The Pleasure Lord
158 Turning Against Mates- Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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158 Turning Against Mates- Part 2

"Captain, when you and all the Vice captains were attending the meeting in the headquarters. I was outside strolling the castle just like the other pirate members. It was then when I overheard a group of pirates from Vice Captain Crook crew as they were talking amongst themselves in a very low voice behind a wall. But I could still hear them very clearly. They said..."

Mary's face contorted in anger, at the end of Rea's speech. The other woman whose name was Lisa also did not have a good face she heard what the newly recruited girl had revealed. 

"Are you telling the truth, Rea?" asked Lisa as she checked the other's face to spot any sign of deception.

"Is there any need for you to doubt her words, Lisa? Do you expect any different from that two-faced horny pig?" Mary said before Rea could open her mouth.

Alex was laughing wickedly in the background when he saw Mary's reaction. How could she not be angry? What Rea had told them was just a made-up story that Alex had concocted on the spot.

The summary of it was that Rea heard three guys talking amongst themselves about their Captain Ragetti Crook secretly being in connection with a man named Alex Mordrake from the Seashell island.

One of them then revealed to his fellow crewmates about how he once overheard Crook saying that he will mount the Long-legged bitch in front of everyone and parade her naked around all over the archipelago.

There were some bits of sentences that would make anyone suspect that the Vice-Captain Ragetti Crook may want to or he might already be planning to overthrow Captain Torrento's rule to become the Pirate Commander himself.

There were more such points but Alex did make it too detailed as that would have made the story seem very suspicious. But whatever Rea had said was enough to madden Mary into cursing the midget vehemently. 

"I had to be sure, captain...but...Alex Mordrake? Captain, isn't that the same person Fleet CommanderTorrento was talking about today? The one that defeated the three Lords of the Seashell island became its sole ruler." Lisa asked.

"Yes, I think its the same person. But who could have thought that Crook actually had met him in the past. And the irony is that Fleet Commander Torrento has appointed him to fish out information about Alex Mordrake." She still sounded very angry.

"Calm down, Captain. We still need to think about what we will do now. Ragetti Crook is seen as a staunch supporter of the Fleet Commander Torrento or at least he acts such as in front of everyone. I say we... Rea, thank you for telling us this but you can go now and remember to not tell anyone else about this matter." Lisa stopped in between as she became aware that Rea was still standing there. Maybe, she did not believe or trusted her fully, therefore Lisa did not let her listen any further.

Mary did not stop her this time. She too waived her hand for her to leave after thanking her. if her words were true then she will not forget to reward Rea in the future.

Alex was a little disappointed as he wouldn't be able to listen to them if his puppet was sent out, but he could do nothing in this matter. 

Seeing that there was nothing more for him to do here, Alex thought of seeing what his other spy puppets were up to. 

His other puppets had not infiltrated deep enough into other pirate ships, unlike Rea's case. So he couldn't get much information on them. Ragetti Crook would not let newly recruited pirates onto his ship, Pintel and Commander Torrento are the same in that matter.

Nevertheless, Alex still ordered his puppets to spread rumors amongst the pirates that the Vice Captains were conspiring to kill each other or they were planning to rebel against Captain Torrento.

He just wanted them to turn onto each other so that they cannot concentrate their mind on him or his territory.


After four days, Alex was ready to venture once more in the Swamp Marsh forest again. Master Clayton successfully made eleven batches of Rank 1 Body Quenching Pill and handed it over to Alex before he left the manor.

In these four days, many things had happened. Like Alex had suggested, Violette had executed the four council members of the Merchant Union in front of the public. She made sure to read out all the crimes that they had done against her and the citizens of the Merchant Union City.

After doing that she came forward to release Blossom and ordered her to eat President Kon, Hazmos, and the other Merchant alive as she wanted them to die a slow death. The other reason was so that her pet could benefit from their cultivation after digesting and absorbing them completely.

The reputation of Violette Angevine soared tremendously among the citizen after that as she had not only executed those vile men but she also brought back the captured soldiers of their city back. 

Of course, Violette didn't forget to praise Lord Alex in front of them as all of this had happened because of him. Nonetheless, the citizens were very happy at the end of the day as they kept cheering her name and Alex's name too.

The Merchant Union City was renamed and now it was called the Goldcoin city. Donald returned back to the Mordrake city after a puppet took over his responsibility. 

Norman would always fly to them in the morning and the evening to teach Anna and also help other family members who were practicing the Beast Taming Technique. 

Anna was also able to successfully form a soul contract with the baby fox Luna on the third day without any problems. After that, Luna became much closer to Anna then before. 

On the same day, Aunt Meg and Aunt Julie also tried forming a contract with the two eggs they had kept safe with them for two months.


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