The Pleasure Lord
148 Under The Moonlight I **
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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148 Under The Moonlight I **

"Do you want to go out in the open and under the moon for a round of swimming with me. What do you say, it will feel good." Out of nowhere, Alex suggested.

"Now? Its already past midnight." Selena looked unsure whether it will be a good idea or not.

"So what. Selena, trust me on this. You will not regret this experience." Alex grinned mischievously.

When Selena saw him grinning like that, she understood he wanted to do more than just swimming. But now she was clearly intrigued.

"I... don't know. What if someone catches us there? There are usually your guards stationed around the backyard where you had built the swimming pool." Selena said even though she knew Alex could send them away as he was the Lord. Even then she didn't want others to know of them swimming in the pool this late in the night together.

Alex had indeed built a big swimming pool in the Manor's backyard. And it was surrounded by walls made of wood around it for privacy and also divided into two for different genders to use.

But that's not the place he was speaking of.

Truthfully, Alex did not like the layout of the city. It was not really well planned as it was congested.

There was space to even expand the area of their own manor without demolishing the nearby structures. He was thinking of rebuilding the city from scratch to his liking but that would take time and money.

"No, not there. I was hoping to go somewhere big, like the sea. Have you heard of the term skinny dipping." Alex said while trying to be mysterious.

"Skinny dipping? No, what does it mean?" Selena asked innocently. 

"Hehe, you will know about it soon. Let's go, it will help to lighten up your mood." 

After some coaxing, Selena agreed. She liked the idea of going out, just the two of them.

"Alright, but how will we get past the guards without alerting them or do you just want to stroll out in front of them." Selena worriedly asked.

"You don't have to worry about that. Leave everything to me."

Alex did not order the guards to leave a way out for them this time around. He wanted to make it a thrilling experience for Selena. He did not make it look easy as they would cause Selena to question the security of their city.

They snuck out of the manor like some thief in the shade of the night; Selena felt the thrill of doing something... naughty. She knew there was no real danger should they be caught but it still felt thrilling to her to snuck out like this with her lover.

When they successfully crossed the outer city walls, Selena spoke: "We almost got caught by the patrolling squad twice and then there was that guard..." She kept on talking about how exhilarating the experience was. She had never done such things in her life before. 

 The moon was in its waxing phase so tonight it only showed up itself in a crescent shape but it still illuminated the night sky with its soft light.

Alex then gave Selena a piggyback ride till they reached the shore that was quite far away. With Alex's speed, going far was not much of a problem as they could come back easily.

The place Alex chose was such that it was very far away from the city and also not much visited. This part of the shore had a sandy white beach that shined a little because of the moonlight. 

Alex looked Selena up and down before she squirmed under his intense gaze. 

Why? Because Alex had already filled her on the meaning of the term skinny dipping on the way here, therefore Selena knew what his gaze meant at that moment.

She looked sheepish and her face got red from thinking that they will naked here out in the open. The soft sea breeze made the two pearls on her breasts to expand and poke visibly out of her soft tunic blouse. Alex could tell she was enjoying the attention.

She also looked at Alex and saw a little bulge in his loose pants. 

"Let me help you with that," Alex said, stepping close to her. Selena let out a little whimper of protest, but she didn't stop him one bit.

Alex helped her get out of her clothes. 

"You look beautiful"

There was not much to say after that, both Alex and Selena entered the water without a shred of clothing on their body.

Selena had also learned to swim from Anna, Meg, and Julie. She did enjoy swimming in the pool back at home with the ladies but swimming in the open sea without borders was another type of experience in itself for her. 

They played for almost an hour in the salty water while also not going very far from the shore. Alex made sure to keep his spiritual sense covering the whole area to safeguard against any poisonous or predatory fish in the sea.

If something like them comes closer than he will scare them away with his aura. Because the area around this part was shallow, the chances of big fishes coming here were almost impossible.

There was lots of touching, teasing, groping and kissing as they played tag with each other. Alex knew he was a very good swimmer but Selena turned out to be better than him in it.

