The Pleasure Lord
165 Losing Control - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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165 Losing Control - Part 3

"Fuck, a Demon beast horde! Didn't it happen just a month ago?" Alex saw that it's size this time was much bigger than before. 

"Get up, quick! a demon beast horde is coming towards us."

"What? How do you know that?" Sierra asked, completely shocked.

"There is no time to ask such a question, sierra, we need to get out of here as soon as possible." Ciera said knowing full well how terrifying a demon beast horde can be. So she didn't want to waste time asking questions that can be answered afterward.

"Too late for that, we won't be able to outrun them, look up!" Alex shouted as he pointed towards the sky in the eastward direction.

Bird type Demon beasts were taking flight into the air and some of the birds had even spotted the three of them. They were making a beeline towards them while the others flew in the other directions.

"Jump with me inside the lake, now!" Alex yelled as he forced the two sisters to jump inside the lake.


Ciera and Sierra didn't know how to swim so Alex grabbed them by their hands and swam to a tunnel that extended and opened in a hidden pocket cavity inside a hill located some hundreds of meters away from the lake. This pocket cavity was used by the Crocodile Demon beast as a place to rest and store emergency food before it got slaughtered by Alex.

The tunnel was big enough for the three of them to enter side by side. Spiritual sense helped in mapping the tunnel inside Alex's mind, therefore, he didn't have to worry about hitting the walls.

Alex swam out from the tunnel to open space with the sisters each holding his waist tightly. They had reached the other end of the tunnel.

The moment their heads above the water, Ciera, and Sierra gasped desperately for air to breath in their lungs.

It was a terrifying ride for them as not only were they blind inside the dark tunnel, their lungs almost gave out in the middle if not for Alex sharing his breath with them using his mouth. The cool water around him helped Alex to not go out of control this time.

"Cough Cough...Cough!"

"You two alright?"

"Cough,...Yeah, I guess." Ciera replied when she saw that her little sister was breathing. Then she asked while scanning her surroundings. "What is this place?" 

The place smelled very badly causing Sierra to almost throw up.

"Its where the demon beast lived. the one we ate just now," Alex said.

The home of the crocodile was quite spacious. There were cracks on the ceiling through which lights rays penetrated inside the cave. This made it possible for Ciera and others to see their surroundings, though the light was still very dim.

But this was a very safe place. At least, they don't have to worry about the Demon beast horde coming here. They can wait till it recedes back and it's safe for them to get out.

"Lord Alex, will your guards be alright, weren't they coming here as you said."

"Don't worry about them, they can take care of themselves. I just hope that the civilians that are still outside in the open and in the forest can get back to the safety of the villages and the cities in time." Alex said that in distress but in actuality, he had already informed all the puppets to make necessary preparations for dealing with the Demon Beast Horde, the moment it was noticed by him.

It is, after all, a demon beast horde! He couldn't take any risk.

"Sound the alarm immediately in all the three cities and the frontier villages, and rescue anyone left out in the open!" Alex ordered, solemnly. The puppets did as they were told.




Very quickly, the bell sounded throughout all of the three cities and all the villages.

Hearing this bell, the civilians that were outside on the road rushed to get in the safety of the nearest village or city they can find. 

Master Clayton and the rest that were living in the Mordrake manor asked, "Donald, what's happening? This bell... Is the Demon Beast horde is coming?"

"I don't know, let me first ask Darius." Donald said but before he even stood up, a guard came in the hall and said, "Sir, Chief Darius has asked for you all to arrive on the eastern city wall as quickly as possible. The demon Beast horde has started." Darius was the chief guard of the Mordrake city and he looked after its security.

"Donald, go and call Jack and the rest. We would be needing their help to defend against the demon beast that can climb walls and also that can fly." 

Donald nodded as he sent servants to call them while he himself went to his room to get dressed up in battle armor. 


Goldcoin city.

"Uncle Norman lets go. The guards might need our help." Violette said when she heard the distinctive loud bell.

"Yes, my lady" Norman transformed into his eagle form when they came outside. Violette jumped on his back before Norman took flight in the air to see what's happening, aerially.


Windmoor City, formerly known as the Frey City.

"Guards, at attention. The city is under the threat of Demon Beast Horde. It's our duty to protect it from them and the citizens living inside of it. Fasten your armors, raise your spirits and come with me to kick some Demon beasts asses. Are you guys ready?" 

"Yes, Sir!!"

"Now go, and remember, I don't want to see any casualty from the civilian side. Do you all understand?"

"Yes, Sir!!"

"Go, Go, Go"

Similar sights could be seen in every human settlement on the Seashell island.

It's for the first time that the residents of all the three cities and the villages had seen how eagerly and efficiently did the guards rushed to the city or village walls to protect them from the Demon Beast Horde.

Before they would be trembling in fear by just sound of the bell and use all means to not get sent on top of the walls to defend.

That was not the only change they saw, the residents were helped to get in the safety of the basements build below their houses or warehouses so that they don't come into the eyes of bird type Demon Beasts and not get attacked.

This was unlike the previous times when the guards would usually kick the doors of their house open and force the men to help them guard the city or the village.

This time, the cities and the villages didn't see any chaos occur on the streets thanks to the guards keeping the order.


Raging Sun Village, deep inside the forest and adjacent to the sea on the south shore of the island.

"Its the Demon Beast Horde, everyone gets ready and take your positions. Did the people outside hunting in the forest come back yet?" Hugo ordered before asking Ferris and Gardy about the members of their Mercenary group that still hunting outside.

"No, there are still three groups left to come but the mayor had sent guards to bring them back," replied Gardy.


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