The Pleasure Lord
171 Icing to the Cake
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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171 Icing to the Cake


"You don't fear water? That's really good to learn. Let's go then." 


Alex quickly swam down towards the tunnel but as he was moving, a very thin and transparent film started covering his whole head. It was Plum's doing. Alex was, of course, surprised but he simply waited to see what the Spirit Beast is up to.

After covering Alex's head till his neck, Plum communicated with Alex to release his breath and start respiring like he normally does on the land. When Plum delivered that message, Alex was filled with anticipation.

Alex released his breath like he was told and then he breathed in. Alex did this a few times but he didn't feel any difficulty in his respiration. Just like he had guessed, Plum was filtering oxygen from the water around him using its body's unique composition.

With the help of Plum's ability, Alex can now freely breathe and stay inside water, as much as he wants from now on. Alex has grown to love the Spirit Beast more and more in just a little time that they have spent together.

The unique racial ability that Alex got from binding his soul with Plum before in the ruins was already mindblowing and this auxiliary ability though needs Plum's help is like icing on the cake. 

Alex wondered how many more surprises Plum would bring to him when it grows and evolves further in the future.


Ciera was sitting with her back leaned against the wall, while Sierra was taking a nap with her head lying on the lap of her older sister.

It's been a day since Alex had left them alone here, trapped inside the cave.

Ciera, who had been left heated in the middle after she inhaled the pheromones released from Alex's body, returned back to normal only when her little sister splashed some cool water onto her face.

Even after that, she had to masturbate one time in the night so as to calm herself down.

At that time, Sierra had gone to sleep on the side or that's what she thought because even when Ciera was releasing the pent up stress inside her body, the moans that escaped through her mouth during that time might have woken up her little sister.

Fortunately, Sierra didn't seem like she had heard anything or at least acted otherwise in the morning. If she had asked her anything about the previous night then that would have really been an embarrassing situation for Ciera to explain.

"When will you come back? ...Did you also run away and left us here alone to die like him?" Ciera mumbled as she thought how her ex-boyfriend had betrayed her and tried to run away when it had gotten dangerous yesterday. She had been comparing him with Alex since the time he had saved them from the mercenaries yesterday.

She's had been in a conundrum yesterday whether she should easily give her body up to help Lord Alex or not. Her heart said yes but her brain that had seen the world, the betrayal and how Nobles behave, became a barrier to make her decision at that time. 

When Alex had gone insane and tried to force himself upon her, though Ciera knew it was not intentional and she had really wanted to help him, deep inside she feared whether Alex would discard her after he turned into normal or just say thank you and behave like it was her duty to give up her body for saving him as it was meant to be since he is their Lord and also because he had saved them two times before.

He might have just left while treating it as a one-time thing.

Unlike her little sister who might have been okay with giving up virginity to him as she adores him a lot, Ciera didn't have that much courage, at least not after what she had been through her life.

Even if Alex was really a good man, and took responsibility afterward, she could at most have become his lover or a mistress but becoming his wife seemed impossible even to her. They were on the different end of the spectrum. 

But Ciera started admiring Alex sincerely after he had been able to hold himself back at the end and it had been, in fact, her who had lost her mind to the lust after he had touched her body for just a little while. She knew how wrong she had thought of Lord Alex at that time.

If only she could see him again, Ciera was determined that she would definitely not hesitate this time no matter if she was accepted afterward or not. She still couldn't forget his deep sea-blue eyes even now. If only he comes back, if only...

"Yo, I'm really very sorry for coming back this late. It took me a whole day to get better. I hope you understand." Alex's voice broke Ciera's thought in the middle and woke Sierra up that had been drooling on the lap of her sister. As for what she had been drooling after or fantasizing in her dreams, only she and God knows. 

When both the sister turned their faces to look towards the pool, they found Alex had already come out of the water barechested.

"Here, wear anything from these clothes. I will go and prepare some food for you two to eat since you must be hungry after not eating for a whole day. Don't worry I will not peak, feel free to change behind my back as I roast some meat for you two ladies." taking some clothes out from his inventory that are suitable for girls to wear, Alex threw all of them in the direction of the girls and they caught them easily.

"There's a wide range of variety so feel free to choose the one you like. After you are done, we will have some food. How about that, huh?"

The sisters looked at each other before Ciera asked: "Are you really okay?"

"Never felt any better actually. Come on, we don't have much time." Alex said as he sat himself down at the edge of the pool with his back facing the girls. He waved his hands and few items such as dry wood, a box of spices and a big chunk of meat appeared out of thin air. no matter how many times, the sisters saw him do that, it was still quite magical and fun for them to watch.

"Wow, all of them so beautiful," Sierra exclaimed in surprise when she looked at the clothes in her arms. They were not something that common people like them can purchase easily. These are only available to princesses like Elaina from the Yandell family and other daughters like her from rich families that practice martial arts and wear these clothes for the outing in the forest. 

"Lord Alex, these are too expensive and... also wouldn't they get wet when we go outside." Ciera said with a calm face but even her hands trembled a little while holding on to the clothes with material that was very soft to the touch.

"You don't have to bother about them soaking in the water when you go out. Just wear them for now. I don't have any cheap clothes with me that I can hand over to you anyway." Alex shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.


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