Indeed, she had not started swimming long ago, but Alex surprisingly had a hard time keeping up with her movements, she was just like a slippery eel in the water.

If not that Alex had higher cultivation and a better physique, he might not even be able to touch her skin, at least not inside the water. 

Nevertheless, the sexual tension was thick and Alex was experiencing very new emotions and uncontrolled lust.

He moved in behind Selena and pressed his hard-on against the crack of her beautiful ass as they floated.

She pushed back against him and purred, feeling his piping hot, throbbing member against her. She knew it was time to get out of the water and do something about it.

Selena said; "Let's swim back to the shore." Alex nodded his head.

Coming out of the water, Selena walked unabashedly on the white sandy beach. She had already gotten over her shyness, this time for real.

"I never knew swimming naked could be so much fun! Have you done this before? If not why would you even think of doing something like this." Selena asked.

"No, but I have read about it in some book. I never thought it would be so much fun before," he added, watching his intensely sexy girlfriend's back with an almost hypnotizing sway of her curvaceous hips.

Selena walked up to a rock that had a flat surface inclining a little downwards but not too much, she turned to look at Alex and a sly smile could be seen forming onto her lips.

She had decided to be proactive and today it should her giving pleasure to Alex and not the other way around. 

She first pulled Alex towards herself, giving him a long wet kiss before forcing him to lie down the rock on his back.

Alex did not resist and laid down on the rock that was very cold to the touch but it did not bother him much. He just waited to see what she was going to do next. 

While having that same smile plastered on her face, she bent a little down as her hand headed straight for his crotch. 

"Let me do all the work today." Whispering sensually so he could hear, she wrapped her fingers around his semi-hard cock and winked at him. She stroked the warm but pulsating little monster for a little while before kissing the tip. 

Her emerald eyes never once left his as she constantly changed the way she touched him. One moment, she would make a strong fist bunching it blurred back and forth along his massive shaft.

Then she would use her delicate fingers to play and tease the throbbing bulbous head.

Selena's lips wrapped softly around his thick throbbing shaft. Every muscle in Alex's body seemed to respond to the new sensation with a powerful shudder of raw pleasure. 

She dragged her lips, along the full length of his hard phallus, then pushed them back down, as far as she could go along his shaft.  It started growing even longer and harder until she had trouble keeping it in her mouth, she had almost gagged the first time.

Selena pulled her mouth off his not so little member and stroked it to full hardness.

She swirled her tongue around the pink, bulbous head and softly bounced her head repeatedly, making sure she wet the head and the shaft in its entirety before she circled her tongue underneath once again, much to Alex's groaning approval.

Though she would sometimes accidentally graze it with her teeth; but that was to be expected as this was her first time giving head. Nevertheless, she was slowly getting a hang of it. 

She glanced up at him. His eyes were half-closed, as he indulged in her oral services.

The warmth of her mouth made Alex more aroused. Selena kept bobbing her head up and down until she started to taste droplets of sweet pre-cum in her mouth.

She pulled her mouth straight off him, and a trail of saliva draped between his engorged phallus and her lower lip.

He looked down at her and watched her break the bridge with her tongue, quickly wiping her chin with her fingertips. She flashed a look at him that said 'it's not over yet'

Selena promptly took him back in her mouth.

Her tongue slathered all sides of his head before she resumed suckling it like a baby calf. Man, Alex truly wanted to know how she thought of doing that.

Alex couldn't help but run his fingers across her hair, also feeling the motion of her head. Her naked ass arched upwards. From his point of view, that scene looked beyond sexy.

Selena purred as she made guttural sound unconsciously when she saw his look.

"*Slurp*... Am I doing good?" Selena honestly wanted to know how she was doing. 

"You are doing great," Alex replied immediately. There was no question in that. 

She lovingly wrapped her tongue around his cock head again, Alex could see she really liked doing this.

Alex let out a sigh of pleasure as she licked it steadily, holding the thick shaft with both her slender hands and then she began to draw it into her mouth properly.

Then, deciding that she was ready to do so, she let go of Alex's shaft and placed her hand around his pelvis for the support. She swallowed as much of his penis as she could.


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