The Pleasure Lord
161 Deep into the Forest - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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161 Deep into the Forest - Part 3

Alex didn't reply as he didn't feel like wasting his breath on scums like the mercenaries in front of him.

Maybe, Alex had not noticed but after training today, his body had started secreting a special substance into his bloodstream that had gone completely unnoticed by him. That substance is the reason that is causing Alex to not feel right at the moment.

As for the cause of it, Alex had put all the blame on the mercenaries for doing something that he hates and that too in his territory, right under his nose.

Unlike his usual self, Alex's emotions were getting out of control without him noticing. 

The kind of gaze that he was giving to the two mercenaries walking towards him as he walked towards them, sent a chill down their spins as if they not facing some kid half their age but a Demon beast in human skin. 

"You... you fucker, look down or I...I'll fucking gouge your eyeballs out...You hear me" the other mercenary stuttered at the beginning as he really felt scared for a moment. But thinking it was just his imagination, he and his fellow merc reacted with cursing and intimidation.

Seeing that their words had been ignored, one of the mercs got mad and shouted when they neared the distance between them just a meter away from the young boy, "Dammit, he won't learn until we beat the shit out of this mother fu..."


All nine of the people there were stunned into inaction by the sudden disappearance of two people in front of them after they arrived in front of the boy. 

The mercs and their chief only saw blur for a moment and that all. Their two fellow comrades just vanished from their sight like some ghost. All that happened in less than a quarter of a second. 

It wasn't until they heard something crashing into the trees to their right and then saw what caused it, did the chief and the mercs finally realized the danger of the situation. With a trembling body and widened eyes, he took several frantic steps back, "We...we have to go... Now!"

But before they could even break out in a run to get away from the monster of a boy, Alex suddenly appeared behind them blocking their way to retreat back from where they had come.

Alex didn't just stop there, but he grabbed the heads of two mercenaries near him and bashed them into each other, causing their heads to explode like watermelons upon impact.

Everyone could only stare in dumbfounded shock with their mouths gaped wide enough to fit the head of their fellow comrades. The two mercs holding the sacs on their shoulders dropped them on the ground in shock and fear. One of them even bent down to vomit as he couldn't take in the visual of two heads bursting like bubbles and what was left of it.

One of the sacks opened up when it fell down on the ground, and whoever was inside of it, woke up from the impact. From its opening, a human head wriggled out of it to see what was happening outside. 

The chief of the mercenary group suddenly felt faint, as if the world had just fallen on his head.

The brawny man shivered involuntarily. He was an eight-grade cultivator in the Body Tempering Realm and a lot stronger than his two companions, but he still couldn't escape the horrifying feeling that washed over him when the young man trained his gaze on him.

"You… you dare kill my men?" The chief was just as shocked as the women on the ground sticking her head out from the sack. Seeing the young man scaring the shit out of the mercenaries was what shocked the women.

The chief of the mercenary group could hardly believe the sight of his lifeless companions lying motionlessly on the grass. He really started regretting why he even decided to enter the forest today and met this abomination of a person.

The cold-faced young man said expressionlessly, "Dare to kill your, men? Hmph, Do you still need to ask me that question? None of you are leaving this place alive today."

"You... you...stop right there. Don't come any closer! We are subordinates under Lord Alex Mordrake. He'll not let you live if you kill any more of us? Do you understand? Live us alone or you will be chased down by my Lord's soldiers until you do not die a dog's death." the chief said trying to deter the young man from making any move against them.

The young man abruptly raised his eyebrows. "What if I refuse?"

"Uh..." For a while, no one could say anything.

The chief of the mercenary group shouted at his men who stepping backward out of fear."If we just stand her, he will kill us anyway. Let's go together and kill this bastard!"

The mercs felt what their boss said was also reasonable. It was better to gang up on their enemy rather than wait for death. And so with the battle cry from their boss, they rushed towards Alex while brandishing their weapons threateningly at him.

But who could have thought that the moment they all ran forward together, their boss would actually betray them and turn his tail run in the opposite direction, abandoning them like disposable bait to give himself the necessary time to escape.


"Fuck, he betrayed us!"

"Guys spread out and run away in different directions. Why should we die for that bastard?" 

Now the situation for everyone was each their own.

But before the mercs could even cover less than a dozen meters, they each got impaled with an arrow to their head, that came out of nowhere from behind them.

The chief was not left alone as he too was awarded an arrow to his skull from behind. 

"Hah...." Alex breathed hard and closed his eyes to abate his anger and irritation that had been building for quite some time now. 

When the fire inside his heart died a little bit he heard the sounds of the women trying all her might to come out of the bag.

"Don't move! Let me help you." Alex walked near to the women and helped her get out of the bag before untieing her hands and her mouth from the restriction of the rope.

The woman was fast to learn after seeing the dead bodies of the mercenaries that abducted them lying around on the ground and what she had seen just a few minutes ago. In other words, this young man came by just in time to save them from danger.

"Phew…." the woman sighed in relief, her face flushing red with emotion.

She wasn't turning red because she was suddenly feeling shy, it was because of the situation she had just been in.

Relaxing somewhat, the woman in her mid-thirties first made sure to check up on her sister and see if she were alright. After making sure that her sister was not hurt anywhere, the women finally started to calm down.

She stood up to bow her head towards the young man, "Thank you for saving us,...Um... sir. I really cannot thank you enough."

"Haha, no worries, I was just passing by," Alex asked. His mood has stabilized a little by now.

"If not for your helping hand, sir, we would have been in great danger. Might I ask of your name?" the woman inquired.


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