The Pleasure Lord
155 Body Quenching Pill
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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155 Body Quenching Pill

"Mister Norman, since you have accepted Anna as your teacher. Please take this copy of the Beast Contracting manual and use it as you please. If Miss Violette also wants to upgrade her technique, then please don't hesitate to do it. Think of it as a gift from my family."

Violette wanted to reject as it was too much of an expensive gift for her and also because such techniques are treated as precious heirloom while also being zealously guarded by the clans that own them and it is not normal to just give it out to an outsider as a gift.

But before she could even open her mouth, Alex said quickly.

"Miss Violette. don't be in a rush to reject this gift from me. I know, its a little too much but think of it as me making an investment on you. If you are stronger, richer and have more contracted Demon Beast like your snake, Blossom, then it would benefit me and the residents of this island in the end. Also, didn't Blossom become a level higher than you in cultivation.

You will either need to increase your own cultivation as soon as possible to match your Demon beast or use this Peak Grade Beast Contracting Manual to boost the contract that binds her soul with you. If you did not do than it would only spell trouble for you sooner or later." Alex first explained why he was giving this precious technique out so readily and also warned about the chances of her pet not listening to her orders and possibly going rogue in the future.

In the case of Blossom, the possibility of this happening is very low as she had lived with the father-daughter duo of the Angevine family from the start of her life but still, it is better to not take any risk.

Violette couldn't say a thing afterward. The reasons that Alex had spell out were not something she could easily rebuke and reject him now. Norman was not so reserved, he shamelessly pocketed the manual without thinking much. 

"Mister Norman, I hope you can also give us some tips from time to time as we would also be learning the Beast Contracting Manual," Alex said pointing out to the rest of his clan members.

"That's a given, Lord Alex. I will first help Anna to form her contract with her fox first and then I would definitely help if you or the others have any doubts in the technique. Also, if you want to contract a beast then you should start searching for cubs or eggs of Demon Beast, making a contract with them is easier and safer too."

"Well, we have already found two eggs of a Snake type demon beast a couple of months ago. I will try to find and gather more of them in the coming days." 

"If that is so, then I'll wish you good luck," said Norman.

"Miss Violette, I would need you to help me in taking back the captured soldiers of the Merchant Union city with you. They will be allowed to go back to their home after completing some procedures once they reach the city. Would that be a problem?" Alex asked.

Violette had no problem doing such a simple task so she agreed to escort them back. In fact, it would only help to improve her image even more in the eyes of the residents of the Merchant Union city by doing this work.

Alex had already made necessary preparation so there will not be any difficulty faced by her group during their journey.

Shortly thereafter, Violette and her butler took their leave with their guards and left the city of Mordrake along with the captured soldiers of her city following her group from behind. 


Back to the Manor of House Mordrake.

"Master Clayton, please have a look at this beast skin scroll. This is also something that was found along with the Beast Contracting Manual from that unknown ship." After the guest took their leave, Alex once again had his family sit around the table as he had something to discuss with them.

"...This...This is a recipe for a Rank 1, Body Quenching Pill! Alex, you don't know how rare and important the recipe of this pill is. If the sects from the Belmont Subcontinent came to know of its existence than they all would come here running to snatch it from us." Master Clayton said while trying to suppress his ever-building excitement.

"Master, aren't you exaggerating a little bit too much. It's just a Rank 1 Pill." Alex seriously hadn't thought that this Pill would bring out such a strong reaction from his Master.

"No, No I'm not exaggerating at all. It's you who is taking this matter so lightly. Listen, it may just be a Rank 1 pill but it's used for Body Cultivation purposes.

You see, all the Sects and the Clans on the Belmont Continent may have some Body Cultivation Techniques with them, but they definitely do not any recipe for this pill which is very important for Body cultivators as it would lessen their time and effort to make progress in strengthening their body.

All things that help someone in Body Cultivation is much more precious and sought after by cultivators, especially the ones going on that path. Do you that understand now? The cultivators from the Belmont Subcontinent would go crazy if they come to know that you are in possession of such a precious recipe. They will definitely come for your life." Master Clayton's tone was anything but joking.

Alex nodded his head in understanding. If his master was right then he cannot make it known to the cultivators of Belmont subcontinent about the existence of this recipe, at least not until he is strong enough to deter them in making a move on him or his possessions out of greed. 

"Then we will only use it for ourselves and not sell the pill to the outside world so that no one knows of it. Master, I'm in dire need of using this pill right now so I'd need your help in producing them as soon as possible."

"Hm, the ingredients are not very rare as it is only Rank 1 pill but I'd still need a day's time to understand and practice with the method depicted in the recipe and make a batch out of it."

"That's ok. I want at least eight batches of this pill before this weekend as I'll be going to the  Swamp Marsh forest for cultivation purposes." There were still four days remaining till he 'd leave which was enough for Master Clayton to produce twelve batches of Body Cultivation Pill easily. Therefore Master Clayton readily agreed in helping his disciple. 

"Hahaha, Alex, after I concoct this pill, it would make me come one step closer to becoming a Grade 2 Master Alchemist. You really are a lucky star, Alex. Okay then, I shall become busy in my work as the time is really tight." With that note, Master Alchemist Clayton Cliff also left the main hall to go to his Pill chamber.

This manor also had a pill chamber of its own as it was used by the late Master Alchemist Hun. Now it was Master Clayton who was using it for his personal use.


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