The Pleasure Lord
152 Under the Moonlight V
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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152 Under the Moonlight V

"Any girl from a big clan would have that much basic knowledge. My father had a book in his library explaining this problem in detail. Don't worry, I will lend it to you someday so that you can read it." Selena tried to flaunt their status gap jokingly.

Alex just pinched her nipples to get back at her.

"But even then, I would still be satisfied with having just two-three children in our life."

"Hihihi, you might be okay with that but your uncle and aunt definitely want to have many grandchildren to play in the future, especially Aunt Meg."

Now that she mentions it, Alex suddenly noticed that her Uncle and Aunt had never conceived a child even though they copulate so much with each other all these years.

He remembered hearing from Uncle Jack in the past that the reason for them not having any child of their own is because his Aunt Meg had suffered internal injuries at the place below her stomach from a demon beast while they were hunting it in the forest.

Maybe her ovaries got damaged or something, making it impossible for that organ to produce any eggs that can be fertilized with male sperm.

That was before they found Alex as a baby left alone to fend for himself in the forest by someone. An odd tradition of this world that seems to have been going on for a long time only allows for a child to call his or her real blood parents as father and mother.

If they get orphaned then any couples that adopt such a child can only be called an Uncle and Aunt. 

This because people here think that only real parents deserve to be called mother and father and not anyone else. Alex found it to be a regressive tradition.

'Hm, another thing that I can change in the future. Also, I need to find a cure to heal Aunt Meg's injuries as soon as possible. It's the least I can do for her.' 

If not for this stupid tradition then Alex would have been referring to them as father and mother. For him, foster parents that raised him through infancy to his adulthood deserve the title of parents more than the ones that gave birth to him in this world.

'Wait a minute, now that I think of, did a human couple give birth to me and then left me in the forest or was I just reincarnated in a baby form because of the Book. Ughh, new problems just keep on cropping up. I should ask the heavenly spirit about it the next time that I see her.' Alex took note in his head.

Alex was then suddenly brought out from his thinking phase when Selena started speaking once again.

"Truth to be told, I know that I can not satisfy your libido alone. It's like you have a stamina of a bull and a tiger combined or even more than that. I was barely able to make you release twice even after so much time. I have orgasmed six times but you only had two till now. See, your shameless little fella is still standing strong and erect. I know for sure that even if Anna and I take you on together in the future, we will not be able to satisfy you fully."

"You can't know that for sure. I think you are deeply underestimating the power of a threesome. Think about what would happen if we did it together upon a single bed. Ah, that will be a dream come true for me."

Selena slapped his chest for having so many dirty thoughts. "I 'm having a serious talk you and you are still being so shameless"

"My waifu, who is the shameless one here to even put the thought of a threesome in my head by saying it first. And here I was thinking about how hard I would have to work my ass off to convince you for a threesome in the future. My heart has one thing to worry less, that a threesome is bound to happen and my first wife approves of it. Ah, it's like a stone has been lifted from above my heart. It feels so much lighter." Alex almost laughed out loud at the end when he how big of a red tomato her face has become either from feeling embarrassed or from anger or maybe a bit from both. 

"You... Ok, then Mr. Alex Mordrake. You can kiss your dream goodbye. That will never happen. Never ever." At the end of her sentence, Selena pouted and turned her face to another direction.

She then started grumbling to herself in a lower voice but Alex could still hear her grumbling very clearly.

"What is wrong with this idiot? Hmph, I must be the first stupid girl in this world to convince my future husband that it is ok for him to have more women in his life other than me and Anna so that he does not remain unsatisfied because of his stupid stamina of a bull. I mean, which sane girl would even do that...wait there is also Anna, she might really do just that. That's how much she loves this idiot... What does an angel like her even see in this idiot? She definitely deserves someone better than this monkey, the only appealing things about this idiot is that he is better than others in the looks department, he does has a handsome face...and a streamlined body...and his talent in cultivation...his nature...his humor... his cooking...his way of comforting...and that thing between his legs...Blah...blah... but these are the only plus points in him...what does he think he is... some kind of a god. Hmph, Aunt Meg and Julie were truly right, men are shameless pigs... if given an inch to them then they will take a mile... Just you wait, Alex Mordrake... if I don't make you cry tears of piss... I will start spelling my name backward... see what I will do to you... First I will do this to you ...then I will do that...Blah...blah blah...blah..."

The more he listened to her grumbling the more Alex's body sweated in fear.

'Oh my god, are all girls really so ...I don't even know the term...but will she ever stop' Alex really regretted for the first time.

Alex suddenly thought that the answer to his question was a big yes. Once upon a time in the past, his Uncle Jack made an honest mistake.

All he did was to sensibly argue with his Aunt Meg over a little matter. Boy, why did he even dared to argue with a woman, that was the biggest mistake he did at that time and Alex was really surprised to see that a woman could drown a man in spittle over such a little matter for a whole day.

Even before that, in the previous world that is the Modern earth, Alex as a child had innocently declared one day to his mother that he wants to marry many beautiful women like her when he grows up. "Really!? Okay, then promise me you will at least bring tens... no, hundreds of beautiful daughter in law home in the future when you grow up. I want lots of grandchildren just as cute as you."

"Mm, I promise." In Alex's defense, he was still a four and a half year child. He made that promise for some reason that he didn't even remember.

But what he clearly remembered to this date is the scene that happened afterward.

His father who was listening to their conversation while sipping on his morning tea could not help but make a mistake to joke at that moment.

He commented "Wish, I had promised something like that to my mom when I was a kid."

"Um, maybe, it's not too late, I can still manage to bring home some beauties with my looks. There are some really good ones where I work. What do you say, mom? You also want me to bring more daughter-in-law for you."

He turned to look at Alex's grandmother, also his mom but unlike what he had expected, she didn't go along with his joke but looked at him as if he made the biggest mistake of his life and she acted like she expected better from him and not say something like that in front of his wife.

Even Alex's grandfather who was not sitting far away on the sofa was looking at him disapprovingly with his experienced eyes.

The grandpa made a face that told 'You are in some deep trouble, my boy. Brace yourself, I will pray that you live through the storm and see the light of the day.'

Alex's father shivered as he felt goosebumps rising all over his body.

It was at this moment that he knew, he fucked up. The only thought that came up to his mind at that moment was to run.

But just as Alex's father stood up from his chair, he felt a soft hand placed on his shoulder from behind. The hand may have felt soft to him but in those circumstances, the hand felt like it had a weight of a mountain.

"William Benjamin Mordrake!  Are you in a rush to go somewhere?" 

 "Darling, it's getting late for the office. I should be going now."

"How come? There is still some time left for you to leave. Why don't you wait and we discuss what you were saying to mom just now?" The smile on her face was not any different than a grim reaper for William at that moment.


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