline voluntarily to the human.

This rarely happens as most Demon Beast dislike humans and also because it would mean death for them after extracting their bloodline from their body on their own to give to that human.

Alex listened to some more details about Demon Beast Bloodline and their benefits to a human and his future generations. The heavenly spirit of the book finally explained about the Bloodline extractor function and the meaning of the four boxes.

The function can extract bloodline from the body of Rank 2 Demon Beast that had died for less than six hours and also whose body is ninety percent intact. Merit, Faith, and Currency points are to be sacrificed together and the amount varies with the Rank of the Demon Beast and the grade of the Bloodline.

Also, the purity of the bloodline is not affected during this process unlike when Alchemist refines it.

"Alex, this Bloodline extractor can be very beneficial for you. It can also help to increase the strength of your loyal subordinates, not the puppets but only the actual humans. Usually, humans cannot survive more than two bloodlines of another Demon Beast in their bodies but you already have a very unique bloodline that can enable you to have infinite Bloodlines without negatively affecting your body." The heavenly Spirit seriously looked into Alex's eyes after saying that. She was thinking about the other man who had the same bloodline as Alex before and what feats he had made possible that seemed utterly impossible to many people in his lifetime.


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