The Pleasure Lord
149 Under The Moonlight II
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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149 Under The Moonlight II

Beneath the moon, under the starry sky, on the sandy beaches of the seashell island.

Above a flat rock, a well-hung handsome boy with a clear cut body laid comfortably on it. He was naked and so was the dazzlingly beautiful naked girl sitting on her knees between his legs. A situation like this if seen by anyone then they would feel their blood boil and heart rate speed up. 

The girl was trying her best to forcefully take the whole lump of meat inside her mouth but she failed miserably in her task. The first time she tried, her jaw almost broke under the pressure. Then she tried to slowly take it to the base but clearly it was too big to fit whole inside her tiny mouth. 

Selena had a gag reflex after trying too hard causing her to have a coughing fit and teary-eyed. It was then that Alex had to finally step in before she hurts herself. The girl was trying too hard to please him today for whatever reason unknown to him.

Alex told her to stop and gently held the side of her head. 

"There, there... Are you feeling better? I say, what's gotten into you today? Are you trying to hurt yourself or kill yourself or are you doing it both?" Alex asked worriedly. He didn't want his girlfriend and soon to the wife to suicide by suffocating while giving him a blowjob.

"Cough... I only wanted to make you feel the same level of pleasure as you make me feel with your tongue always. Does it not make a man go crazy with intense pleasure when his counterpart takes his... you know, in her mouth to the base? I was trying to do just that. And why do you even have it so big?" Selena revealed. She did not want to be the only one getting pleasure, she wanted to satisfy him too.

"Pufftt... Hahahahaha, which idiot filled your head with such nonsensical thoughts?"

"Hey, don't call Aunt Meg and Ju...Aah!" Selena gasped in shock and reflexively closed her mouth using her hands knowing full well she should not have done that. 

"What the... Come again? Was it really Aunt Meg and Julie that told you to do this?..."

Selena shook her head in denial but the cat was already out of the bag.   A few days back when Anna ratted her out in front of Aunt Meg and her mother Julie about where and with whom she had spent the whole night, Selena was pulled inside her room by them for an hour-long nerve breaking interrogation.

Selena tried to hold out but they still got all the juicy details out of her in the end by using their evil and wicked means.

She couldn't outwit the two experienced veterans. Plus, with a certain little minx assisting them, the matter of her breaking down and caving under their combined pressure was a forgone conclusion.

To save her from any more torture Selena finally disclosed to them about what had transpired at the crime scene between her and Alex. the one with an oversized potent weapon.

Now Selena was again put under the suspicion of betraying the privacy every couple should keep even if they die.

When Alex asked her again, Selena tried to divert his attention by unintentionally squeezing her between her two arms. But Alex was not weak-willed, such types of beginners tricks would not work on him or so he thought. Anyone could tell he was entranced and at least for a moment, he got trapped by that simple but deadly move of seduction. Him, gulping his saliva down his throat audibly was the sign.

'No, Alex. Get a hold of yourself, You need to find the truth of the matter.'

Alex used one of the tricks in his arsenal to get Selena talking. A minute of tickling the girl was enough.  She retold him what had occurred that day after she left his room the previous time.

Alex smiled wryly, he didn't know whether to laugh or... No, he knew in this situation, he had to laugh out loud.


After a minute of laughing, Alex controlled his strength to say "But I still can't believe, Anna would do that."

"Hmph, it's only in front of you that she becomes a pure and sweet little angel. The other times, particularly when she is with me, Anna shows her second nature. Sometimes she can be very pretty mischievous." Selena criticized.

But she did not actually hate Anna for that. Instead, she likes that part of her personality more than her pure and gullible one.

Selena's nature was typically a reserved one, so having the company of a little sister like Anna makes her comfortable. 

"Oh, is that right? Then I will have to check if what you are saying about my little Anna is correct or not. But tell me, why the need for you to give me such a blowjob, and it looked like someone had instructed you about the techniques before already. Tell me the whole truth."

Selena pursed her lips in defiance but she chose to come straight out since so much has already been revealed to him.

