The Pleasure Lord
174 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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174 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 3

"Sierra, what happened? Are you alright?... What is that..." Ciera asked concerned hearing her scream but then her sight also fell onto the wobbling creature peeking its jelly-like head out from Alex's robe.

At that moment, the spirit beast suddenly jumped out and chimed in its unique voice towards the girls while bouncing in one place.


"It says 'Hello' to you too" Alex translated to the still stupified sisters.

"Meet Plum. It's my contracted Spirit Beast. It won't hurt you" Alex said again, dissolving any fear towards Plum.

"Plum~Plum~" Plum greeted again and jumped onto the lap of Sierra who looked a little hesitant at first but then after hearing Alex, she calmed down a lot as she also didn't find any reason to fear the small thing even though she had no clue what a Spirit Beasts is.

"Spirit Beast?... " Ciera asked on seeing that the creature was not looking one bit threatening instead it was quite cute and also quite docile as it started playing with Sierra.

Alex smiled and explained to them about Spirit Beast because he knew they were not common like Demon Beast and not widely known to the mortals.

At the end of the explanation, both Sierra and Ciera were looking towards Plum as if they were seeing a rare treasure. Siera especially stopped patting it after knowing how dangerous Spirit Beasts can be, not the mention their worth in the eyes of the human society.

"Haha, Sierra, what I said was for the wild Spirit Beasts and not the ones that have already been contracted like Plum here. Without my orders or seeing me in danger, it won't attack anyone on its own and in fact, Plum here is quite fond of playing and also easy going, unlike the arrogant nature that is known to be common in most of the Spirit Beasts." Alex said.

"Plum~" the Slime too positioned its round head under Sierra's hand, clearly wanting to be patted by her like before.

As Sierra played with the Spirit Beast, she also presented it with some slices of the meat to eat. Plum would quickly engulf it into its body and they could then see the meat dissolving at a very fast rate inside its semi-transparent physique.

"Aww, it's so cute. See it can also change the shape of its body into almost anything." Sierra said.

Ciera would also play with it a few times but her immediate interest was to know more about the Spirit Beast from Alex as knowing about such rare beings is a privilege in itself.

"So did you also get any special ability from this Spirit Beast?"

"Yeah, I did get one but I'm unsure if its the only ability I got from Plum since the time we spend together was just one day. The more we stay together, the more are the chances to get some more abilities or skills that the Spirit Beast can use at the moment or can use in the future as it grows. How many abilities the Spirit Beast can give depends entirely on the bond we share with each other and it also depends on the Spirit Beast talent itself."

"Can you show us that ability, if it's not too much to ask." Ciera requested. Sierra too looked on towards Alex with puppy eyes.

"The ability I got from Plum is a little bit weird but if you want to see it then I have no problem." Alex smiled and said before growing two hands from his back.

"I can grow these from anywhere on my body and I can also change its shape into something complex if I concentrate hard enough," Alex explained.

Plum also extended some of its tentacles out to copy Alex in showcasing his ability. The Spirit Beast also wanted to boast in front of its two new friends that it had made today.

The sisters were awed to see such an ability. 

" all of just muscles and skin," Sierra asked after she touched one of the extra hands and squeezed it after seeing the way Alex was bending it.

"Yes. But it's not a bad thing I guess since this ability can really help me a lot in battles."

After finishing their food, Alex said: "I think its time we head out."

"Ah, yes. We need to go home or Granny Umba will really think we died in the forest." Sierra said but her hand just wouldn't stop playing with Plum's jelly-like body.

"Yeah, you are right. She should be worried about us after we did not came back to the village yesterday. Alex, we need to get to our home quickly."

"Sure, let's go" Alex nodded as he had been told about this Granny Umba too. She was a widow that lived alone and had given the two sisters a roof to live under when they had just arrived to settle inside her village. From then on she had been helping Ciera take care of her little sister and also herself. She was and is like a real grandmother for the two of them. 

"Miss Ciera, Sierra, come closer and hold onto my waist," Alex called out to the sisters and instructed them to hold him onto him tightly. 


Alex felt their soft breasts pressing on both sides of his chest after they hugged him like they had been told. Sierra seemed happy and even tried to intentionally hug Alex tightly but the surprising thing was that her older sister Ciera did not shy away from doing the same as her younger sister this time. Sierra giggled to herself after seeing that. 

Alex, in fact, noticed this action and seeing that the sisters were actually trying to attract his attention towards them, he felt it quite funny but didn't felt the need to stop them or their antics.

"Alex, how are you going to take us out of this place?"

"The way we came, of course, but don't worry your dresses won't get wet. Just wait and watch." Alex first assured the girls and then said to Plum.

"Plum, its time. Do your work."



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