The Pleasure Lord
166 Awakening - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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166 Awakening - Part 1

The mayor's position was similar to that of a village chief. Alex had appointed a puppet for it in every village to govern and guide them properly. 

Hugo, Ferris, Gardy, Enzo, Iris and the rest of the members focused on developing their mercenary group. Of course, Donald and Jack were still their bosses with Alex basically being on top of the pyramid, as the Lord of the Island.

The Raging Sun Village had used its natural defenses to its fullest. They had built stone walls tall enough above the three hills surrounding them from each direction except the west side which is at the least risk from getting attacked by any Demon Beast. 

The only places they have to heavily guard are the hills on the east and the north side.

When the last group made it into the village, the Demon Beast Horde finally arrived.


"Ah! Now I'm all wet ." Sierra exclaimed as she stretched and twisted the side of her blouse to squeeze the water out of it.

But while doing so she unwittingly presented her deep cleavage in an enticing manner to Alex as the leather blouse got pulled a little downwards due to her action. 

"Fuck," Alex cursed quietly as he fantasized for a few seconds, staring at her.

"Fuck," he repeated when he realized his dick was rapidly expanding against his pants also soaked.

Alex was in a state of lusty delirium, his inner mind started telling him to bang the girls in front of her.

"...Oh shit!… Not this again…" Alex could feel the same enormous impulsive feeling agitating his body from inside, making him feel like an inflating balloon.

Ciera noticed his situation and thinking back to what had happened before she yelled: "Lord Alex! You losing control again. The water!" she pointed her finger towards the pool.

Alex understood her meaning so he immediately dived inside the lake water, but even after staying submerged for a long time, his body didn't cool down at all.

Ciera thought he might have eaten some kind of wild herb or special part of a demon beast that contains aphrodisiac elements.

She recalled that one time back in the village when a mercenary had consumed a wild fruit that was rarely found in the forest and had then gone berserk right after eating it. The mercenary immediately started to hump at anyone or anything that came into his sight, whether they be humans or animals.

His fellow mercenary friends knew in that situation their unlucky comrade would either need to see a Master Alchemist or fuck a girl so that his heart does not rupture due to the potent aphrodisiac in his system.

They didn't have the luxury to bring their friend to see a Master Alchemist nor did they have enough time to travel from their village to the city. That's why the best possible action they could take at that time was to get help from the prostitutes or else their fellow comrade high on stimulant might just die.

Ciera knew about it because that incident had remained the talk of the village for many months after that.

"Big sis, what's happening to him?"Sierra asked a little worried. For her, this was the first time seeing him like that. 

"I'm not sure but I think he might have accidentally eaten something containing stimulating elements like an aphrodisiac and it seemed he had ingested more then what his body could handle."

"What! Then isn't he in danger now?" Sierra cried out in shock. She had knowledge that a man can even die from an aphrodisiac overdose. 

"Don't worry? the cold water of the lake seems to have some effects in calming him down but... if he stays untreated then the ones in real danger would in fact be us." 

"Huh?... Oh! Yeah. You are right.  We will not be able to get out of this place without his help" 

"That too but... we are in even greater danger than getting imprisoned here. Have you thought about what he might do to us in that state? In this cramped up place and with Lord Alex's strength, we won't be able to resist if he loses his mind and try to... you know, force himself upon us." 

Sierra finally noticed and understood what his sister was trying to imply. 

"... You remember that incident with the mercenary in our village?" Sierra asked after thinking for some moments.

"Yes and that's why I'm worried about our safety." 

"Then don't you remember what the old lady had said after that... Lord Alex is at the risk of dying if not taken to see a Master Alchemist on time. I know it's not possible for us to do that right now but... we can at least do what's in our capacity to save him." 

"In our capacity?... You mean to... !! Have you become crazy?" Ciera was appalled that her sister would even suggest something like that but after calming herself a little down and thinking about it briefly she could understand why her sister would want to help Lord Alex so badly.

She likewise couldn't see Lord Alex in that situation not after he had saved them today from the mercenaries and had indirectly avenged them by destroying the Frey family that both she and her sister had dreamt off ever since the time their parents had died unjustly. 

"Do you really want to sacrifice your body to save him?" Ciera asked directly to let her know about the far-reaching consequences of her decision. 

"What?...No...Um... I wouldn't really mind giving him my first time since he is handsome and all, plus he is more of a hero to me but... you see I was thinking that it would be you doing that stuff with him... in order to save him." 

"Say what? Why should I be the one to do that when you are the one suggesting it?" 

Alex's mind has already become a bit hazy at that moment, but seeing that the water was having no effect on him anymore, he came out it.

"Dammit! it seems the water is not calming him down anymore!" Ciera grew panicked and her face contorted in anxiety. 

In a way, this situation was similar to a kettle of boiling water.

In order to thwart the water from boiling for too long, cold water must be added to maintain the temperature and stop the water from boiling.

But eventually, the cold water that was added will be set to boil again, leaving no other choice but to add even more cold water. 

Eventually, still and all, there would be no desisting the boiling or even a point in adding cold water. Not only would the water in the kettle be completely boiled, but the kettle itself would also start to break and disintegrate!

Alex sat down cross-legged and circulated the nameless cultivation technique as he was planning on controlling this sudden impulse.

But just after circulating his qi around his body one time, Alex knew he made the biggest mistake.

The nameless technique didn't suppress his urge as he had thought but instead, it fanned the flames of lust and desire to become even bigger inside his body. He really couldn't take it anymore.

He started bashing his body against the wall of the cave to get a hang of himself...

"Aha... Ahagggh... ahhhhh!!"


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