That day, after Selena was interrogated fully. Aunt Meg and Julie were not mad one bit about her copulating with Alex before their marriage. And for what reason would they get mad at.

A girl and a boy that loved each other and were soon to be wedded husband and wife only had sex with each other before the official date. Not really a big deal for them.

In their eyes, what Alex and Selena did, was a crime at all nor would it brought them shame. Before Alex become the Lord, Meg, Julie and their two families were just small-time villagers.

Things like a girl having to keep her virginity before marriage or showing nonsense decorum of being an upright lady and not have pre-marital sex had not mattered or even known to villagers.

Only aristocrats families or independent Lords families and some rich merchants who think they are civilized people would do such patriarchal nonsense. Sometimes, they also do it just for the show.

Villagers or small-time people Jack, Meg, Donald, and Julie would not even consider such things as important. As long as two people love each other and they can live their whole lives together, then they marry each other by the blessings of an elder old man in the village.

Sometimes, people don't even do that and live like husbands and wives with each other without any complication. Sometimes a man and women have intercourse first, and when the compatibility between them is good then they marry each other afterward.

This happens mostly with the mercenaries and adventurers that do have a permanent home.

Anyway, not to go too off course. Meg and Julie might have been okay with it but, Selena had been brought up by a father who was technically from a royal family. So he had instilled and taught Selena all the morals and decorum that a girl, no matter what class of society their family belongs to, should at least follow the basic principals of morality and always maintain the honor of their family.

That is why Selena is somewhat of a reserve type of girl. But that also does not relate much to this matter as Master Clayton would not really have cared much if the kids eloped with each other before marriage, as long as the deed was kept hidden from the masses and particularly the other families of the same stature, he would have been fine.

The real problem was that Selena had been brought up by only his father, she wasn't taught much about the matters between man and woman as her mother was not there to teach her. What she had learned was the basis of reproduction and procedure from the books.

And why the two aunts have even been interested in their love life and the juicy details, was because they worried if Alex would be able to properly have sex or not or accidentally hurt his counterpart if he did not know how to properly use his oversized tool of reproduction. 

So that day, when Aunt Meg and Julie heard how Alex and Selena had sex with every minute detail, they were quick to catch on a little problem that might trouble the young couple in the future.

It was only Alex that did all the work, both the times they had sex. Though that was normal, as girls would slowly learn to cooperate and become proactive after some sessions of lovemaking together.

But Selena was already losing confidence in herself as she was not able to fully satiate Alex. She would orgasm more than five, six times during their intercourse session but Alex would at most only cum for two times and then at the end he would still be left with a rock hard cock.

But Selena would be too tired and she will be in no state to go for more rounds. Having a big tool down below is not the problem, having too much stamina and endurance like a dragon is a very big problem. 

Knowing that both Meg and Julie were at least relieved, Alex knew how to use his weapon and had the decency to think about Selena and not break the girl just to satisfy himself.

He even went as far as to give oral to his girl and not be like those boys that are high and overly charged testosterone levels becoming impatient and selfish when they see a girl naked.

But they also knew that if they did not do anything then Selena might not be able to overcome her guilt to be the only one that is satisfied in their relationship.

For women usually, it was the other way around as they have to worry if their men would be able to satiate their body needs fully or not, but in Alex's case, it was totally the opposite.

So they took it upon themselves to teach Selena about a thing or two on how to please a man. Anna just stayed in the background quietly, probably also taking notes in her head for future reference when the time for her and Alex comes to mate. She would also sometimes ask questions in between their teaching like a good student. 

Aunt Meg and Julie taught both the girls and expanded their knowledge on different types of foreplay techniques that women could use to make their men go shooting their load until they are fully squeezed out of every drop.

Of course, they only taught Selena and also anna who tagged along, the know-how and they had not carried out any practical demonstration in front of them. 

The girl would have to practice and perfect her techniques on her man by herself. 

Back to the present, Selena finished telling Alex that she was just following and trying out those techniques that the aunts had taught her. But who would know that she would be the one left gagging in her first try to of using some advanced skill? 

Alex: "..."


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