The Pleasure Lord
181 Rumble with the Sister“s -Part 10
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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181 Rumble with the Sister“s -Part 10

Granny Umba made every effort at least convincing one of the sisters to chase after Alex because, from her point of view, a young and able man like Alex was very difficult to be found on this island atleast.

If they can become the wife of the Lord Mordrake, then the tragedy that had occurred to her in the past won't happen with the girls in the future as no one would have the galls to touch the family of the noble. 

Granny Umba sent away both of them to think over what she had said. If she hadn't guessed wrong, Siera already has some feelings for Alex in her heart. As for Ciera, nothing can be said for now.


The girls thought it over for sure, but Granny Umba must not have thought that they will take action tonight itself.

Siera sneaked out of her room in the dead of the night while she thought her sister was sleeping who in fact was wide awake. 

But even then Ciera didn't notice that her sister was not in the room as she was lost in her own thoughts.

It was only sometime after when she stood up from her bed to go to Alex's room that she noticed the empty bed next to hers.


Ciera stood in front of Alex silent. Her eyes darted around the room once more but she found no sign of her little sister. Only after that did she became sure that Siera hadn't come here before her.

"Alex, it's like this. My little sister, Siera,... she likes you." Ciera said, her eyes looking straight into Alex's. 

"...I know" Alex answered.

"No, you don't understand. She likes you as in like when a girl likes a boy."



Alex didn't know what to say. At first, he had thought that Ciera was going to confess to him like her little sister or maybe just ask something normal. 

"...Alex" Ciera called.

"Ciera, I'm aware of that too...but why are you telling me this."

"It's because... I don't want you to... reject her." Ciera said with a rather complicated look.

"... You don't want me to reject her? Can I ask why?" Alex brows furrowed in doubt.

Ciera hesitated but still said "I know that she will definitely come and confess her love to you. But if you reject her upfront at that time for whatever reason, it will break her heart. I don't want to see her like that... If possible, I want you to leave before dawn, before she can even get the chance to meet you..."

"If I really leave like that then won't she still become heartbroken and sad. And why do you think I would say no to her if she ever proposes me." Alex said interrupting her after understanding the situation a little bit. Since he had already accepted Siera, there was no reason to make her big sister worry about the matter. 

"Because... you are now an aristocrat and we are commoners. You won't get any benefit by marring my little sister." Ciera said slowly, her voice wavering at the end. She didn't really believe Alex was like that but when it comes to her sister, she couldn't take any chances.

"I thought by now you would know that I'm different than the nobles you have on your mind. Seriously, do not overthink... As for Siera, I actually like her too that also sincerely. You don't have to worry about her anymore." Alex said reassuringly. 

'He... also likes her. Then maybe... no, what am I thinking.' for a moment, Ciera became hopeful and it also showed on her face but she soon controlled her emotion and asked Alex one more time. 

"You will... accept her." 


"Then I was really worried about nothing." A smile formed on her face knowing that her little sister's life would change for the better and Granny Umba will also be happy to hear it. She was really happy for her sister.

"Alex, then I should excuse myself now. It's already very late." Ciera said because she wanted to get back to her room as soon as possible. She didn't want Siera to come her after not finding her in the room. She won't be able to explain what she was doing here in the middle of the night.

Just when she had turned and walked a few steps toward the door, a pair of hands came around her neck and hugged her from the back.

Ciera was shocked thinking that Alex did that but then she felt the softness on her back that felt unlike what a man should have.

Her shock increased tenfold when she saw that the person whom she was hugged by was Siera and it increased yet again on seeing her little sister's body devoid of any cloth. 

Alex stood at his place scratching his head looking embarrassed and not knowing what to do in this situation. He never expected Siera to jump out at a time like this and that too still in her birthday suit.

"Si..Siera... You... What are you doing..." it was then that a thought came to her mind.

'Did Alex abduct my sister when he thought I was sleeping to... to do bad things to her.' 

But then she threw this thought out her mind because this wasn't possible. If Alex really forced himself on her little sister than the moment she came inside the room, Siera should have shown herself rather than hiding till now. Then thinking about her sister's bold and unrestrained character, Ciera could guess why Siera was like this.

She looked at Alex, who averted his gaze away in an instant. 

She immediately knew that Alex and Siera were already going to do the deed tonight. 

Alex kept on averting his gaze, Ciera kept on looking at Alex as if she wanted to burn holes in him just by staring It was an awkward situation for the two them not knowing who should talk first.

It was then that a voice broke the deadlock.

"Alex, sniff... Big Sister Ciera also likes you... please accept her too." Siera threw the bomb.



Alex stood there stumped while Ciera looked just as shocked.

Like a cat who had been stepped on her tail, her face immediately became pale as if her secret was out. 

Ciera's eyes met Alex's but this time she averted her eyes. Her cheeks were red as an apple.

"Don't spout nonsense Siera... and... and why are you here standing without wearing any clothes." Ciera chided her little sister as her voice slowly gained volume. She wanted to change the topic from her to her sister.

But Siera didn't even bother to listen to her instead she pulled Ciera towards Alex and said "Alex, I'm saying the truth, she really likes you but will never accept that because of me."

"Siera, stop at once. Do you even know what you are saying?"

"Why? Did I say anything wrong? Don't tell me you feel anything for him even after he saved you many times? Where would we be if not for him?"

"Siera, you are crossing the line." 

"I'm not crossing the line, I'm just saying..."

Both the sisters started bickering with each other. 

The more Alex listened to them, the more Alex felt his head hurt. He rubbed his head a little before deciding.

