The Pleasure Lord
180 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 9
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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180 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 9


His mouth caressing hers, tilting to the side to deepen the kiss between them.

His lips were sweet against her own, and she couldn't believe how in an instant she feels so cherished, so happy just from a single touch of his lips to hers.

Siera tries her luck further and does what her body tells her to do, caressing his mouth with her tongue.

Alex, taken a bit by surprise, allowed Siera to explore freely and just let his tongue hold still for some time until he started responding back.

A shiver runs right through Siera the moment his tongue comes out to respond. A few more moments and the kiss is no longer tentative, exploratory. It's heated, needy, they were feeding off each other, teeth nipping, tongues lapping. 

Moments passed as Alex continued to kiss Siera, but then a sound causes Alex to tense up and a moment later forcing him to break their passionate kiss in between.

The sound was that of footsteps coming closer to his room. When he saw the person through his spiritual sense, Alex broke their kiss and said quickly to the still dazed Siera, "Go, hide behind that box and don't make any sound. Your sister is coming here. Go quick."

Alex picked up Siera's clothes from the ground for her before handing it to her. Before she could even react to his words, Alex pulled her and made her sit behind a big box that was near the wall facing the door. 

Knock, knock!

Ciera didn't come right in like her bold little sister but she waited till Alex opened the door himself.

"Oh, Ciera... Come in." Alex wanted to ask if she needed anything and then send her back from the door but by looking at her eyes darting behind him as if she was trying to find something or someone, Alex knew it was best to call her inside the room or she would become even more doubtful.

"Did... Did my sister come here?"

"Um, no. Is there a problem." 

"No, I was just asking." Ciera said while thinking in her mind 'Maybe she had gone to the washroom... That means Alex is all... alone'

Alex waited calmly for her to speak, but in fact, he was a little nervous inside because if Ciera finds her little sister hiding behind the big box naked then that would put him in a really difficult position. He wouldn't know how to explain. For now, he was only praying that Ciera was here for some trivial matter and would go back soon to her room.

"Lord...I mean Alex, I..I...came... I... " Ciera looked much more nervous than him at that time.

"Ciera, breathe first, and then talk slowly," Alex advised not knowing why she was more nervous then him.

Ciera did as she was told and thought of what Granny Umba had said to her before when Alex had gone to his room to sleep after dinner.


"Ciera and Siera, come in my room for a moment I need to say something to you two." Granny Umba said just when the sisters were going back to their room after dinner.

"Yes, granny, what is it?" Ciera asked as they were made to sit down on the bed by Granny Umba. She thought it is a serious matter when she looked at the other person's expression.

"You both know that I'm not young anymore. I've become old and I don't know till when I will be able to stay with you two."

"Granny, why are you..."

"Dear, please don't speak in between, just listen to me for now," Granny said when hearing Siera speak in between.

"Sigh... you know, I lived the happiest days of my life when it was with you two. Ciera before you brought your little sister to this village, I was living a very lonely life... I actually hated my life after what had happened back when I was young and still did until I adopted you both. Maybe the first half of my life sucked but the next half was what I have been thankful to the god."

Because of some young master from a Merchant family, Granny Umba's life had been completely destroyed. Her parents, relatives abandoned her after that, even her love who promised to live by her side at all times left her without hesitation after that incident. 

She lived and survived this world all by herself when everyone she knew left her.

Whether it was through prostitution or doing chores for others, she lived through that hell only by hoping that her life will turn to become better someday. And it did when she took in two sisters after knowing their situation. If she had not done that, then Ciera and Siera had either been pushed into prostitution or sent to other islands as slaves. 

Stopping herself from thinking about her past, Granny came to the point. 

"I'm now old and I'll not live for long. Before I go, I want to see the future of you two is secured. Ciera, I had thought that with your cautious attitude and responsible nature, you would be able to find a good man and take care of your sister afterward even if I'm not there. But it seems I had been too optimistic. With what had happened yesterday, I'm not sure now. Ciera, I know you must be scared now to think if another man would be like that good for nothing who left in the woods and this incident will surely hold you back in thinking about whether you should even marry a man in future or not."

"If I leave you two on your own to find a man to marry in the future, I know it will cause my soul to worry even when I'm dead. Therefore, I think you two should consider my advice that I'm going to say now and think properly on that."

Ciera and Siera looked at each other for a moment and then nodded there head simultaneously.

When thinking about the kind of person to marry, both the sisters had the same thought and the clear silhouette of the same person came to their mind and heart.

"The person you should find has to be strong to keep you safe from every harm. Sensible, kind, and caring enough to look after you two in the future and the most important of all, he should be good looking and should also know how to cook delicious food as a plus point. The person having all these characteristics is rare to find and I had even thought they had become extinct before. But fortunately, there is one person who can satisfy all these conditions quite properly. If anyone of you two can be lucky enough to marry him then I will be able to properly live the rest of my life till the end without having anything to worry about."

"Who... who is that person Granny?" Ciera said with some doubt because only one person came to her mind after listening to her but that was completely impossible. She knew her status was not enough to even think about that man even if her heart wanted too. Also, it seemed that her little sister liked that person too.

"Granny Umba, are you talking about Alex," Siera asked but from her tone, it can be guessed that she was very much sure it was him.

"Yes, I'm talking about Lord Alex. I've never felt so good about any man all my life until I met the young Lord Alex." 


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