The Pleasure Lord
190 Norr, The Spy Who Turned - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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190 Norr, The Spy Who Turned - Part 2

'Alex Mordrake... Fuck, there's no mistaking, it's really him. His face matches with the poster.' Norr matched the young boy's face with the image he saw on a poster that was drawn with the help of merchants who had seen Alex's face.

"Yes, I'm Alex Mordrake. You must be a pirate sent by that Captain... Um, what was his name again, right, Captain Ragetti Crook."

Norr's face darkened hearing that name. He was still remembered clearly what had happened just a few minutes ago.

"Was that... real... no, it should be an illusion. Those eyes... " As if remembering about those deep blue eyes, Norr looked down quickly as he became too frightened to look straight at them. 

It took time but Norr was finally able to calm himself down and think carefully what had happened from the starting. It didn't long for him to guess that he had been put into some kind an illusion. 

But what kind of illusion could be so strong? Everything seemed too real to be just negated as an illusion. 

'No matter what, I shouldn't look directly into his eyes and then I should be okay. maybe that's how he defeated the previous Lords... by trapping them into an illusion like he was in and killing them since they couldn't fight back... fuck, he could have also easily killed me back then.' Norr felt his back all wet with excessive sweating. 

"Hihihi, Brother Alex, he doesn't look like a ferocious pirate too me. Are all pirates this timid. Not even daring to look straight in the eyes." Siera giggled as she openly mocked the pirate. If she had met him alone then maybe she would not have been daring to mock him. But with Alex by her side, she didn't fear anyone.

Common people have a lot of hate towards pirates. they see them as the harbinger of disasters because whenever they would come to visit their village, it would only be to plunder wealth and kidnap the wives and daughters of the villagers, not to mention they would kill anyone that came into their way.

Siera of course saw them as a villain their she didn't leave the opportunity to take a direct jab at one when she had the chance.

Norr did hear her mocking him but he didn't dare to look into Alex's eyes because he has become too scared to look into them.

They were now standing on the outskirts of Windmoore city. Alex didn't want the waste his time anymore, therefore he said first, "Norr, was it. Did you come here to spy on me and on my forces? Many of your companions sent by your Captian arrived before you but they gained nothing. There ending, you should be clear about it and you still came. If that's the case, then you are also my enemy. even though you passed a test I created in the Illusion but I can't just forgive you like it was nothing. Do you even know that because of you, how many innocent people, the most who are women and children, would die? You should know what will happen to you now, I suppose... executing you in front of my people will boost their morale and also deter your companions and not put a single step on my island."

Norr lowered his head lower than before, Alex's words hit him real hard. He wanted to get out of this situation but nothing came to his mind.

"Take him away and put his head on a spike. Place it on the harbour where people can see it clearly This will send the message to anyone that wants to harm the people of this land." Alex said out loud but Norr and even the girls didn't know who Alex was ordering.

Suddenly, rustling sounds came from the cluster of trees some distance away. Dozen of people garbed in black clothes showed themselves as they came out of the woods. Three men came forward and saluted toward Alex. 

"Lord, we caught two more yesterday. After interrogating them we found they were ordered by Captain Ragetti Crook to sneak into the island and spy for him. They are right locked away in the prison cell with the rest of their companions we had caught before them. What are your orders about them, my Lord?" The guard that looked like the captain in that group respectfully waited for the orders. The other two guards went on to place their hands on Norr's shoulders in order to restrict him. Norr didn't even have the chance to react. He was shocked to find that the two of these two people had a higher cultivation than him. Their captain was also of a higher tier. 

'How does he have so many cultivators at the ninth stage of Body Tempering Realm. Is this one his elite group.' thought Norr as he felt the guards restricting his cultivation. He didn't resist because he just couldn't.

"Round them up and place their heads alongside this one to give each other company in the afterlife. Maybe they will come out as good men in their next reincarnation."

"As you wish, my lord"

"Wait!" Norr took deep breathe in and shouted. He knew this was his only chance to live now and maybe see the faces of his family members one more time.

"Please... don't kill me. I... I don't want to beg for my life but please, believe me, I was forced to do such things and if don't my whole family would be buried alive."

"Quite an excuse you have, huh?. Then I'm also bound by my duty to protect the lives of my people and their property. It's just your single-family against thousands of happy families living on this island. I think even you would know what to choose in this kind of situation."


"I can understand many people like you are forced to do things against your will by threatening their families but do you think its fair for me to let you or let you live for endangering my people, my family. If you had the courage to resist those pirates like how you had done in the illusion, maybe you would die but you could have died like a real man, it's better to die then living like this and killing innocent people... "

"Forgiving you just for that lame excuse is not some I can easily do... but if you can redeem yourself with anything that can be of my use to save the maximum lives then maybe I can do something to help you." Alex finally gave the opportunity to the poor guy. He knew when it comes to family and loved ones, choosing to save their lives over some strangers is really hard to do. Being a Nobleman is something that only the strong can do, the weak can only talk about it.

'What would I do if I find myself in his situation in the future?... sigh, It's even depressing to think about it.' 

Norr thought hard, he processed his brain as he had never before. 

"There's... there's one thing I can do. Its..." Norr raised his head and said out loud. Alex calmly listened to him till he finished what he had to say.

"That's the only thing I can do... " said Norr.

"That much would be enough. Give this guard the location of the island where your family lives. He will take care of them. But If I find you double-crossing me then you won't even get the time to regret it." Alex said while unleashing his aura on him.

Norr nodded with great difficulty. He suddenly found that he had been greatly underestimating the strength of the Young Lord. But this also relieved Norr because if Alex did not have such strength than he will not endanger the safety of his family to help him.

The guards took him away. 

Ciera and Sierra saw them until they went out of sight.

"Can you trust that pirate. What if he was just acting?"

"Nope, he wasn't acting. He really was threatened with his family's lives by Captain Crook and his men. But, I also don't trust him because a man can change their heart anytime. The truth is I don't need his help in defeating the pirates. It's just that I'm giving him a chance to redeem his life and give him a reason to live like a normal person after the Lion Shark Pirate group is dealt with. Let's go, we are already behind schedule."


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