The Pleasure Lord
191 Meeting Alex“s Family
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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191 Meeting Alex“s Family

Alex and his party reached the Port of Windmoore city by following the road that goes by the side of the city walls. They didn't enter the city because it would cause them to become late again.

A medium-sized ship was already waiting for them. The puppet guards had already prepared it ahead of Alex's arrival. Without announcing or getting noticed by the people on the port, they boarded the ship in a low key manner. 


Siera was having fun with Plum while they were standing at the bow of the ship as it sailed through the sea. The winds rustled through her hair making it flow in the air. Plum was also enjoying the sea breeze.

Granny Umba had gone to rest inside the cabin. Whereas Ciera... was vomiting in one corner inside a bucket. She had become seasick the moment she stepped on the ship and it started sailing. It seems she can't handle traveling on a ship and because this was the first time they had got on one, they didn't know it before.

"... Blegh...Alex, next time we travel by carriage,... Blegh..." Ciera committed yet again. Alex rubbed her back to help her get used to it but it didn't seem to help. A guard brought a juice of a fruit that was sour and tasted just like a lemon. It was something that sailors drank in his previous world to fight scurvy and it also helped people who got seasickness. Atleast it stopped them from vomiting endlessly and brought instant relief to a queasy stomach. 

In about two hours and a half, they reached the port of Mordrake City. After alighting on it, they sat on a carriage that brought them straight to the Manor of Mordrake family. The siblings instantly became nervous. And why would they not, they were going to meet Alex's family. Every girl would become like that. 

The guards opened the gate to the manor and the moment they did, a figure charged out of it and jumped on Alex. 

Alex smiled and caught that figure in a hug. The figure was none other than Anna. 

Even Alex didn't know how she came to know about his arrival. Maybe she saw him from the window of her room. 

Alex heard some other people coming from Anna. They were the Druid, Norman, and Selena. She was happy to see Alex too but when her eyes caught sight of the two unknown women by Alex's side her smile froze. 

But she soon came to her usual self the next moment seemingly not affected by the extra two girls standing at the side of her future husband.

"Lord Alex, you broke through!" Norman exclaimed in surprise. It has only been five days since Alex had gone out but he broke through so quickly, does surprising Norman a little. Alex was not hiding his cultivation therefore the druid was able to tell by the increase in strength of his aura.

"It seems your journey has been quite fruitful," Norman said. 

"Yes, it has been quite a fruitful journey, indeed." Alex nodded in affirmation. The discovery of the ruins in the Swamp Marsh Forest, the Spirit Beast and the awakening his bloodline has been fruit he got from this journey not to mention his breakthrough in cultivation to the Early Stage of Dantian Formation Realm and the spending a night with two beautiful women on the same bed.

Alex patted the back of Anna's head. She let go of her grip and stood beside the young man and looked back at the unfamiliar people that came with him.

Anna seemed to have noticed Siera looking at her with envious eyes. But she didn't care. 

"Oh... Um, Anna, Selena, and Mr. Norman. Come and meet with Granny Umba and her granddaughters. This is the elder sister, Ciera, and her younger sister Siera. I met them when I was hunting inside the Swamp Marsh forest. And that is Granny Umba."

"Nice to meet you, Lady Umba, Miss Ciera, and Miss Siera." Selena greeted upfront. Anna and Mr. Norman greeted them too. He had a twinkle in his eyes and seemed to be thinking about the relationship between the young girls and Alex. 

Just then the rest of the family members also arrived one by one after they got informed about Alex entering the manor.

Once again Alex introduced his family members to the three and after which he started telling his family about how he met the three of them and his relationship with the girls. When Alex came to the last part, he was also nervous, the same as Ciera, Siera, and their grandma as he told everyone about the sibling's relationship with him.

Hank and Tom were giving thumbs up to Alex from behind while Aunt Meg and Julie were examining the new lovers from up and down with their eyes. The other men's stayed silent and did not show any reaction outwardly. Instead, everyone's attention was on the two girls' reactions as it concerned them the most.

But to their surprise, Selena smiled and once again greeted them as sisters and Anna did the same. She referred to them as big sis Ciera and big sis Siera since they were older than her.

It seemed that they have accepted Ciera and her little sister Siera as Alex's new lovers and future wives that will stay alongside Alex and them. 

The two sisters and Granny Umba were also relieved to hear this. What they were fearing the most was that Selena and Anna who were already Alex's women will not accept them.

Alex breathed a sigh of relief. He was really nervous introducing them to his family, especially to Anna and Selena. 

"Haha, Alex, you are just increasing the number the girls around you without even marrying one yet. How long are young to make us wait? Just get married already and give us grandchildren to play with." Said Donald as he came forward and patted Alex's shoulders.

"Father, don't worry after I find my other half, I assure you that in nine months you will have your wish fulfilled," Hank stated.

"Well, if you can find a sane girl to marry you then I would be satisfied with just that," Donald said a little annoyed.

This caused everyone to laugh.

Hank was speechless. Tom patted his shoulders in pity. 

Hank could only sit in a corner and draw a circle with his hand on the ground in depression.

"Come let me show you to your rooms," Aunt Meg said to Granny Umba and her granddaughters. Aunt Julie, Selena, and Anna went with them.

"Anna still has a year before she comes of age, therefore we can understand. But Alex, you should really pick a date and marry those two girls and Selena together." Jack said while Master Clayton and Donald also nodded their heads in agreement. 

"I will soon find a time to do this but not now. The pirates are scheming against us now. That's why, before I exterminate them, I cannot hold the marriage. At most a month, no half a month, that's the time it will take me to get rid of them."

"Ah, right, about those pirates. They have been blocking our merchants form trading with other islands and also stopping those foreign merchants to trade with us in metals and grains."

"I'm aware of that, Master Clayton. Don't worry, they will be busy fighting amongst themselves than have the time to care about us" Alex said as the corner of his lips lifted. He seems to already have a plan.


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