The Pleasure Lord
179 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 8
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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179 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 8

Around midnight, Granny Umba and both the sisters had already gone to their rooms to sleep while Alex was cultivating in the room prepared for him. 

After the dinner had ended, Siera was left with a red face even though no one had brought up that matter.

But this also helped her to calm down and not rush to her room to hide her face from others.

Alex chatted with them a little bit more until he took his leave to let the old lady rest and also so that he could cultivate alone in the room he was provided with.

After ending his routine cultivation, Alex lay on his bed thinking about the scene when Siera leaned forward and waited for him to kiss her on the lips. Though she misunderstood his action, to Alex it seemed that even if he had kissed her at that time, she might not have resisted him.

'Maybe I should invite both the sisters to come with me to Mordrake City. I will ask Aunt Meg and Aunt Julie to let Ciera and Siers work under them in the shop so that they won't have to go inside the Swamp Marsh Forest to hunt Demon Beasts and endanger their lives.' Alex thought. He will also get more time to see and meet the two of them if they were there. If fate permitted it then maybe something can really develop between him and one of the sisters or even both in the future.

Both Selena and Anna were fine if he married more girls and Since this world allowed men to marry any number of women, Alex will not hesitate to follow his heart and chase after the women he liked, conditions that the other women also liked him and also that she accepts to marry him even after knowing that he already had two girls in his life and maybe more women may enter his heart and that they would have to share him lovingly. 

Not many girls would agree to this but Alex would still try his best. Maybe the only girls like this would be the ones that are like Selena and Anna or like Siera that look up to him as a hero. 

As he was thinking this, suddenly sounds of footsteps closed in towards his room and soon thereafter the person knocked onto his door. Just when Alex was going to activate his spiritual to see who the person was to come this late in the night, that person opened the door and came right in without waiting.

"Ah, Siera, I was just thinking about you," he said, getting up from the bed to face her. "I wanted to ask if you and sister are interested in going--" The person that arrived this late in the night was none other than Siera, the younger sister.

"Lord Alex, Can I ask you a question?"Siera said interrupting Alex's speech in between. Her expression was normal but her heard was pounding like a drum. Alex heard it even from this distance. She seemed a little bit nervous.

"..You can. What is it?"

"Do I look... pretty?" Siera asked seemingly using all her courage.

"Yes, you do," Alex said truthfully and without even a moment of hesitation. He didn't have to even think about it since that was the truth.

"Then do you like my...Fi..figure, Do you not like it?" Siera asked stuttering. As if she was trying to decide on something

Alex took a big gulp, "Umm, no. You look nice." He tried complimenting her since she was brave enough to ask him about that.

She looked more than nice. Her pants were hugging her hips and ass so perfectly; she was the shape of an hourglass. Big breasts, large hips, thighs, and bubble butt with the smallest waist imaginable. Sierra only came to his chest, which is what gave him an even better viewing angle.

It seemed as if his answer had given a ray of hope to the girl and she seemed to gained even more courage. 

"Lord Alex, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for saving me and my sister!" said the extremely desirous little sister. She was looking like she wanted to kiss him. 

 Her lips were full and pouty. Alex was entranced by her beauty, definitely. Cute face, rather large globes mounted on her chest. Well, they were what attracted Alex the most to her other than her copper-colored eyes and strawberry blond hair tied into two ponytails.

Maybe she had seen his eyes stop on her chest the most so she gained even more courage.

"What? Do I have something on my dress?" She innocently asked. Looking down at her blouse, she brushed her chest right beside her cleavage line, and then she took both hands and placed them on the sides of her breasts and pushed them up together. Once they were nice and perked up, she pulled her blouse down in the middle exposing as much cleavage as she could.

Alex was thinking who had taught her to act that seductively. Not that he minded it. But he wanted to know why would she suddenly become so bold.

"Lord Alex?" Alex looked into two glistening brown orbs. He was taken aback. He had been in his own little world. After the bloodline awakening episode, Alex felt that his desire and lust towards beautiful women has increased tremendously. Though he will not rape any girl just as he came across her like before in the cave, or fall in love with some women at first sight. He could still control his feeling and the heat in his groins cloud his mind but Alex didn't control his mind now because there was no need for him to do that with Siera. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry, you are such a beautiful lady and I was just mesmerized by looking at you. I apologize for my behavior. What were you saying again?" She had sparkly eyes and that was the only place he had his full attention on while she was speaking. By the time he said this, Siera had already come to stand in front of him.

Alex hoped she really said that, and it was not his mind playing tricks on him. 

Sierra became even bolder. She was very insistent as she instantly wrapped her arms around him.

Her eyes were glistening as they filled with tears and there was a small sob as she seemed to plead with me.

'My goodness, she had a huge rack on her!' She pushed her bosoms into his chest.

Alex was a man after all. He couldn't help stop himself thinking about it since they felt that good.

Alex hugged back because it seemed that the other person needed it. He did it sincerely from the bottom of his heart and not because he just wanted to feel those two soft mounds pushing onto his chest some more. They stayed like that for some time.

The warm, loving hug only made her more desperate for some form of release.

Without any conscious thought, her slick thighs pressed close together, putting pressure on her swollen sex. The walls of her pussy twitched and pulsed with an instinctive need to be stretched and filled with Alex's big, hard dick.

Her whole body was his for the taking. There was literally nothing she wouldn't do for him, or let him do to her if he'd only put an end to that achingly empty feeling between her legs.

 Alex felt the heat too.

At this point, as the initiator, Sierra actually didn't need to do anything.

Moving behind Siera, Alex unclasped the neck fastening, unzipped the back then parted the shoulders of the dress. It fell in a heap on the floor, revealing Siera's bareback and panty and the pinky flesh of her body.

The nipples were starting to harden and they were full. Just how he liked them. Alex stepped a little bit back to take in the full view properly.

Siera blushed. But her nature was outgoing so she didn't shy away to express her feelings.

Her boobs bobbed gently as she walked towards him.

Siera forced Alex to sit on the bed as her fingers unbuttoned his shirt revealing his lean but muscular body, then unfastening his belt and pants letting them sink to the floor. She bent down and placed her hands at the corner of the waistband to remove the underwear.

In doing so her face brushed against his swelling cock that popped out under his underwear the moment she pulled it down. It was not the first time that she had seen it but the sight of Alex's manhood still made her heart flutter in fear. Fear as she had a doubt if it could enter that place without killing her.

But she still uncoiled it like an awakening snake and properly held it in the confine of her small hands. 

Alex smiled, allowing her to stroke his cock, increasing his ardour with each movement, but soon he stopped her in between and pulled her upwards by raising her chin with his finger. Maybe it was because she was too eager or just too excited but Siera even forgot to start with the most basic step when a man and women become intimate, that is to kiss each other.

"Since you know I already have two fiances who would become my wife in the future, and still come to me in the middle of the night then you should also know this now that once we advance any further, you will become my women and you will have to share me with other two not to mention that more women may come into my life in the future. I will marry you since I also like you. I will treat you and give you equal status. Will you still want to marry me and continue what we are going to do." Alex said this almost in a single breath but he still said one more sentence "If not then we can still be friends and see each other regularly in the future as friends."

Alex had to say this because he didn't want the girl to not know that she had the choice back then and if she comes to regret it in the future then she would know it was her own choice.

"Therefore I will ask you again, will you.."

"I will," Siera said before Alex could finish his sentence.

"Good then you better prepare yourself now because tonight you will not get any sleep or rest"

Alex placed his lips onto hers and kissed her like she had wanted to do to him from deep down her heart.


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