The Pleasure Lord
186 Encountering Spies - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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186 Encountering Spies - Part 1

Early in the morning on the breakfast table, Siera, and Ciera were sitting down, eating their food trying to not make any noise. On the same table, Granny Umba and Alex were instead having their food with great zeal and smiling from time to time while looking towards each other.

But whenever Granny Umba turned her eyes to Siera or her elder sister, Ciera, they would try not to meet her eyes and would bend their head down concentrate on their own food.

Seeing this, Granny Umba's smile would become even wider and she would chuckle to herself then. Alex, who had developed his thick face would also chuckle so as to give her company. 

To know the reason behind this weird atmosphere appearing on the table would be to look back sometime before when the girls were still busy rewarding Alex and his morning wood with their warm mouth.

Since Alex couldn't use his spiritual sense for the time being and his senses being all concentrated on the two girls giving him fellatio. He was too late to notice the pair of footsteps already arriving near the gate of his room which he had forgotten to lock at night.

The gate opened before Alex could warn the girls, Granny Umba peeked inside to see her grandchildren whom she had brought up since childhood to become sensible and well-behaved girls were now servicing a man's full standing dick.

"Huh, 'gulp'... its big. They are... so lucky" Granny Umba unconsciously mumbled under her breath but she didn't know that her mumbling reached loud and clear into the ears of Alex. The girls didn't notice their Granny's presence at the gate because they were very focused their work. 

Alex felt a little fear rising inside his heart, not because of getting caught by someone but after he listened to her mumblings. He just hoped that granny will not get fascinated by his tool because... just thinking about it gives him goosebumps all over his body.

He could very well do it with mature and older women but Granny Umba was really too old for that stuff and had already exceeded the age limit.

Ciera suddenly noticed Alex's making a weird face while looking at a certain place. She followed his gaze and saw... 'Fuck' Ciera screamed in her mind as her body froze and taut, with her mouth still filled with Alex's cock. She even forgot to cover her body.

Her face started turning pale and Siera who was still licking the shaft from down below also stopped since she felt her sister moving. When she saw her sister's expression while looking towards the gate, she suddenly had a very bad feeling rising in her heart.

"Ah!... Granny Umba!" Siera broke the awkward silence with her scream and woke up Granny Umba from all the fantasies she thought in just some moments. 

The girls rushed to grab their clothes while Alex quickly covered his whole body with the quilt since he felt the largest threat.

Granny Umba didn't shout at them like the girls had thought but she instead gave a knowing smile before saying, "Ah, sorry... I was looking for the washroom. Please don't mind me, you guys carry on... Sorry again for having disturbed you all and intruding like this... hahaha."

Granny Umba then gave one last look at the tent Alex was making as its shape was clearly visible under the sheet, as she closed door.


At the dining table, Granny Umba was smiling from ear to ear as if she was thinking about something very funny and also being happy about it. But her grin looked rather hideous because of all the wrinkles and loose skin on her face. Alex just hoped she wasn't still fantasizing about him while she ate and if she was, he expected she looked young and beautiful in those... thoughts.

Siera finally couldn't take it anymore said in annoyance, " Granny, you..."

"Um, ah child. It's alright, you don't have to say anything. I can understand. Youngbloods like you are meant to be free and happy. If you are not wild at this age then it would be a waste. Enjoying your life should at the top of your list. I know since I was once your age too. It alright since there's really nothing to worry about as I'm sure Lord Alex is a responsible young man. Ah, you are, right Lord Alex?"

Alex shuddered under her gaze if he didn't give an answer that satisfied her or was too late to answer then Alex was sure that the spoon in Granny Umba's hand would come flying towards his face.

"Hahaha, of course, I'm a responsible man or I cannot be even called a man, Granny Umba. Don't worry, I never thought of shirking my responsibility in this matter. I will keep them happy and safe as I should as a man and their husband... ah, that is if you don't mind me marrying your grandchildren?"

Alex said the last question as it should be asked even if he knew what her answer would be to it.

Ciera and the little imp, Siera felt sweet in their heart. Granny Umba was also quite satisfied with his answer. If she was not sure if Alex's character after talking to him the previous night and knowing about his good deeds after becoming the Lord of the Seashell-Island, she would not have trusted his words this easily. 

"Oh, no, why would I mind? A young and capable man like you is what I wish for both my grandaughter's to have and if they choose the same person then it's even better since they can stay together and take care of each other too, not to mention I even saw them taking good care you together before. Hahaha..." Granny Umba said before laughing. She was now truly at ease now.

Her words caused Ciera and Siera to blush and making their cheeks burn red. Alex smiled seeing this. 

"Granny Umba, I want you to invite you to come together with me and your granddaughters to where I live, the Mordrake City. Since you are also my family now, let me have the honor to take care of you from now on."

Listening to these words, Granny Umba became agitated, she said hurriedly, "No, I can very well take care of my own. You should bring Ciera and Siera with you. Anyway, my life is short and there are not many days left for me to live, I don't want you to waste your time on me since you are a Lord and should be quite busy taking care of the whole island and its people as it is."

"Well, actually you can't decide that by yourself, Granny Umba. Since you are declining my invitation then I can only order you to come with us." Alex said with a smiling face. His position made it very easy to do certain things without putting much effort on his part. But he didn't know that the person sitting opposite to him as seen more world than him and was quite a spicey old ginger herself.

"I can't believe, a person of your status would use his position to force an old woman like me to leave her house. Think about what the common people would say when they come to know of this..."

These words caused sweat to almost fall on Alex's forehead. The more he listened to her the more he felt like he was some kind of ruthless, selfish, and unkind Lord who had no care for old people and made them do heavy labor without even paying a dime to them. When Alex was finally going to say it was okay if she didn't want to come since he can take care of her by sending some of his puppets guards, Granny Umba accepted to come with them first while breathing a long sigh on her part.

"But if you are so insistent, I can only surrender myself to you. Please take good care of me from now on." 

It sounded so wrong in many ways but Alex forced to not think it like that.

After some discussion, it was decided they will accompany Alex to go to the Mordrake City today itself. As for there belongings, Alex used his 'Interspatial Ring' to help to carry it.

At noon, Granny Umba and the siblings Ciera and Siera left with Alex to travel to the Mordrake city but since the journey was long between their village and the City, Alex decided to first go the Windmoore city (Former Frey Port City) and travel to the Mordrake city by ship. 


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