The Pleasure Lord
177 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 6
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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177 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 6

The villagers started talking in hushed whispering.

"Did you see that?"

"Yeah, I saw that. It seems that Merchant George couldn't take Lord Alex's refusal to his invitation quite well or why would he leave with a face like that and also trembling."

"Trembling in anger he was, I bet. But I think that Merchant George has a screw loose or something if he was really angry just because of that. I mean, he would be done for if he does anything stupid against Lord Alex because of this."

"Hey, did no one notice that he was also perspiring all over."

"Yeah, he was sweating buckets..."

The crowd was told to disperse soon by the guards after Alex returned back inside Granny Umba's house.


'Yes, my Lord'

'See to it, that the man named George, the one whom I just met, does not go mental in the coming days. Help him if necessary. I... might have accidentally given him some nightmares.'

'As you command, My Lord'

What Goerge had experienced back then was not just his imagination and he was not the only one to see that scene. Alex saw them too but as an audience. In fact, he created those illusions accidentally.

After listening to George, Alex had gotten a little bit angry, but just when he was going to ask George for an explanation to his irresponsible remark, Alex felt his glabella heat up causing it to throb and sting at the same time.

Before Alex could check on it, he saw the whole illusion that George had gone through. By the end of the second illusion, Alex somehow knew that he was in full control of the whole illusion and he could change it as he wants.

But Alex chose to terminate the illusion in between by instinctively stopping the flow of his spiritual sense to his glabella as he wasn't planning to scare poor George to death.

"Congratulations Alex, you were able to awaken a part ability from your bloodline." The heavenly spirit voice rang inside Alex's mind.

"Oh, that means this happened because of the bloodline inside of me. But what do you mean by awakening only a part ability? Is there more to come."

"Yup, because your body is still adjusting to the bloodline awakening, it will take some time for you to properly use the bloodline inside of use properly. All the abilities related to it will show by itself as time goes on. As to what those abilities will be, and how they will manifest to you is unknown to even me."

Before Alex could ask her why she didn't know anything about the bloodline even though she is the spirit of the Heavenly Book, she said to find out about the bloodline himself and that she cannot help in this matter after which her voice vanished. Probably because she returned back inside the Heavenly Book.

Alex could sigh to himself for getting such an unreliable helper. 

'It seems I have to find everything about this bloodline by myself. As for the illusion that I had created, it felt... too real. Maybe I should start exploring this ability first,' Alex thought.

Alex thought the ability to create illusions was a very practical and useful ability. If he could cause his enemies to fall in one the illusions created by him then maybe he can scare them to death or at least make them go mental and if nothing like these happens then Alex can at least kill his enemies enraptured in the illusion as they will be sitting ducks in front of him without a shred of defense.

There was so much he can do with this ability. 

'Bloodline... How many surprises will it bring to me?' Alex decided that first, he needed to quickly breakthrough to the next realm and only then start thinking on ways to train in using this newfound ability. 

Alex saw that the two sisters were telling Granny Umba about their experiences in the forest in more detail since they had only briefly explained to her before.

Since he had promised them that he will stay at their home for tonight, Alex said "How about I make something for all of us to eat for tonight's dinner? Granny Umba, can you please show me the way to your kitchen."

Even though Alex knew where it was, he still asked for her permission as this was her house.

After listening to Lord Alex, Granny Umba's complexion changed greatly and she hurriedly said "How can that be? You are our guest..."

Before she could continue any further, Ciera stopped her knowing the prowess of Alex's cooking and also because she also wouldn't want to eat anything else other than the food made by Alex tasted too good.

Ciera showed Alex where the kitchen was. Before going towards the kitchen Alex said to Granny Umba, "Granny, you don't have anything to worry. I myself like cooking food for other people to enjoy." 

"Girl, are you out of your mind. How can you make Lord Alex cook?" Granny Umba said somewhat angrily After seeing Alex getting busy cutting vegetables in the kitchen.

"Granny, it alright. Let him cook the dishes. Anyway, whatever we cook it won't compare to anything he eats every day. You will understand once you try his dishes. Let's prepare the room where Alex will sleep tonight till he is done making dinner." Siera said slowly.

Only after persuading Granny Umba that Lord Alex won't be dissatisfied with them and that he was not like those conventional nobles did she stop worrying. 

Taking a peek inside the kitchen and seeing how deftly and skillfully was the Lord Alex cooking did Granny Umba heaved a sigh of relief. To her, it looked like the young man really enjoyed cooking food for others as he had said before.

So she too rushed to organize and clean the room in which Alex would be resting tonight. The sisters helped her in doing this as she was too old for doing such things alone.


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