The Pleasure Lord
172 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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172 Rumble with the Sister“s - Part 1


As the meat was being cooked over the fire, Alex was holding a pan, cooking some scrambled eggs inside of it while hovering it over the fire with the other hand.

His two hands were full, one holding the pan while the other busy with turning the meat expertly over the flame. 

Inexplicably, another two arms extended out from beneath Alex's armpits and diligently doing the task of seasoning the food and mixing the scrambled eggs all together simultaneously without any problem.

A clear smile formed on Alex's face as he controlled those extra arms like he had been using them since birth.

Thinking back to what happened inside the ruins, a chuckle inadvertently left from his mouth.


Spirit Beast comes in many shapes, sizes, unique powers, abilities, and strange physiques. Whenever a human binds his soul with any one of those Spirit Beast then there's a huge chance of being gifted with an ability related to that particular spirit Beast in return. When Alex bonded with Plum, he benefited by getting a part of the Slime's peculiar physique as the gift.

Alex could now in exchange for some Qi, grow out, elongate and shape the muscles into limbs or other eccentric shapes and control them just like any other part of his body, similar to how Plum can extend out tentacles from within its Semi-liquid form.

Alex can bend his muscles into any shape he desires but to a certain limit and having control over it just like any other limb on his body.

If Alex wants to, then he can grow out two extra arms or legs similar to the real ones although boneless, which makes them much more flexible then the existing ones. He can, of course, control the rigidness of the two extra limbs to be the same as the actual ones if he so desires and can even harden them much more to a certain degree.

There are some restrictions though. He cannot stretch his muscles and the skin around it out indefinitely. There's a certain range to which his muscles can stretch up to which is approximately four to five meters.

Nor can he grow innumerable tentacles or even more than two as big as the size of his arms out at the same time from his body like how Plum does it. Alex can however only do so if he keeps their sizes as small as his fingers after which he can use and control them like vines.

It takes a lot of Qi and soul power to maintain such transformation even for ten minutes, but with Alex's dense and pure Qi foundation and a powerful soul, it is still considerably manageable for him to use this ability over an extended period of time, like a couple of hours. Unlike normal humans who would have consumed all the Qi inside their body till they become dry if they had kept on the ability and used it continuously for more than half an hour.


Because Alex had been sitting with his back facing the girls, his 'extra arms' had gone unnoticed by the two ladies until now or they must have definitely freaked out for sure.

Anyhow, they have been more entranced with the clothes at that point, having a hard time deciding on what to choose and wear from the bundle of gorgeous looking dresses in their hands. 

Ciera's previous clothes had already been torn because of the scuffle with Alex yesterday. Only a strip of leather piece covered her nipples, leaving the rest of her globes on full display. Alex being a gentleman did not ogle at them straight away after arriving there so as to not make her feel awkward moreover Ciera too did not remember what state she was in considering she had her mind full of 'Lord Alex came back' and 'if he has gotten better or not'  

"Aww! Sister look at this dress. It will definitely look good on you. Wear it" Sierra's voice chimed as she picked a dress and showed it to her big sister.

Ciera gave a look at the dress that her sister picked out for her. 

She found that the dress not only has a very good design but it was also quite practical for wearing when venturing out to places like the Swamp Marsh Forest. The material seemed to have been made of high-quality leather which felt very smooth to the touch of her finger. The only thing that bothered her was that the design of some of the dresses was a little bit too revealing at some places.

"It does look quite pretty. Here, you also try this one and the one with the floral design. It would suit you. " Ciera praised her little sister's choice before passing her the dress that she had chosen for Sierra, considering her stature and size of her figure.

They began changing their clothes, not worrying that a man was also present with them. By now, they had developed some trust in the character of the young Lord. 

Alex heard the sound of them undressing their already, worn and torn, old clothes before trying out the dresses in their hands one after another. 

After some fifteen to twenty minutes, Ciera finally decided on one dress that she found to her liking and also hoped that certain someone would think the same when he sees her in it.

'Ciera! What are you thinking... he's is completely out of your league' thought Ciera while she adjusted the belt on her waist but her she still couldn't get that thought out of her mind.

"Alright, I have decided to wear this one. Sister, how do I look?" Sierra said with delight and called out to her big sister for opinion.

"Sierra, that... isn't that a little too... tight for you. Why don't you change  back into the previous one?" Ciera blushed when she lifted her head up to see what her little sister was wearing.

She wore a burgundy-colored strapless blouse that tightly wrapped around her chest, causing most of her breasts above the two cherry buds to spill over the two semi-metal cups in which they were covered. The blouse also did not cover her stomach, not to mention she wore a very short skirt that displayed all of her legs.

All and all, there would be left a little to imagine if anyone saw her little sister in that dress.

"No, this one fits me perfectly." Sierra didn't seem to want to change her dress

"But... It's revealing too much of your skin."

"So what? It looks pretty on me and that's what matters in the end. And aren't you wearing also showing your skin more than usual, big sister?" In the middle of her sentence, Sierra's eyes peeked at the person sitting not too far from them. It did not go unnoticed by her big sister though.

Ciera wanted to rebuke her sister's words but after looking at the dress she wore, her own cheeks reddened in shame.

Her dress was a white floral one piece that had a diamond shape cut opening right in the middle of her chest. The deep ravine of her breast was also in full view.


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