The Pleasure Lord
175 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 4
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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175 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 4


In the eyes of the two sisters, the Spirit Beast first bloated and threw itself towards them: after which it enveloped them together in a thin film-like layer. It was more like they were eaten by the Spirit Beast.

They were now within Plum's body. 

Before Sierra could even open her mouth in surprise or Ciera could inspect it, Alex took them to the edge of the pond and jumped inside before the girls even got the chance to take a deep breath in and close their mouths. 

Now that they were inside the pond and were swimming through the tunnel, Ciera just hoped that they can hold their breath in the time they resurface again in the lake outside.

It took them a little while but the girl's finally noticed that they didn't have to hold their breath inside water anymore and that they can respire as easily as if they were on land.

And it was not only that, but they also couldn't feel that they were actually inside the water as they couldn't feel it

But they definitely knew that they were swimming inside of it.

Meanwhile, outside the lake, a wolf with the strength similar to that of a ninth Grade Body Tempering Realm cultivator was busy in drinking water from it while it stayed alert of its surroundings for any at the same time.


Just then, the wolf saw something burst out just a few feet away to its front and that thing landed right in front of the wolf, making it tense and ready to flee or fight at any moment. 

Seeing that it was a group of three humans that looked like they were easy prey, the wolf which had in fact been quite hungry at that time thought of satiating his hunger by eating them.

As the girls were still immersed in their thoughts and sensation of swimming inside the water while still being able to breathe, they failed to notice that they have landed right in front of a Demon Beast until it jumped towards them with a growl while barring its teeth and claws.


 Alex didn't regard it as a threat so he focused and a pair of hands appeared on his back. The wolf faltered slightly upon seeing that, but that was it as those hands stretched towards him and grabbed its neck. 


The wolf fell on the ground dead with its twisted neck. How could it not be killed by such devastating power and cultivation gap? There was no question or doubt about it.

\"I guess, it will be this wolf meat today for dinner then,\" said Alex. 


\"You want to eat it. Okay, go ahead then but do it fast we need to go.\" Alex allowed Plum to eat it when it asked him.

\"Plum~~!\" Boing~

After Plum engulfed the Demon Beast whole inside of its body, it went back inside Alex's soul to digest its food after which Alex escorted the girls through the forest to the village where they stayed.


\"Hey! Hey! Who are those guys?\" A person asked his fellow villagers upon seeing a group of rich looking teenagers walking down the road of their village. Looking at the dresses they wore, almost every people thought that they probably hail from some rich merchant families, 

\"How the hell should I know?\" 

\"Huh, wait aren't those two girls Ciera and her younger sibling Sierra from our village.\"

\"How can that be possible?... Damn, you got to be kidding me. It's really them...But who's that guy with them and what's up with their clothing anyway?\" said the villager after looking a little closer when they passed by them.

\"Someone go and inform Granny Umba. She has been worried sick since yesterday when they did not return back before the Demon Beast Horde started.\" 

Both Ciera and Sierra noticed the different reactions that the people were given them. Some were happy to see them alive, some were making wild guesses about the relationship between Alex and them, while some men were just ogling at the girls. It was good they were now wearing a robe on the outside or else it would have been more than just some men looking at them.

\"Alex, this is the first time I'm seeing the villagers walking on the streets outside casually and the village in such a good condition just after the dangerous event that is the Demon Beast Horde.\" Ciera said after seeing that everything was normal as always. No, she found that the villagers looked even more eager and jubilant than before.

\"Me too, before people would still have been mourning for the death of their loved ones that would have been unfortunate to die because of the Demon Beast Horde. It doesn't even look that this village had experienced the attack from the Demon Beasts just yesterday. You were right when you said that not even a single life had been lost in the attack this time. I had thought you were boasting for a moment.\" Sierra added with her elbows crossed.

\"Well, the credit should go to the soldiers as they have been on the frontline the whole time, not to mention if there are soldiers protecting the villagers wholeheartedly then even the common men would come out to give their help no matter how small is their strength. The captain at the gate had already debriefed me about the situation. Villagers came out in large amounts on their own accord to help the soldiers defending the village during the Demon Beast Horde.\"

After taking some turns, they finally arrived in front of a small house where an old lady was already waiting for them with the person who had run ahead to inform her.

\"Ah, you guys are finally back. Where have you been all day yesterday? I have been so worried about your safety when you didn't come back from the forest. It's good that you are back safe and sound...\" Granny Umba looked well over seventy years of age but her vigor was like that of young women. She looked relieved upon seeing that the siblings were not hurt anywhere.

\"Hoho, and who is this cute little boy.\" Grany Umba said with laughter after spotting Alex standing beside Ciera.


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