The Pleasure Lord
147 Your Wish is My Command
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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147 Your Wish is My Command

Before Selena even raised her hands to knock on the door of Alex's room, it got opened from inside.

A hand reached out of the door to quickly grab on to Selena's wrist before pulling her inside the room and closing the door again behind her.

Selena didn't even have the time to say anything before a set of lips locked with hers. 


Selena did not step back or resist but started kissing her lover back with the same intensity and passion. She had gone past the stage of being shy after every kiss.

It was only after a couple of minutes did they break their kiss.

"Was it Anna that sent you here or did you come by yourself?" Alex asked teasingly.

This time Selena did not shy away like before but she replied with desire for him burning in her eyes, "She did send me here but... I was going to come anyway." 

"Oh, is that so, my waifu is getting bolder. Don't you still fear getting caught or seen by any guards in the hallway anymore? Don't you still dread that they might gossip bad things about you?"

"I do. But I also knew I couldn't sleep without seeing you tonight, so I took the risk of coming here anyway... And as I was walking across the hallway, I noticed that they were all empty. The female guards that should have been standing there were missing. Then I remembered they were also missing the day I had came here last time...Do you know where would they go around this time leaving their post empty?" Selena gave Alex a suspicious glare as if implying she already knew what he did.

Alex smiled knowing that he has been caught but he will not plead guilty "No, I don't know where they went but I will make sure to punish them afterward for leaving their post today and the last time you came here."

'Hmph, I highly doubt that. You may even reward them for leaving their post and duty unattended.' Selena was now sure it was Alex who should have ordered them to not guard the paths through the hallway leading from her room to their Lords so that she can come here unseen and uninterrupted.

Nevertheless, Selena did not pursue that matter anymore as she did come here to do that.

"Alex... can I ask you to do something for me." 

"No, you cannot ask me to do anything," Alex said that by seriously looking into her eyes and then continued solemnly: "You only have to give a single command and your man standing in front of you will make it happen. No questions asked."

"Oh, Alex!" Selena jumped into his arms and gave him another kiss. It was more intense than before.

Alex picked her up in his arms and took her to the bed while still playing with each other tongues as he carried her princess style with her arms around his neck.

When they sat on the bed, Alex stopped kissing her before they lost themselves in the heat of the moment. He still wanted to know what Selena had on her mind.

Alex asked her "Selena, tell me what did you want me to do" 

Selena remained silent for a while and only started speaking when she became normal.

"Alex, I want you to find the whereabouts of my mother. I don't why but I still feel she may be alive somewhere in this world. I know father had done everything in his capability to find her everywhere nearby after the storm separated them. He visited each of the islands nearby for getting any news of mothers ship somehow surviving the storm and making it to the island with the other tribe members like him... So I don't blame him for not trying his best... that man had already lost so much in his life..."

"I know its a very difficult thing to ask as the chances of her surviving till now is almost nonexistent. But if we still do not find her after trying then that will be the end of this matter. It is just that I don't wish to have any regrets. For me, you and my father are my everything and I don't want to lose any of you. But my mother, she might... still be alive."

Alex could understand her grief and longing to see her mother after knowing about her past.

The tragedy that their family had gone through is not something that could be comprehended fully by anyone without going through it first themselves.

The poor girl who had been told by her father until now that her grandparents lost their lives due to some war and then her mother left this world after being seriously ill, is not the whole truth.

It is natural that she would want to believe her mother may have somehow survived the storm.

Being a little hopeful is not wrong but being too hopeful is also not right. 

Alex had also experienced such pain in his previous life. The news of his father's death had hit him hard as he was just a thirteen-year-old boy then.

The whole family was also devastated by this news. Alex still remembers clearly that he would wishfully think about his father coming back someday.

Alex never saw the dead body of his father, so he hoped that maybe his father had gone undercover to protect the country from bad guys or something.

He thought like this as his grandfather revealed to him about his father working as an agent in some secret government agency of their country at that time.

Alex now knew that he had just watched too many movies to think like that. 

But then one day his mother also left him in the care of his grandparents.

He never saw her again even though she promised to come back for him.

The only ones left in his life from then on were his aging grandparents but they too left him alone when he came of age.

After recalling his past once again, Alex felt an indescribable emotion raging in his heart. He felt the urge to see his real family and the home where he lived all his life for at least once.

" that too much to ask for?" Selena seemed concerned when she saw him not replying.

"No...its not. Since you feel your mother is alive then that much of a reason is enough for us to search for her. Remember, you just have to order and I will do everything in my capability to make it happen. You do have a portrait of your mother with you, right! Do you also have a spare one?"

"Yes!" Selena answered as if she had been given hope.

"Good. Then give me the spare one tomorrow.  As long as she is breathing, and living somewhere in this world then finding her will not be a problem. It might take some time though, but it's not impossible to find her."

"But, how are you going to search for her."

"You don't have to worry about that, just give me the spare portrait of your mother, tomorrow. The rest will be handled by my subordinates. No one is more capable than them to do this work. Also, finding your mother will be our priority, okay?"

"Hm, I believe you." 

The mood between them had already dampened with all the serious talk.

Therefore to cheer Selena again and to burn the fire of passion between them, Alex thought of an idea.


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