The Pleasure Lord
157 Turning Against Mates- Part 1 **
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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157 Turning Against Mates- Part 1 **

Alex was mindblown for a moment as his sight locked to take in the craziest act happing right in front of him or her to be specific.

The puppet that he had shared his vision with, was a female spy puppet who had infiltrated the ship under one of the three Vice-Captains of the Lion Shark Pirate Group.

Before, Alex only had little idea of what his puppets would usually do to carry out the task of mingling with his enemies as he had rarely asked them before.

Because the puppets were able to think by themselves, he had left it up to them for deciding how they will complete their mission, most of the time. 

Fortunately, he only shared his vision with his puppets and not the other senses or he would come to have known on this day what it feels like to be a woman and the feeling of being penetrated from down below.

It seems the she-puppet had infiltrated so deep into this pirate ship that she had even started sharing a bed with one of the three Vice Captains of the Lion Shark pirates.

"I came at the...right time, it seems. Wow, she is really going at it." Alex had no problem taking in the view of a sweat-drenched body of a woman with long and thick toned legs, fully enjoying what the carnal pleasure was bringing to her body at that moment.

Yes, the person that was in front of him or his puppet was none other than the infamous Long-legged bitch, Mary Read.

Alex was really thanking his lucky stars as he had, fortunately, not come face to face with a man penetrating him even though it was not his real body nor would he have felt it but just the visuals would have definitely scared his heart for life.

The two women were humping at each other while having a toy looking like a double-ended dildo between their sleek baldheaded pussies.

"My Lord, Do you have any command for me?" The female puppet knew that her Master was sharing her vision the moment he connected to her telepathically so she asked him if he would have any important task for her but while doing so she never once stopped what she was doing physically.

"No, don't mind me. Keep on doing your work and debrief me on the situation of this ship and its captain as you go." Alex said as he saw another woman besides Mary and his puppet coming around to play with her captain's breast and licking her two cherry-like sweet nipples on top of them like a cat. This caused the vice-captain to thrust her hips outwards with much greater speed.

"Master, this is Vice-captain Mary Read. Her territory is the north-western part of the archipelago. She..." The female puppet started telling Alex about every information she and another puppet companion had found on the female pirate Mary Read. 

"Oh...Gawwwddd, don't stopppp!" Mary squealed as the other woman whom Alex came to know was the assistant of the Vice-Captain, kept sucking on her breast. The female puppet instead tightened the grip using her muscles in her vagina around the dildo on her end and started fucking the brains out of the women on the other end.

As they were busy with their work, Alex asked the she-puppet: "Does she only hate that Crooked squirrel or its the same for every man?"

Alex asked her this because she had revealed to him about the differences between both the Vice-Captain when they talking before.

"Her hate for all men is the same, but Ragetti Crook is a special case as he had been annoying her for quite some time. Just yesterday, when all the three Vice Captains were leaving the headquarters with their pirate crew after the meeting, Pirate Crook tried to take advantage of her. In anger, she had started fighting the man openly, and they only stopped after Captain Torrento interfered in between. They have been at each other's throat for a long time. 

"Oh, so it means, Ragetti's relation with both the vice-captain is not good. Hm, where is he right now."The female puppet stayed silent for a second before answering. She had contacted her fellow puppet who was closest to the Crooked Squirrel at this time. The sharing of information between them did not even take more than ten milliseconds.

"Captain Toronto has given him the task of sending spies to master's island so he is doing just that. But puppet number 163 stationed on a subordinate ship has seen him sending some of his people after Pintell's and Mary Read's ship direction when they were leaving the headquarters. The reason is yet not known as we had trouble infiltrating his crew deep enough to find out what he is doing at every moment. He never promotes a new person on his ship if he had not worked for him at least a year.

There are rumors that at one time Pintell had come to an alliance with Mary so that they can take out their common enemy, that is Ragetti Crook but Mary never agreed. She had been in a neutral camp since the time Captain Torrento recruited her into his group some thirteen years ago. As for why she takes his order very seriously is still unknown."

'That's interesting. It seems rather than waiting for the pirates to make a move on us, it's better to pick them off one by one. If I can turn them on each other than things would be much easier.' thought Alex

"Is there any chance you can kill her right now." the puppet obviously understood his meaning.

"Negative. She has her guard up all the time even when she doing this. I can try but there is only a thirty percent chance of succeeding."

"Why do you say that? She clearly looks defenseless... oh, is it because of her assistant. I can't measure her power so I can't differentiate between her and the common person." Alex noticed that the average looking woman who seemed to be busy in pleasuring her captain, actually had her guard up against the female puppet all the time.

She had gone unnoticed till now because Alex was a little late in recognizing her strength because she had very little presence and just an average body.

"Yes, I suspect she is almost as strong as Vice Captain Mary Read but no one really knows her true strength. Even the crew members on the ship are in the dark. Whenever the Vice Captain is with another lady member of the crew, she always accompanies her no matter what."

The ladies started grinding their pussies together and the sensation must have been mind-blowing because Alex saw both of them cumming like wailing banshees.

Well, for the female puppet it was more of an act as she had complete control over her body.

But the female pirate was squirting for real and her orgasm only stops after a full minute.

"...Rea, you were really great. Seriously after sleeping with so many women, you are the first one to be able to cope up with me in bed and even fuck me with that crazy trick of yours, you did in the end. God, I loved that. You were seriously the best I ever had." Mary said as she embraced the naked body of her newly recruited crew member that they had picked on some island not long ago.

"Thank you, Captain. I feel honored to get the chance of spending this night with a beautiful woman like you." the female puppet replied coyly.

"Alright, you can stop buttering me up now. We will also have fun tomorrow night together so don't worry." Mary said as she stood up showing off her naked glistening body to both other women and also to Alex. Her height was very big for women. She was almost 195 cm tall Her chest may be average for women but her fiery long legs were otherworldly. 

Alex even had the urge to feel her thigh up and play with it all night. If she was not her enemy then he might have considered to capture her first and then take her as his personal servant. Alas, she was his enemy and also a lesbian. 

When Mary noticed that the puppet was still looking at her body as she was in a trance, the captain actually started blushing and said "Rea, I'm promoting you to become the regular part of my crew. Lisa will explain to you about your duties afterward. You can leave for the day."

Mary must have mistaken the female puppets gaze on her as if she was being admired but in reality, it was Alex was controlling the sight of the puppet at the time.

"Oh, she is really sweet to promote you just like that after spending one time with you.

"Master, she is only this sweet with the female's part of the crew. Her nature becomes the complete opposite when she sees a man ogling at her body in an offensive way." the female puppet replied.

"...Rea, do one thing for me. Tell her..." Alex ordered his puppet as she was in the middle of wearing her clothes. 

The three girls were finally fully dressed but when Mary turned she saw that Rea standing on her place like she had something to say to her.

"Rea, is there something that I can help you with."

"...Captain, I want to tell you something." Rea acted like she was hesitating to say something.

"What is it? No need to hesitate, you can tell me everything." Mary asked.


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