The Pleasure Lord
150 Under the Moonlight III **
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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150 Under the Moonlight III **

"... And you thought of trying those skills on me, today... Truthfully, I'm very happy you thought that, when you sucked me off with your mouth at the beginning, I was like this close to blowing my load off in your mouth. It felt really good." Alex said after some thinking. 

"Really," Selena asked.

She felt happy to be praised for her effort. In fact, she loved sucking on it too as she found the taste of his precum to her liking. The arousal she got from having his warm and throbbing phallus inside her mouth made her juices flowing down below on its own. 

"Yeah, you were doing great and I 'm sure you could tell that from the face I was making at that time. Now lets put aside this conversation, for now, and you continue what you were doing before. We will talk about this later."

Selena was fine with that. She yet again caught Alex's little brother with both her hands and started to do everything from the beginning.

In one swift motion, she cupped his family jewels with one hand, held tight on the base of his meaty pole with her other and leaned forward. Her mouth hovered over, teasing him with her warm breath and tip of her tongue.

Alex felt her soft lips begin to descend as she tightened her grip with a slight pressure around him.


Alex was not sitting idle, he too reached his hand over her head to grab onto her soft bum swaying in the air.

He first slid his hands down her smooth back to the top of her ass and pushed it in with his fingers. Alex made little circles, which made the bottom of her ass jiggle, much to his delight and to Selena's too.

Alex had the two tight orbs cupped in his hands as he alternated squeezing her bottom with an occasional smack.

The effect was visible as he felt the suction force coming from her mouth increase. 

Alex then finally curled and stroked his fingers deep inside of her pussy, feeling every fold and ridge of her against his skin. Selena never stopped servicing his cock but when she felt his naughty fingers slid inside of her, she had a hard time concentrating.

Alex didn't want her to stop so he removed his fingers and eased his back on the rock.

He just placed his hands on her head and watched her lips running along the shaft of his cock. Because Selena couldn't even take half of its length inside her mouth, she used both her hands to stroke the rest.

As the tension raised and the pressure mounted, Alex started to squeeze his butt muscles and lift his pelvis in response to her bobbing head, with one hand clasped on the back of her neck.

Selena's eyes were shut tight and she let out more and more saliva, keeping the motion going deeper, harder, faster. Her hands moving with the same rhythm. 

The swelling pleasure around Alex's stomach and his cock felt like he was already having mini orgasms inside his body.

The rush of hormones and acceleration of his heart put him momentarily into a state of the most ultimate bliss imaginable. 

Selina opened her eyes as she realized what was happening now. She gazed up at his blue eyes and their eyes locked with each other. She knew it was the point of no return.

Alex was at the peak. He could feel the pulsations from underneath his balls that begin to release without control. His face contorted and his body began to shake.

A gurgling sound came out of Selena's mouth as she tightened her eyes shut and gagged uncontrollably by the massive load filling her mouth. She looked surprised but determined

Watching the look of utter astonishment on her pale face transform into sudden resolve as she swallowed down what must have been a lot.

Instinctively she licked her lips too as she found the taste was heavenly. She was craving to have another mouthful of it. 

Selena looked flushed. She so desperately wanted him to be happy, that Alex found it to be very cute.  

Alex couldn't take it anymore so he stood upon the rock and give Selena space to turn around as he told her to do.

Alex got behind her quicky and bend her down on all fours.

He pulled her ass and hips into the air and pushed his cock into her wet, warm and slimy pussy.

"Oh, God...Ahn!" She moaned as he slammed into her. She was so wet that there was no resistance, his cock went in and filled her whole. Alex stopped as he was so that she gets over the aftershocks once he saw her body quivering. Alex was not much better. The heat radiating from inside her pussy threatened to melt his cock.

 She said with a groan when he started moving his hips, "Oh god yes. You feel so good inside me."

Selena did not talk much during sex the previous times but today she did not stop from being speaking her heart out and was being very vocal. It must be one of the advice from Aunt Meg and Julie. 

His rhythm was almost playful at first, several short strokes followed by one or two deep. He reached out and held her breasts, massaging her as her pussy massaged his cock.

 As he began to quicken his pace Alex bent over her, kissing and biting at her neck, her back, holding her close as he slammed in and out of her, his cock wet with her juices and cold in the air until he plunged back inside of her.

She pushed her ass against him, squeezing him with her pussy as he slammed his hips with force.

When he reached down to rub her clit with his fingers she stopped moving and simply trembled.

Curling her toes and clenching her eyes shut she let out a long low rung of a moan.

He brushed the hair out of her face and bent to kiss her lips as his body stopped moving against hers, both of them shivering in the moonlight. Selena also turned her head sideways to meet his lips.

Rather than slamming his hips against her ass, Alex mounted her like a bike. Gripping her shoulders tight, Alex slowly started to move his hips up and down.

With time he increased his speed till he was outright pounding her ass with an audible sound of smacking.

He was very aggressive and was reaming her over and over.

"Ahnnnnnnnnn!, Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahnnnnnnn!" She gasped and began to shake. 

Alex could tell she was loving every minute of it by the sounds she was making. As Alex listened to her groans, he noticed that she kept pushing back into him, 

Alex then began slowly thrusting into her, twisting his own hips to vary the angle of penetration. this went on till she had not orgasmed.

After a while, they changed their position again with her on top. 

She lowered her body more until most of Alex's cock was inside her.

Selena stayed like that for almost a minute, letting the muscles inside her pussy work their magic on the cock that was stuffing her, and reveling in the intense pleasure that throbbed throughout her body.


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