The Pleasure Lord
173 Rumble with the Sisters - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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173 Rumble with the Sisters - Part 2

"Big sister, I know you also want to impress... him. But with me hear, I think you might need to put more effort. I have decided to pursue my feelings and I hope you do it too" Sierra spoke with some weight in her voice. Her expression implied her determination.

Ciera: "..."

"... And don't you remember what father used to say to us? There are many things in life that will catch our eye but only a few will catch our hearts; pursue those and never relent. I'm doing the same..."

Ciera's head unwittingly turned to look at the back of the young man sitting some distance away.

"Yesterday, I was not so sure but thanks to you making noises in the background last night, I couldn't sleep. This gave me the opportunity to reflect on my feelings. I don't want to miss this chance. Who knows if I'll even get to meet him again in the future. One thing I'm clear is that I'll regret it my entire life for not trying."

Ciera was quietly listening to her younger sister but after the end of her speech, one sentence finally startled her enough to look back at her sister in shock and utter shame.

"You...You were awake... last night." Ciera 

"Yes, I was. Why do you think I would need to sleep in the afternoon? I even heard you mumbling and repeating someone's name while you were... busy." Sierra winked at her big sister before continuing "You don't need to feel uncomfortable in front of your sister for something so natural... Anyway, I hope you also follow your heart." Sierra replied before moving towards Lord Alex as the fragrance of the food being cooked from there had already started to make her feel hungry.

Ciera stood still for a half a minute before following her little sister with the rest of the clothes in her arms.

"Lord Alex, we are done changing. How do we look?" Sierra chirped from behind.

Alex turned his face and saw the result of his masterwork with his eyes. 

'Wow... I got to make more of them and have Selena try them out too. Hehehe' Alex was not one bit shy in appreciating the ladies as he inspected and appraised them from head to toe. They looked beautiful and gorgeous in every sense in those clothes.

Blood rushed to Ciera's cheeks as she saw his awestruck expression. Alex was definitely awed, there was no denying that. First, Alex had thought that the sisters would wear dresses more conservative in design in the bundle of clothes he had given them but it seems he thought wrong as the girls did the complete opposite. 

"So ...?" Sierra intoned, swaying her arms to make her boobs wobble a bit, enjoying the attention and the mesmerizing impact her tits had on the man even younger than her.

"Both of you look gorgeous and beautiful in those dresses. Do you also like it?" Alex asked back after feasting his eyes on both the girl's cleavages.

"Yes, we love it. They are so exotic looking. I have never seen the Merchants selling anything similar to them here on the Island. If you don't mind, can you tell us from which merchants you purchased them from, Lord Alex?" Sierra asked genuinely. Ciera was also perched up her ears even though she knew they couldn't buy it themselves but knowing the source is also good enough. Maybe in the future, if she is financially stable enough then she would definitely purchase them for herself and her sister.

"Hehe, It's something that I had designed in my free time. You two are the first ones to try them out actually." Alex said casually. He very well knew that the ladies and the gents of this world will be wonderstruck and twinkle-eyed once he brings them the fashion revolution of the century that they had never seen before.

"What? You seriously made them yourself." Sierra exclaimed in shock. She was surprised because a Lord would usually detest wasting their time doing odd jobs such as tailoring clothes. 

"Sierra!! Lord Alex, please don't mind her. She..."

"It's alright, Miss Ciera. I'm not snobbish like the Nobles of the past that you are familiar with. Nor do I consider myself as an aristocrat now that I govern the Island.  I thought you would have seen that by now. I'm a normal person just like any other human living on this island and the only thing that differs me from you is that I have the huge responsibility of keeping the residents safe from any harm and also keep the law and order running for the society to function properly."

"Oh, and also please don't refer to me as Lord when in private. You two can call me by my first name now." Alex said.

As expected, Sierra was left starry-eyed after hearing to the prince charming of dreams while Ciera too was impressed. 

Alex gestured them to sit by his side and eat the food that he prepared.

Sierra jovially sat beside Alex onto his right while Ciera decided to seat on the other side that is the left of Alex.

Alex served them the scrambled eggs and the roasted meat on a platter each while he dug his teeth onto one of the big chunks of meat piece. He too was feeling very starved after not eating for a whole day and awakening the mysterious bloodline in his body.

At one point, Sierra extended her hand to pick another portion of meat already cooked since she found it to be very delicious and juicy but just then an orange colored whip-like tentacle reached the meat slab before her and retracted back just as quickly after grabbing the food. Sierra saw the orange-colored thing vanish inside Alex's robe-like shirt which he had donned on his body just before eating.

"Kya~" it scared the hell out of Sierra, causing her to scream in fright and also bringing the attention of her sister who missed the scene as she was busy savoring the taste of the scrambled eggs.


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