The Pleasure Lord
151 Under the Moonlight IV **
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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151 Under the Moonlight IV **

When she was ready, she raised her pussy until only the head was still inside, paused and lowered her body again.

She drew in her breath sharply at the joy radiating out from all along the path of Alex's slimy shaft and continued to envelop more of it until most of his hard shaft had been embedded inside her.

Once again, she stayed in that position for about a minute, enjoying her lover 's throbbing hot cock in her pussy and the pleasure flickering across Alex's face.

She leaned forward and stretched her legs out beside his and lay atop him.

Her weight was supported on her hands and forearms that were placed on the rock on either side of him, and her rigid nipples were digging into his chest.

Selena slid forward on his chiseled body, stopped, and slid back to engulf his cock again.

She continued moving slowly on top of him, and his cock was plunged into her pussy over and over until she could feel her climax starting to build, although still deep inside her body.

Her first movements had been smooth and regular and controlled but, as she continued, they became more erratic. 

Her hips started swiveling and thrusting her legs out behind them, and she started rocking from side to side as she moved. Alex was definitely enjoying the whole experience.

Her movements became more erratic and increased in speed. Alex matched the pace, plunging his cock in and out of her, but he found himself taking more control.

So he flipped her under him as he came on top. With her back against the rock, Alex grabbed his cock and aimed at the pink fold of her entrance before he pierced inside of it unhindered.

The happy couple continued like that for a long time, moving in unison and learning more about each other's reactions. Selena had orgasmed again in between this.

But she didn't lose her fighting spirit as she opted to go for another round. Almost two hours after, their sweating bodies while rubbing each other without friction were still going at it.

Her legs wrapped even more tightly around Alex's muscular ass, her hips surging up off the rock in an even more frenzied attempt to meet his piston-like thrusts.

 When Alex bit her nipple again, she arched her back up off the rock, pressing her breast right into his hungry mouth. He sucked her breast like a child while Selena ran her fingers through his hair.

"Oh… god... yes!…" she said while rapidly panting.

After a while, Alex lifted himself up on his arms so he could look down at her impeccable body. Her succulent breasts shifted up and down delightfully as he increased the force of his hips.

"Ahhhnn...Alex...Please... never leave me... I don't care if more... women come into your life but...  but I won't be...Mm~... I won't be able.... to survive without you in this life...That I know...uhgg...Don't stop...Mmm~"

"Selena, you know I will never leave you... No matter what, we will always be together. Be it in this life or in the next. As for other girls, if you and Anna don't approve of them, then I will never let them walk into my heart. That's a promise." he said, giving her a reassuring smile. Still embedded in her deliciously warm pussy, he gave his hips a couple of pumps, to which Selena responded by lifting hers and meet his thrusts head-on.

Feeling like she was on cloud nine, Selena tried her best not to orgasm before she satisfies her lover fully. And if she did orgasm first, then she would not have the energy to go for another round again.

Fortunately, Alex was also going release to his load any minute. As they kept on going, fucking each other madly, it was not for long until Alex finally unleashed the dam as his hot semen spurted inside her constricting vagina. Selena felt it too and in reaction, her body also gave upholding in anymore.

She was frozen for almost a minute, straining to hold him as she came in shuddering waves. Finally, she began to breathe and relax, releasing him and leaning back.

As soon as Selena completed her orgasm, all the tension left her body and she sank like a puppet with its strings cut.

Selena let out a contented but exhausted sigh, fully sated for the moment.

They kissed deeply for minutes, with their tongues intertwined.

Alex finally rolled next to her, looking at her and taking in the beauty of her sheening body under the moonlight.


After a while, she raised her hand and placed it on the side of Alex's face. She knew that he gazed at her the whole time she rested, "Alex, as a Lord and the progenitor of your clan's surname, you need to wed many wives so as to expand your family, our family. I realize that now understandably, so you don't need to ask for my permission. If you come to like a girl and want to marry her into the family, then follow your heart, as for Anna, she doesn't seem to mind sharing you with other girls. Sometimes I even wonder what medicine have you given her for her to be like that. It's like her whole life only revolves around you... but now I'm also starting to understand that feeling. As long as you don't stop loving me and have a place for me in your heart then nothing more matters in this world."

"Well, if it just to increase the size of my clan, then I don't really need many wives. We are cultivators and time is not something we will lack in the future. Therefore we can take our time to give birth to as many kids as we would like." Alex was now starting to feel that having just these two girls in his life would not make him regret ever having more or not.

"Alex, either you really don't know or you are trying to bluff me. The reproduction between a mortal and a cultivator is two different things. Each time a woman gives birth, not only does it affect their cultivation but also their life essence as the child of hers will take some of it to build a better body and with more talents than mortal children."

"To recover after each pregnancy, a female cultivator has to wait for a long time while a mortal woman would only some blood and with enough nutrition, they can be nursed back to health for having more babies in short length of a couple of years. Giving birth to two or three does not harm us but having any more than that will definitely have a negative impact on our cultivation in the future and may even put our lives in danger."

"Not to mention, the farther we get into the path of cultivation, the harder it will get for us to conceive a child between us. Why do you think, the population of mortals is more than cultivators to this date? It's because of this problem that every clan faces in this world."

"...Where did you even get that information?" Alex was dumfounded by the reason she used to counter him. He somewhat understood it too but still...


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