The Pleasure Lord
189 Norr, The Spy Who Turned - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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189 Norr, The Spy Who Turned - Part 1

"Well, you can say he is dreaming right now. A dream that can make or break any man. Let's wait for the results, shall we?" Alex said as he concentrated on making changes to the illusion being shown to the pirate.

He created trials in the desert that could either make a man go crazy, terrified or squeeze out the very potential in his body for his own survival. Demon Beasts, Changing weather conditions, a chance meeting with good tribesman and lastly, the meeting with his own Captain Ragetti Crook following a tragedy is the main trials of these Illusions.

Alex was able to have so easily entrapped his enemy into an illusion is because of the cultivation and soul level gap between them, especially the later. Norr was only an 8th stage body Tempering Realm cultivator. The difference between their soul was even wider. 

Two minutes passed while Norr had already spent two days inside the illusion. After the bone-chilling cold night weather came the hot burning desert. Nor was better than Alex had thought. Barely though but Norr did survive those extreme conditions even if it was just for two days. 

Not to mention, with some small Demon Beasts trying to attack him in his sleep drained most of his energy and willpower to survive. 

On the third day, Norr was on the brink of death but he finally met with a small group of tribesmen. Being a spy, Norr was able to talk his way in to stay with the good tribesman people. For the next two days, Norr stayed inside one of the tents provided by the tribesman. He was also provided with food and water.

He tried asking some questions, about what and where this place was at and who they were but he didn't get any substantial information that could tell Norr anything about this place. maybe it was for the best, he didn't have to go back to see his scum of a Captain and die at his hands.

If his Captain was Pintel Pagetti then maybe his life would have been better and if his Captain were to be Mary Read, the long-legged beauty then it would have been even better.

Even if he died under her legs, he would find himself satisfied but thinking of him someday dying because that crooked man, made Norr's blood boil in anger.

He wanted to get away from him but there was nothing he does to get away. Captain Crook knew where his family members stayed. He might be one of the best spies under Captain Crook but he was never included in his very close group nor that he ever wanted to enter his group of crazy pirates but what could he do. He had only been following their orders and had become a pirate because the island in which he and his family stayed is in their control. He actually never wanted to be a pirate but instead, he wanted to travel the whole world and go out on an adventure. 

Maybe Captain crook will think he died or got captured by Alex Mordrake, therefore he wouldn't cross half a sea to kill his parents just because he didn't come back. Living here with the tribesman might be a good choice for the rest of his life. There were beautiful young girls here to choose from if he ever wants to marry one and have kids with her.

But after getting goodwill of the tribesman for another day, a group of familiar people to Norr suddenly appeared outside the circle of tents that were pitched to house the members of the tribesman.

In that familiar group of people were Norr's pirate companions and his Captain, Ragetti Crook. At first, Norr was terrified to see them for the first time in his life. But how they got here was still a mystery to Norr.

Before even getting the chance to show his face to them, the pirates attacked immediately.

Suddenly the place turned into a battlefield where the pirates almost had a one-sided advantage due to their numbers and weapons. The warriors of the tribe were getting cut down as they already had fewer people on their side. Whether it was women, children, or the old, no one was spared.

Norr shouted on top of his lungs for them to stop but no one listened to him. Some even dragged girls and women into the tents by there hairs with obvious intentions.

Norr tried to stop them but he was knocked on the ground by Captain Crook. He was not a good man himself but he never really did such things as his only job was to gather intel from different islands.

His face was filled with tears, he begged them to stop, the eyes of the small girl that fed him water and the old man who dressed his injuries came to his mind. But now their bodies were lying just some distance away.

Something seemed to have snapped inside his mind when Norr saw their dead eyes. He suddenly took a raised his head and threw a punch towards the back Captain Crook who was busy groping a woman of the tribesman himself. 

The punch he raised in a rage had almost drained all of his power. But his puny strength was nothing in front of a Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator. His fist was stopped like it was nothing with just a palm of his enemy who was already seemed to be ready for his sneak attack.

"You really betrayed us, Norr! How dare you? Did you think I won't come after you or kill your loved ones once you turn your back on me? Huh?... Good thing I never considered you, a dispensable pawn to be a part of my pirate group."

Norr didn't even want to bicker with him. He only wanted to kill the men in front of him or atleast die immediately. His guilt was eating his soul away seeing the people that saved him were having fate worse than just dying.

If he only he had the strength, maybe he would not have become a coward and joined this men's group.

"Die!, you scum..." Nor raised his fist again, squeezing out strength form the corners of his body. But to his surprise, Norr did not face any resistance this time. Captain Crook vanished from his sight.


His fist ultimately fell on something like an invisible glass that started cracking outwards. It shattered into thin air and the scenery of the desert changes to that of the sea, the beach, and the trees along the path where he had been hiding before. 

"Congratulations! You survived the test. I never expected you could let me see such a scene. What's your name, pirate?" Alex said as he turned to see him waking up from the illusion he had created on his own. He truly never expected this. 

Norr was standing still like a confused monkey, not able to adjust to the sudden change in the environment and emotion already raging in his heart, Norr answered the question asked to him without even thinking.

"It is Norr... wait you are... Alex Mordrake!?" Norr suddenly remembered the face of the person who sent him to that place or atleast he got there only after encountering him.


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