The Pleasure Lord
184 Finding the right use of Plum“s Ability - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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184 Finding the right use of Plum“s Ability - Part 3

His spiritual force has increased threefold after this breakthrough and it also seemed to have changed in substance. Before his spiritual sense was an invisible curtain of light that acted like a scanning radar. It had no physical substance. But now, its very nature has changed in substance.

A silky and slightly viscous liquid which should be the spiritual force new form flowed out from Alex's body and expanded outward in all directions. And when it did, not only the visuals but also the smell, sound, and even the internal composition of every living and nonliving things in the nearby area got transferred to his brain. 

The amount of information was so large, that it gave a severe headache to Alex in a second, forcing him to terminate the connection midway.

Thankfully, he was able to check on Granny Umba in that short amount of time and she was fine other than being knocked out unconscious. As for the people sleeping in the houses near them were also perfectly fine. They were not affected by the pressure brought due to his cultivation breakthrough.

Alex wasn't going to use his spiritual sense until he learned to control it properly.

"Granny Umba is fine," Alex informed the girls.

"That's good to hear." Ciera said while heaving a huge sigh of relief.

"Brother Alex, about the... increase in our cultivation level. How did that happen?" Siera finally asked what she had been curious about for such a long time now.

Alex didn't leave anything from the two of them and told them about dual cultivation between men and women and how it can benefit its practitioners by having intercourse with each other. 

"What... there's such a magical cultivation technique in this world?... Wait, we never practiced this dual cultivation technique then how did we..." Ciera asked a little confused.

"That's because of my unique cultivation technique. Other than its normal function of absorbing and refining Qi from the surroundings, it also works as a dual cultivation technique when I have intercourse with the person of the opposite sex and also the other person does not necessarily need to have knowledge about the technique for it to work," explained Alex. There were still many things he did not quite understand about it himself and therefore he still needs to research on the unique cultivation technique given to him by the Heavenly treasure of Chaos, the Book of Myriad Changes.


Plum made his appearance suddenly. It seemed plum was bored and wanted to play outside with him and the girls which the spirit beast considered as its master's friends. 

It bounced on his shoulder for a moment before jumping on the bare should of Ciera. 

The two sisters had already became familiar with it so they were not scared when it jumped from one shoulder to another. It was when the Spirit Beast finally landed on the lap of Ciera that she noticed her naked body lying in full view of everyone and also remembering what they did on the bed before. Her face suddenly became red as an apple and her hands tried to cover her private body parts out of shyness.

"Sister Ciera, I think it's a little late now for you to act like this," Siera said giggling. She wasn't a bit ashamed showing off her body as her big sister.

"Haha, yes. I think we have come way past that stage for you to hide anything." Alex said while grinning and openly scanning Ciera's body in front of her with his eyes. Ciera's face became even more red seeing him acting like a rogue.

"YOU... now that I remember how could you do that to me when... we were doing that." Ciera yelled in fake anger while looking at Siera. She deliberately ignored Alex for now because she didn't know if she should be angry or become happy with him after what happened tonight.

"Doing that?... oh, you mean, that." Siera understood her meaning and suddenly she started smiling with a mischievous grin before saying," But big sister, you also didn't stop me at that time. I still remember you putting your tongue inside my mouth with so much passion..."

"Stop... Stop saying that. I didn't do it. You started it first. And whats with your tone, I'm your elder sister." 

"Age doesn't matter when we are on the same bed together and naked." Siera suddenly pounced on her elder sister who wanted to refute her, taking her completely by surprise.

After the breakthrough in their cultivation, both the girls were filled with excess energy that needed to be spent somewhere. Siera chose to have another round sex. She pinned Ciera down on the bed and looked back at Alex, mischievously. 

Alex of course understood her meaning. His buddy lord down there was every ready for another action.

"Plum?" the small creature looked at them in confusion. It couldn't understand what the friends of his master were doing.

"Ah...plum, why don't you watch from the side for some time. I will be a little busy with them." Alex saw that Plum was still there, but rather than sending it back inside his soul to rest, he told it to watch from the side because there was no difference if he stayed inside or not. Soul bounded Spirit Beast shared the same vision with their master's and could still see the outside world through the eyes of their master. 

Another thing about Plum was that it's an asexual creature, meaning it does not know the difference between man and women and is not interested in things like reproduction.

"Plum!" the spirit beast nodded and jumped to the side. It was very obedient once Alex told it to do anything.

Alex arrived behind Siera and Ciera that was pinned beneath the body of her little sister.

Looking down, Alex felt the scenery was quite refreshing. Siera's peach-shaped ass was hovering in the air above Ciera's hip and this provided him to have access to the gateway of every man's dream He was presented with two options and it was difficult to decide on which to choose first. 

Suddenly Alex looked in the direction of the spirit beast and a smile formed at the corner of his mouth.

A new idea suddenly came to his mind, which he had to try. 


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