The Pleasure Lord
156 Inspection
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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156 Inspection

Uncle Jack and others also got busy with their day to day work. For example, Jack would usually tour the whole city to see everything was running in order at this time around.

Hank and Tom would be reading in the library to enrich their knowledge, of course, only after they were forced to do so by the elders of the house.

The ladies would either be practicing archery in the backyard or they would be chatting or gossiping with each other. 

Alex was the only one in the manor who didn't have anything to do because all his work would be done by his puppets.

Having nothing to do, Alex decided to see what his puppets were doing outside the island. Basically he would be using their vision to check on his enemies, that are the pirates and also see the Greenedge island's development program with his own eyes.

First Alex thought of visiting Greenedge Island so he chose the puppet that was in charge of it to see through his eyes.

What came first in his new vision was a huge pier network built along the shore of the Island. The puppet who was known as Tamur by the people of this inland was inspecting the harbour at the moment. 

"My Lord, what I can help you with?" asked Tamur when he felt that his master was using his sight.

"Nothing important, I just wanted to see what progress you have made with the development of this island. Why don't you give me a tour around so that I can see it for myself? Let's begin with the harbour in front of us."

"As you wish, My Lord? As you can see, we have built a systematic network of the pier using mostly wood along the semicircle coastline and even extending it dozens of meters into the sea outward so that more ships can dock at the same time. Since this is the only place on the island where there is a natural deep-sea harbor, the shipbuilding factory takes half of the space on the right side while the other half is for civilian use." 

Alex saw the shipbuilding factory in the distance that was busy constructing three big ships at the same time using the blueprint which he had purchased from the Book. Five such ships have already been built and are being used by Blackbeard and his men to patrol the Seashell Island at this moment.

Most of the workers on the construction site of the shipyard were real humans and they were only guided and helped by five puppets from time to time.

The materials that are used in shipbuilding were mostly transported from the other islands in the Archphilegao by the puppets using the inventory. The other things that got transported from outside were stones for construction, food, metal utensils, and tools among many other miscellaneous things necessary to be used in day to day lives of the common people.

Tamur then walked onto the flat road paved using square stones that were cut symmetrically with the help of some masons. He was heading towards the town that has almost been fully built with only some work remaining for a few building sites. For safety purposes, Alex had told the puppets to also build a wall around the town just as a precaution. 

The town was different than the other villages and cities he had seen and lived before. But it was as he had imagined it to be.

To say it simply, there was a greater vitality and joy on the faces of the people walking across the streets past him unlike before when they had been brought here as slaves.

People seemed to have endless activities each and every day. 

Walking through criss-cross streets, they got closer to the main building where the town administration building has been built. This was the place where all the administration work of the town was handled by Tamur. It stored all the information about every human being living on this island. 

"My Lord, as you had asked, we have built an academy where children from age five can go to study and learn different crafts. Hospitals, police stations, courthouses, etc have also been built around the town and they are functioning properly now. Though some of them are still understaffed, we are teaching the adults quickly so that they can fill those posts as quickly as possible."

"Its good to hear that. Are there any problems that you or the civilians are facing currently." Alex was satisfied with what he had seen until now.

"My Lord there is one problem. Though most of the people are happy to live here, a small group of them wants to go back to their home as they still have some family members left there. They got separated because of the pirates."

"Hmm, okay. Inform everyone that those who wish to return to their home will be taken back to the places they had been abducted from by the pirates. Make preparation to send them on a ship back to the Belmont subcontinent as soon as possible. I will send two ships full of puppets to escort them to that place." Alex ordered Tamur while he thought of a few plans that he would need the puppets to do for him when they arrive in the region of the Novaria Kingdom.

"As you command, My Lord?" Tamur said telepathically to this master in his mind while in reality, he was still walking along the busy streets with few people greeting him from time to time.


Soon Alex shifted his vision from one puppet to another spread across all over the different islands. Some were either spying on regional Lord or they were busy procuring goods and materials needed by the Seashell island by disguising themselves as Merchants.

From them, it came to Alex's knowledge that his name had already spread across the Arphilegao after the Merchants he had released after the unification of the Seashell island, reached back to their home island.

Everyone had mixed reactions when they heard his name, his deeds and especially about his age.

Some Lords that were as strong as the three city lords of the Seashell islands before Alex, were either coming in contact with one another to plan against Alex Mordrake or thinking how would they form a relationship with the new Lord of the Seashell island.

Some had even already sent their envoy on a ship in the direction of the Seashell island so that they can be the first to stretch a hand out in friendship.

Alex didn't bother much about them. If anyone wants to form some sort of trade relationship with him then he would happily welcome them to his island but if someone wanted to backstab him in the name of friendship then he would not be lenient with them.

In return, he would take everything from them that they hold dear, especially the islands which they live on and rule.

Alex then shared his vision with the puppets that had infiltrated the ships of the Lion Shark Pirates. 

But the first puppet that he shared his vision with randomly and the scene to which he was presented caused his eyes to nearly pop out of their sockets.

"Ahnn...Yesss...Don't stop...Annnn!!"


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