The Pleasure Lord
183 Finding the right use of Plum“s ability - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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183 Finding the right use of Plum“s ability - Part 2

The moment Ciera opened her eyes, the first thing she did was to look in the direction of Alex. Her gaze changed from excitement to confusion and then to calm. 

Alex only returned a smile which confirmed to Ciera that she was not dreaming and it really happened.

Siera made a weird face, her gaze shifted from her elder sister to Alex and then again back to Ciera in confusion. 'What is it?', she thought. 

"Ugh..." Siera suddenly felt a little uncomfortable in her body.

"Siera, quickly sit up and meditate to start cultivation. You need to assimilate all the foreign Qi inside your body as soon as possible. 

Siera seemed to have also felt that pure foreign Qi her elder sister was talking about. Not dilly-delaying by asking unnecessary questions, Siera immediately went into cultivation state to take advantage of the rarely given opportunity.

Alex knew Ciera had a lot of questions to ask and in some time Siera would have some too but he also needed to quickly assimilate the pure Qi he had obtained from both the sisters.

So after telling Ciera to wait, Alex also went into the state of cultivation.


After half an hour passed, Siera opened her eyes and she was the first one to do that. Her eyes and expression told the state of her mind and that of her immense excitement. 

Her cultivation had directly broken through the third, fourth levels, and fifth of Body Tempering Realm.

Her cultivation had now reached halfway to the sixth stage of Body Tempering Realm. Maybe in a month, she could break through to another realm if she cultivated regularly and if she assimilated all the leftover of that pure Qi still resisting in her body, she could shorten the time even more.

'Big Sister, I..."

"Shhh, keep it down girl. Alex is still cultivating, don't disturb him." Ciera said after shushing her sister. Seeing her state, Ciera knew it was beneficial to her too. Her cultivation must have skyrocketed. Her own cultivation had also raised from the third stage to the sixth stage of Body Tempering Realm. It still felt so unreal to her to consecutively breakthrough this quickly and this easily. It was almost addictive.

Siera saw Alex sitting crosslegged by their side so she shut up immediately.

Both of them had a stomach full of questions but they still had to wait for Alex to finish his cultivation.

As Ciera and her little sister were thinking of this, they suddenly felt something change in the air. It became heavier for them to breathe suddenly.

Suddenly temperature dropped inside the room and a heavy pressure descended onto there body causing them to have even more difficulty breathing.

The pressure on them was not on their body but directly on their soul. Both Siera and Ciera had their face turned towards Alex because they had sensed where this pressure was coming from. 

Alex was still sitting at his place eyes closed with the same calm expression but something felt really different about him.

Black archaic lines like some ancient marking of rune lines started appearing all over his face that they had seen it back in the cave when Alex had lost his mind.

Those weird lines soon covered most of his body. His aura screamed of terror and horror. It was almost suffocating them.

Right in front of their eyes, a black and white silhouette that seemed to be intangibly formed above Alex. Its form was not detailed but Ciera and her sister could still see it was a person's head. That silhouette seemed... to be trying to open its eyes but it couldn't.

With each passing time, the pressure they felt on them increased. If they didn't wake or somehow get away from Alex, Ciera knew their ending would not be good.

But their fears were soon lifted just like the invisible pressure that suddenly vanished as it had never been there. The silhouette of the persons he'sd they saw above Alex's head also vanished into thin air. That terrifying aura did so too.

Just when they thought it was all over, changes occurred yet again. Alex's hair swayed in the air as his aura burst out with a terrifying force. It brought another kind of pressure on the girls. Their cultivation seemed to be suppressed and they now couldn't even lift their head.

With a booming sound, Alex's aura burst out again and then slowly got converged inside Alex's body trying to assimilate and get absorbed by Alex's skin.

Alex opened his eyes slowly. The sisters felt like his blue eyes were bluer than before. But before they could get lost in those eyes, Alex blinked. Everything returned to normal just like that. The pressure they felt on their body was lifted.

"Sorry," Alex said apologetically and continued " I lost control when my cultivation broke through the next realm."

Ciera and Siera looked at each other in shock. 

'That all happened was just because you broke through in your cultivation. When did breaking through in cultivation became so terrifying?' they thought.

"You... what realm are you on now?" Siera asked curiously.

"Early-stage of Dantian formation Realm. Its the next realm that comes after Body Tempering Realm."

"Oh, congratulations to both of you. Your cultivation has increased quite some levels." Alex said becoming genuinely happy. 

Alex then noticed the unnatural expression on their faces.

"Hm... why are you two looking so... frightened," Alex asked a little worried.

"You don't... know what happened when you were breaking through?" 

"Huh... Did something happen at that time?" Alex truly didn't know anything. 

Ciera then retold everything that happened after Siera woke up from her cultivation. She told Alex about the horrifying pressure, the recurrence of those black lines, and also the eerie silhouette of the black and white blurry head above Alex's head who seemingly was trying to open his eyes.

"I... I don't recall all of this happening. In my point of view, after assimilating with the pure primordial yin Qi that I got from you two, the next thing I did was to quickly compress a Dantian to break through the next realm which I successfully did and that's it." Alex said truthfully. In fact, at that time he was so focused on his cultivation that he didn't notice his mind getting cut off from the world for that time being. Or else even in that state, Alex would have noticed the abnormality happening outside his body.

"Alex, you don't need to think too much about it. What happened before was just your bloodline projecting itself in the outside world when you broke through a major realm." The heavenly Spirit of the book said as her voice rang in Alex's mind.

"Again with this weird bloodline... Hey, can you tell me more about it?... Hey... You there?" Alex said but the heavenly spirit seemed to have yet again returned back inside that book without answering his question.


"Ah... yes, Siera and Ciera, you don't need to worry about it. The thing is I have a special bloodline. I will tell you more about it sometime later. It isn't dangerous. Oh... wait I need to check on Granny Umba if she alright" Alex said remembering about another person in the house immediately activating his spiritual sense because he was worried about the so-called horrifying pressure would not accidentally kill that old woman in her sleep or hurt her. She was after all a normal human and couldn't protect herself with Qi like the Sisters.

But in the next second, Alex was overwhelmed by the information getting transferred to his brain. It was too much.


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