In general, both the girls had feeling for him and Alex also liked their characters very much. And now to sort this matter out, Alex thought he should just choose the dumbest way possible since that's the most was the most effective, straightforward, and also a lot less tiring.

While they were arguing with each other, Alex took a step forward and placed his hands on Ciera's shoulder. It took Siera and especially her big sister, Ciera completely by surprise.

His face was too close, Alex felt her breathe her every breath. 

"Wh..What?" Ciera blushed seeing Alex face this close to her. But before she could say any further, Alex locked her smooth and soft lips with his. 


It was like an explosion had gone off inside her mind.

Ciera couldn't think straight. She did not even think of pushing him away.

"Woah" Siera's mouth made a big O.

She didn't expect his next move. How could she have expected Alex to actually kiss her! It took both the sister's completely by surprise.

Ciera stood there like a piece of wood. Alex didn't need to move closer, as their hips were already touching. He just turned his head and leaned forward. When their lips already touched her mouth was open, so he delved in with his tongue.

"Mmmm..." Ciera's body quivered in pleasure. It was like magic, her body gave in, even the last resistance in her heart was squashed down when Siera the little imp arrived behind her and actually helped Alex to remove her clothes.

Ciera lithe figure shivered under the night's windy breeze that sneaked into the room through windows and attacked her unclad bare body. Instinctively she hugged Alex as it was the only source of heat near her that could keep her warm except Siera who was busy her big sister's skirt. It was not known when but Ciera slowly started giving response as her fragrant lips moved on her own in the same rhythm to match the other.

Now was when Alex could take charge. He got the two of them to stand next to one another. Alex started off by kissing Ciera passionately, feeling her hands all over his body as he groped her supple breasts and ass.

Alex then did the same with Siera, pulling her body close to his as he had with her elder sister.

They were now lying on the bed, Alex felt their warms hands eagerly moving at a fast speed to unfasten his clothes. In no time he was stark naked, four hands trying to squeeze and feel the shape of his chest muscles and trace every cut with their fingers.

Maybe it was in the heat of the moment, but Alex saw Siera make out with her sister. He was a little surprised at how eager they were to comply but not that he was complaining. It naturally excited him and his little lord to the max.

As Ciera kissed her sister deeply Alex rolled behind Ciera and reached around her. Alex started stroking both of their legs as he made out with them in turn.

From around the back, Alex began tracing the underside curve before giving the soft flesh a gentle squeeze. Ciera moaned as she was kissed by her sister. She wasn't even thinking if kissing another girl and that to her little sister was normal or not.

She felt something hard and hot poking behind her. Her concentration was all focused to deal with the front and back attacks from Siera and Alex. 

Not able to wait anymore, Ciera grabbed the meat that was poking behind with her one hand. Her body turned to face Alex, giving Ciera and Siera the full view of the standing mast. Both women gasped when they saw how big and thick it really was after they saw it from this close, then Ciera's other hand, almost as if revering the sacred tool, came and lightly helped her other hand. To see up more close, both of them went down presenting Alex with an incredible back view.

Ciera gasped, uncaring that her face now was almost touching the head of Alex's leaking cock. It was the same for Siera. 

Alex was tempted to grab Ciera's head and drive his cock down her throat. However, his own nature made him pause, in reality, he was thinking that this alone would scare or hurt the woman.

Maybe because she knew a thing or two about sex or it just her instinct, Ciera finally started licking his cock under her own volition.

Siera was breathing hard. Her hand was already busy. Slowly circling her own nether regions. What her big sister was doing was so, oh so sexy.

She came lightly, and again, and again.

Ciera started bobbing her head, while her hands began churning the meat for its precious cargo.

The balls beneath were like bells, swinging and begging for her attention. She took a free hand and lightly massaged them, one at a time.

Pointing his delicious member to the ceiling, Ciera started going down for his balls.

Her mouth sucked first one of Alex's balls than the other. Slowly she circled her tongue over the one, then the other. Repeating the process. Siera also joined in helping her big sister. She sucked on the head like a lollipop while Ciera licked under the shaft.

They took turns slowly stroking his cock as the other played with his balls.

Alex wasn't just staying still, he used his free hands to trace the succulent inner thighs of the two sisters, till his finger arrived at their final destination. 


"Umm... Alex"

Alex didn't stop, Alex pulled Siera ass above and closer to his face after which he slowly started showing the magic of his tongue to her. 

"Ohhh...god! Ahn!..." 

Looking at the kind of face Siera was making while Alex was eating her down there, her elder sister wanted to feel it too. 

Siera noticed it, and therefore, she surprised her big sister by going down on her and do exactly what Alex was doing to her. 

"Ah, Siera don't..." Ciera tried stopping her but could not.

The little imp moved her tongue rigidly around and between the two glistening folds at first but she soon became better after she started to copy the way Alex was licking over and around the most sensitive part of her vulva, clitoris.

"Ahnn....umm! Sieraa...shh!" the entire room was filled with the sound of the two girls moaning in pleasure.

Sometime after, they changed their position.

Alex moved behind Ciera's bountiful ass, then bent down and kissed Siera, a kiss that tasted of Ciera's pussy juices, before darting his tongue into Ciera's pink flesh while Siera mounted Alex's hip while she grinded her wet pussy over the length of the whole shaft of his dick.

Ciera screamed in ecstasy, and in only a few seconds convulsed in orgasm, bringing Siera on too.

They collapsed alongside each other. Alex smiled looking at Sierra after her elder sister slumped at the side after her orgasm.

'Had she just orgasmed while grinding on my dick and kissing her elder sister?' thought Alex.


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