The Pleasure Lord
167 Awakening - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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167 Awakening - Part 2

Alex was bellowing as if he had gone mad as a hatter.

His voice had already become extremely croaky, as it gave the impression that he was suffering from tremendous and extreme torture.

The blood gushing through his veins was far and away brewing hot and his body was steaming with such momentum as though it would explode at any instant.

The impulse to sate his lust, procreate and destroy things filled up every inch of Alex's body, corroding away his last bit of rationale and the control over his body.

There's just no way for him to hold back the flooding river anymore and to still stay conscious for this long was very hard to imagine for someone else. The determination that is required to accomplish such a feat is in no way common.

"Lord Alex! Stop! You are hurting yourself" Sierra shouted when she saw him bleeding from all over his body. She just couldn't see him bruising and battering against the wall like that anymore.

The final wall of his willpower that was holding Alex back gets dispelled in the blink of an eye when her voice reached into his ears.

Alex stopped battering his body on the wall but turned around all of a sudden. With black covering the whites around his blue eyes, he looked fixedly towards the two girls who knew they had fucked up badly.

"What's going on? His eyes... they are...." Sierra gasped in horror when she noticed his eyes.

Wait, something's not right!

Ciera looked up hastily and was greeted with the eyes of a wild beast.


An unfathomable power began to surface from within his body, completely enveloping Alex in moments.

Contorted dark lines started spreading from the edge of his eyes blackened sclera to all across his face and extending towards the rest of his body, weaving itself into a strange design and seal like runic symbols.

His heart palpitating crazily and his uncontrolled lust billowing wildly, Alex's mind and loins were being influenced by the craving to ravage the girls to his contentment.

He pounced over to the nearest girl like a deranged hungry wolf swooping down on its prey.

The target was none other than the person who made the mistake of opening her mouth and grab the attention of someone that no one would want to have disturbed at this time.

"Hiii!" Sierra yelped. She wanted to dodge but her legs just wouldn't listen to her as if they had lost all their strength due to the sheer terror of seeing Alex's ferocious look like he would eat her whole or something and then the fear intensified seeing him pouncing towards her like a wild beast.

"Dammit!" Ciera pushed her little sister out of the way to save her but she couldn't get away in time.

Alex pinned her down hard onto the ground. Ciera tried pushing him aside from the top of her but she couldn't.

"Sierra, what are you waiting for? Help me." Ciera shouted at her sister stupidly standing in one place.

Sierra did as she was told and tried her best to help her sister but she couldn't budge Alex an inch away. With her puny strength of the fourth stage of Body Tempering Realm cultivation, she obviously couldn't content with his strength.


Ciera's leather blouse was instantly ripped apart by Alex, who was currently out of his mind.

Her plump, perky breast revealed itself before him which he greedily caressed as he pressed his face against the two beautiful and generous cushions of happiness.

The soft and smooth sensation of her breast possessed a warm aura and comforting delicate fragrance, making the fire of lust, that was threatening to split his body into pieces, burn with even more force and intensity.

Ciera breathing became hard as she unwittingly inhaled the arousing odor coming from his body, and with her body fully exposed, her mind was also struggling whether to stop the other party or not.

The sky blue color of Alex's pupils deepened several-fold. He let out an uncontrollable low roar as he pounced forward to firmly grab and knead her jade-white, flawless chest, causing Ciera to tighten her brows in pain.

"Sierra, why did you stop, quickly get him... off me." Ciera gritted her teeth while saying that. 

"I tried but he is not budging an inch... Big sis, he helped us much so much, can't you... just help him this one time. And it shouldn't matter to you much since you already had a boyfriend for six months while I'm not... experienced like you."

"What! You idiot, I'm still a virgin like you. Did you think I would let that bastard touch me before we married? Now hurry to get him...Mmm!" Ciera moaned in between as Alex kissed her hard on the lips.

Sierra was debating with her inner self whether she should save her sister or not after knowing that Ciera too did not have any prior experience like her...but in the end, she decided to stay put not because she didn't want to, as neither she couldn't stop Alex nor did hitting his head with stones worked.

'Big sis, it's all up to you now.' thought Sierra.

Ciera's body had also started getting affected after inhaling the odor coming from Alex's body that was too inducing to be ignored.

Her body was also burning with the same desire as she slowing started losing her mind with Alex constantly ravaging her body his strong hands...

"Alex... Al...ex Alex... Dammit, boy, I said stand up now!" A familiar, berating voice echoed inside Alex's mind causing him to react instinctively by standing upon his legs immediately.

"Yes, Mam!...Huh?" Alex's mind cleared a lot swiftly but he was left confused for a brief moment when he did not find the person from whom that familiar should have come.

"Alex, get a hold of yourself. Quickly get out of here and head straight towards the east direction." Alex recognized that it was the voice of the Heavenly spirit coming from inside of his mind space. But he was doubtful if it was the same sound that had cleared his mind or not. Maybe it was his mind playing tricks on him.

The heavenly spirit repeated herself again seeing that Alex had given any response.

Alex was stunned for a moment before carefully asking why. "That... for what reason?"

"The state which you are in now is because you haven't contracted with a spirit beast yet. I have sensed the aura coming from that direction. There should be a spirit beast on this island. You have to form bind your soul with it or else you will definitely lose your mind. Go! we don't have much time." The heavenly spirit said in one breath.

Alex didn't understand the connection between his state and the matter of binding his soul with a spirit beast but he thought it would be better to listen to her for now.

As Alex was thinking that, he noticed Sierra looking at him with surprise in her eyes while his vision caught the sight of nearly naked Ciera squirming her body on the ground as if she was in heat or something.

Ciera had let go of defenses and accepted her fate, but after feeling the weight on her body had disappeared after a while, she barely opened her eyes to see Alex standing on his feet looking at her.

"Wait... you must be in pain, I...I want to help you..." Ciera said in a pleading voice.

"...Young miss, help your sister calm down with the help of the water. I... I'm heading out to treat myself, you two stay here for now until I come back to pick you up. Don't worry I'll come back." Alex said that without looking at the two of them because he didn't want to lose control over his mind. He jumped into the lake ignoring Ciera whose mind was definitely not in a sound state.

As Alex was swimming to get out of the tunnel, the same sensation was started slowly resurface yet again. 

"Alex, faster, you really don't have much time." the heavenly spirit voiced out again urging him to increase his speed.

Outside the lake, there were still some Demon beasts that were going around it and heading towards the west direction but Alex ignored them and jumped out of the lake landing on the ground near them. 



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