The Pleasure Lord
153 Under the Moonlight VI
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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153 Under the Moonlight VI

Alex's father got an earful of a lifetime before he was allowed to leave for his office and when he came back, mom started taking his class again and only stopped when his father apologized for a thousand times.

From that day onwards, Alex knew who the boss of the house was and he decided to never anger his mother after seeing his father 's pitiful state. 

Selena was still going on with her grumbling, so Alex thought it was better to just apologize. 

Alex cleared his throat

"My dear queen, Selena, please accept my apology. It was just a joke. However you want to punish me, I'm fine with it."

Selena immediately turned to face him and said, "You are going to be making food for me the whole month with your hands." 

"That's not a punishment but oh well, should I make a new dish for you and the folks in the morning for breakfast today?" Selena agreed as she shifted deeper into Alex's embrace. There was not a single thing that he would make and she didn't like it.

"Alex, I was serious when I had said that you can have other women in your life without asking any of us even if you don't marry some of those women. Both Anna and I are fine with that."

"Wow, you are still thinking about that... Alright, we will see what happens in the future. If I do find such a girl then I will think about it and have her meet you all. Are you fine with that?" Alex thought it was a weird night for him, not that he isn't happy with it.

Selena nodded her head in agreement but what she said afterward left Alex stupified. She said, "Then tell me how do you find Miss Violette. She seems like a fine woman from what I saw during the dinner and you were also quite into her. What do you think about her?" 

"What are you talking about? Is this why you had this talk today with me ?" Alex asked confused.

"Well, it was one of the reason. Uncle Jack had told us after the dinner about her whole background. She is a rich merchant and also a Mid-stage Datian Formation Realm cultivator, plus she has a Late-stage Rank 1 Demon beast as a pet. Not to mention, her butler is as strong as my father. If you marry her to our family, then the strength of our clan will increase even more. Don't you find her beautiful too?" Selena sounded like she was trying to sell merchandise to him like a saleswoman.

She listed all the advantages that he would have if he married someone like Violette Angevine as his third wife.

At first, Alex taught if this was a trap question or not but when he checked her heart rate and expression with his spiritual sense, he didn't find any problem. she looked genuine when she asked him that question. He was surprised that they were even having this conversation.

"It's not like that Selena. I mean she is good looking and I also find her attractive but that doesn't mean she would feel the same for me and marry me just like that." Alex replied after some thinking.

"If you try to woo her then I think she will eventually fall for you," Selena replied as if it was a child's play for him.

"It's not that easy. She had trusted me on my word and had decided to stay back on this island by taking me as her Lord. If I start courting her now then she would think I was after her body, all along. Her past is an unfortunate one, and because of that, she seems to have not married anyone till now. Why do you think she would do such a thing now and ready to share me with other girls like you and Anna?"

"I think, there is no such woman in this world that would not want to be happily married to someone in their life. Now that she can avenge her father's death then don't you think she would want to finally settle down. If you don't tie her up to our family name then she would do it with someone else. As I had said, it's better if you marry her into our family then let someone else take her away. As for getting her to agree on sharing you with other women is your problem. Find a solution to that yourself." 

"... I will think about it. Now let's go back to the manor as the sun is going to rise anytime now" 

They both wore their clothes back on and then Alex brought Selena back to the manor while giving her a piggy ride. In another hour or so, the residents of the manor started waking up.

Once again, just like the previous night, Violette and Norman joined Alex's and his family to have breakfast. As Alex had promised Selena, he made breakfast for everyone and also made a new dish with the combination of eggs, bacon, and potatoes. Everyone liked it very much.

After finishing their breakfast, Norman suddenly said: "Lord Alex, if you don't mind then I want to make a personal request to you."

Alex nodded and said, "I don't mind. Please speak."

Norman looked towards Anna first before he said, "Lord Alex, I wanted to ask if Miss Anna would be interested in becoming my disciple and accepting me as her teacher."

Alex looked a little surprised and so did others including Miss Violette.

"Why? I mean, why would you want to take Anna as your disciple." Alex straightforwardly asked.

"You know my identity right? I 'm a Druid. Well, to be exact, I'm part human and a part druid. Why I want to take Miss Anna as my disciple is because she is compatible with the cultivation technique that I practice. Her aura is very pure and peaceful. If she cultivates using the techniques inclined towards nature than she will benefit from it immensely."


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