The Pleasure Lord
169 Awakening - Part 4
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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169 Awakening - Part 4

The statue had a humanoid head with some features of an eagle, the torso and legs of a human but it had claws of an eagle rather than human feet in its place. It was also holding a long spear almost as tall as its height. 

The other statues were of similar type. A mix of different animals and humans. The only thing they shared in common was that they all wore armors of the same design. 

"They look a lot like Beastmen. Do they also exist in this world?" Alex murmured to himself before he knocked with his hand onto the statue to see if it was hollow or not. The statue was, in fact, blocking his spiritual sense from entering inside of it.

*Knock Knock*

"...I can't tell if its hollow or not. Hm, it's better to just break it and see what's inside of it." Alex thought.

But just when Alex came into a punching position, a sound came from inside the statue.

*Thump Thump*

Alex: "..."

*Knock Knock*

*Thump Thump*

This time the reply to his knock came back immediately.

"It seems like there is really something inside of it. Let's get you out it first." With his back taut, Alex made a fist and smashed it onto the body of the statue.


Nothing happened to statue other than it making a sound like a bell when hit.

"Fuck, it's too hard"

Alex tried once again and again and again.





When normal punches didn't work Alex started using the martial art technique.

Roaring Tiger Fist!


"What material is this statue made of? Doesn't look like its made from normal stone?" Alex was irritated very quickly. He started smashing his fist on the surface of the statue one after another using his Roaring Tiger Fist everything.

But the more he punched the more he got irritated and frustrated. Finally, Alex's was at his limits as his sanity slowly started eroding and he madly kept smashing his fist on the statue without bothering to look if it was working or not. 

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang~!

That was the only sound echoing inside the whole chamber other than occasional grunts from Alex who had completely lost his sound ability to think.

After what seemed to be an hour, a small dent finally formed on the surface of the statue at the exact place where Alex had kept on punching repeatedly and relentlessly but that dent was not easy to spot since it had wholly been covered with the blood coming out of Alex's fist.

Nevertheless, Alex was not sound enough to detect it nor was he aware that a thumping sound has started to repeatedly occur after each of his punch made contact with the statue. 

After another hour of striking the statute, the small dent finally turned into a small crack the size of a fine hairline. 

"Hum? That's..." The Heavenly Spirit, who could do nothing but leave Alex to his fate, became aware of the small crack that formed onto the surface of the statue and also noticed a viscous liquid pouring out of it.

The liquid was moving as if it had a mind of its own. The Heavenly spirit realized that it was a spirit beast the moment she felt its aura.

What came out of that small fissure did not have any stable form, it kept on changing its shape until it became the size of a football and stabilized into a sphere shape of orange and black color.

Two small black beads could be seen forming inside the wobbling sphere. They were most probably the eyes of the spirit beast. 

The slime-like Spirit stared at Alex. Gradually, its pair of beady eyes no longer seemed as turbid. Instead, they were covered by clarity and life...

Its eyes showed curiosity like a newborn child and something really delicious attracted it towards Alex.

 It was not for long after the slime-like organism stabilized its form, tendrils grew out of it and attached itself onto the head of Alex. 

At this moment, Alex's face slightly convulsed and his body stopped moving as the spirit started to forcefully bind its soul with Alex's on its own accord.

"No matter what type of spirit beast this is, but after it binds with Alex's soul, the awakening of his bloodline would not be life-threatening to him anymore." The Heavenly Spirit mumbled to herself.

In just a few seconds, the slime-like spirit vanished from its place and appeared inside Alex's soul space after it successfully bound with his soul. This, in turn, stimulated Alex's soul, causing his exhausted soul to instantaneously fill up and further begin to evolve. 

It was at that moment when Alex's soul thumped and sent out a wave of colorless light throughout Alex's body causing the runic tattoos to illuminate brightly for a few minutes making Alex's to soar so much that it startled all the Demon beasts in the circumference of five thousand kilometers making them cower in fear.

They didn't move an inch until the dreadful aura that came out of nowhere vanished fully. The intelligible runic tattoos covering Alex's body started to recede back inside the blackened sclera of Alex's eyes and then it too faded away making Alex's eyes return back to normal.

With an exhausted exhalation, Alex's body fell flat on the ground and went into a deep sleep. 

"After he wakes up, his body should be adjusted until then with the changes made by the awakening of his bloodline." a sweet and calm voice sounded out from behind the heavenly spirit.

"Yes. But its the first time I saw such an abnormal awakening." The heavenly spirit replied.

"It's abnormal because of how unique and pure his bloodline is, not to mention he also has human blood inside of him. We can expect some variation to happen because of that... Don't worry, you just need to follow the instruction given in the book."


 Gradually, Alex awakened after sleeping for a whole day. He felt really good and clear-minded like never before. Alex stood up while scratching the itch on his buttocks which were naked at that time like his whole body. 


"Huh? What was that?" Alex looked around but he did not find anyone. It was then he remembered where he was and why he came here. Alex looked down to check his body but he didn't those markings that had spread all over his body. It was also then he noticed the lack of clothes on his body.

"Everything looks normal to me... Bookworm? Bookworm, are you there?" Alex called out inside his soul.

"Plum~ Plum~"

"What the..." Alex finally noticed where the voice had been coming from.

He stood still and concentrated to enter his soul space.

The moment his body formed inside the soul space, something smacked right into the face of his.


The thing covered all of Alex's face, but because it was not his real body, Alex didn't have the difficulty to breathe.

Also, Alex didn't feel any malicious intent coming from the thing hugging his face, instead, he felt a deep connection with it, almost as if it was a part of his body but with its own consciousness. The slime-like thing was more like a child who was happy to see his father.


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