The Pleasure Lord
163 Losing Control - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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163 Losing Control - Part 1

"Siera, enough. He is Lord Alex Mordrake. The new Lord of this island." Ciera worried that her sister might start fighting with the Lord and anger him unknowingly. Her sister might be twenty years old but she still acts like a fifteen-year-old brat sometimes.

But just when she revealed the identity of the young man to her little sister, Sierra jumped straight into his arms and tightly embraced his neck and hang herself onto his body just like a koala. 

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..." 

Alex must have heard her say that at least a twenty times in a row until he had to ask her why she had this sudden change of attitude towards him. 

Ciera couldn't do anything else but shake her head as if she has forgotten this might also happen.

"Sierra, get off Lord Alex now. You are making him uncomfortable." Ciera yelled before trying to pull her sister off from him. 

Well, indeed Alex was feeling uncomfortable. But not that he disliked it. The softness of her chest on his bare chest felt heavenly, to say the least.

Alex happily said, "Well, I don't really mind her thanking me this way but this thank you doesn't seem like it is for me saving you from the mercenaries. What's the reason for it?"

Sierra lifted her head from his chest and said while looking straight into his eyes as if she was his biggest fangirl, "You destroyed the whole Frey Clan, that's why!" 

Sierra didn't stop there but planted a deep kiss onto Alex's unguarded lips while he was still processing her previous words.

Both Alex's and Ciera's eyes opened wide in shock when Sierra did that.

"Sierra!" Ciera shouted, clearly looking astonished and distressed by her little sister's bold move. 

But it seems her words went over her little sister's head as she didn't seem to hear Ciera's voice at all. She continued kissing the young Lord as if her life depended on it.

The reason for her to be this bold today was that she wanted to really thank the person who uprooted the clan of her enemies. But even then she had only thought of giving him a five-second kiss or a peck to Alex's lips; but for some reason, Sierra couldn't stop herself the moment her lips met with his.

For Alex, it was a completely different situation. Any other day, he would have enjoyed getting kissed so passionately by a beautiful girl out of the blue but today, at that moment, he was trying his all to not lose the sanity of his mind. 

Yes, his body was secreting the same substance into his bloodstream again after the girl started kissing her. Alex felt like his body was burning from inside, even more than before.

'What the fuck is happening to me, today?' Alex clenched his fist so tight that it started to bleed. He tried to resist it because he had already sensed that the moment he lost his ability to think and gave into the lust building inside his body and his groins, then something really bad would happen.

Ciera was instead thinking whether she was dreaming or not. She never thought her little sister could become so shameless. 

"Dammit, I'm losing control," Alex yelled inside his mind. 

It took some time but Ciera finally noticed that something was not right with them. Alex was standing still with veins popping out all over his body as he was trying to resist something whereas Sierra was still kissing him with even more zeal and passion while moving her hips lewdly onto his.

'What should I do? What should I do? They are not even listening to me' Ciera tried to think of a solution. it was then when she spotted the sword thrown on the ground before she jumped into Alex's arms.

She picked up the sword and went behind Alex.

"Sorry," Ciera apologized before hitting Alex's head hard with the Swords hilt.

Her strike failed to knock Alex out and make him unconscious but when the pain shot through his head, it helped Alex to gain some control over his body.

After opening his eyes, he immediately threw the girl clinging onto him like an octopus towards the lake nearby before he too ran towards it and dived after her.

Ciera also understood what he was trying to do so she too went after him. She stopped at the edge of the lake and waited for them to resurface.

After a little while, Ciera saw Alex resurfacing with her sister on his back. When they swam back to the edge of the lake, Ciera helped her sister to come out of the water while Alex stayed in there for some reason.

Well, his little brother was in an excited state therefore Alex thought it was better to stay put in the water and not scare the girls unnecessarily.

Ciera exhaled in relief seeing that her sister was alright and wasn't behaving like an animal in heat.

"What... happened to you and to her?" She asked Alex.

"I don't know for sure. This is the first time that something like this had happened to me. But it's best that you two to stay away from me for now." Alex replied.

Alex asked Sierra who was still trying to think back to what had happened to her to get so out of control, "You alright?"

The girl nodded with a frown, albeit not showing her face to him out of embarrassment. 

Her intention was just to give a quick peck onto her hero's lips but the moment their lips met, Sierra felt her body go out of her control. 


Ciera "..."

Alex "..."

Sierra blushed hard and her head drooped low. 

"My men will help you two to get back to the village safe and sound. They should be arriving here in half an hour. You two wait,  I'll get something for you to eat," Alex said to Ciera and switched the topic, helping Sierra to avoid this somewhat awkward situation. A team of puppets was heading towards their location as Alex had called for them so that they get two girls back to their villages.

 Alex walked out of the lake, keeping in mind that he doesn't show his erection to the girls. He then dried himself with the help of the Qi first after which he took out a shirt, that he had designed himself and a leather jacket to cover his upper body.

Then he started a bonfire a distance away from the two girls who seemed surprised seeing him taking out things out of thin air.

"Interspatial Storage treasure!," The girls noticed him wearing the legendary spatial ring when Alex used it in front of them to bring out the meat of the crocodile he had hunted today and the dry wood through which he made the bonfire. They had heard it could store anything inside of it.

It was then that Ciera noticed what he was actually doing so she quickly tried to stop him as roasting meat over a bonfire would attract numerous Demon beasts prowling in the area.

This was literally a suicidal action.


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