The Pleasure Lord
146 Spirit Beast?
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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146 Spirit Beast?

Anyway, Alex still purchased the Beast contracting Technique as it was very rare to find in this world without having proper background or luck and also because he had two unhatched snakes to have a contract. They were going hatch anytime now, so he wanted to bind them to his soul before that happened.

The reason for that is when a person tries to form a binding soul contract with a demon beast that had not even hatched from its egg or they are a newborn like the little fox, no matter what the grade of their Beast contracting Technique would be, they will have a ninety-nine percent chance at taming the Demon Beast and binding their souls together without worrying about failing on their first attempt. 

The last one percent chance occurs due to unexplainable events that rarely happen to anyone. That is why the newborn cubs and eggs from the Demon Beasts are sought after by the cultivators as they fetch for a very high price in the market. 

Fortunately, the two eggs of the snake type demon beast had still not hatched. The little fox Luna is just a few months old and the problem of not being able to contract with her is almost nonexistent since she has been domestically brought up till now.

Alex was sure, Luna would happily bind her soul to Anna as they have almost become inseparable from one another.

By purchasing the Demon Beast contracting Technique, Alex had become almost a broke. But before leaving he still thought of using the Random Roll with the remaining points he is left with.

'Goddess of Luck, please grace your pious believer this time and send me heaven grade treasure' Alex prayed before inputting the points and clicking on the start button.

The heavenly spirit just rolled her eyes when she saw him doing that. He would do that every time before using the Random Roll, even though he knew that getting a Heaven grade item for that many points was nearly impossible. 

The random roll stopped and finally showed the results to the two of them.

7X Berserk Pills - Mid grade Rank 2

10X Poison Dart - Darts Laced with Rank 1 Poison (One time Consumable)

'...Something is better than nothing.' Alex thought though a little disappointed with the results but it was nonetheless better than what he got the time before the last.

He obtained seven Berserk Pills again but this time they were of Mid grade rather than Low grade like the last time. 

As for the Poison Darts, it was an item that he has gotten the first time, but he was not unfamiliar with them as he had trained with them in the past life many times.

The poison-laced around the tip of the Dart is ranked 1, which means that it is very lethal to the cultivators still in the Dantian Formation Realm and for the Body Tempering Realm Cultivators it is instant death if they are even touched by it. 

Both the items were good and if he sold them outside in some kind of auction then they would fetch for a high price.

Just when Alex was turning to leave, the Heavenly spirit suddenly said in a serious tone "Alex, try to find a spirit beast as soon as possible. My advice is to make that your priority now than any other thing. It's for your own good."

"Spirit Beast? Why? I heard they are not only rare to find and also equally hard to be tamed by humans." Alex asked back confused.

"Yes, spirit beast won't submit to just anyone, they are very prideful. Most of the spirit beast like Demon Beast would rather die than submit to anyone even if that someone is stronger than them.  But if they chose to submit to one on their own accord then it will be one of the greatest boons that a cultivator could have in his life. Not only are they extremely loyal, but they also provide their companions with some very unique abilities. You should still try to find one as soon as possible. Remember, when you do find one, make sure you let it smell your blood. After that, you don't have to do anything, just go with the flow. Bye!" The heavenly spirit vanished into thin air after saying that.

"Wait... Damn. What up with her? Why would she suddenly want me to find a spirit beast?" Alex still didn't know why finding a spirit beast should be his priority. 

Alex rubbed his chin in thought 'Spirit Beast huh...'

Spirit Beasts are a peculiar kind of species different from any Demon Beast or humanoid species like Druids, humans, etc, and unlike them, Spirit Beasts are born out of nature rather than through reproduction. They just materialize into existence randomly anywhere in the world without prior indication.

They could either appear in the depths of an ocean, in the middle of virgin forest,  or in some cave in a mountain. They can even materialize right in the middle of a street of a populous city filled with humans or even underneath someone's bed.

That's how random the places are when it comes to spirit beast births. Being sentient and s they are born intelligent, most of the time sprit beast will not stay at the place of their birth for a long period of time. 

Spirit Beast comes in different shapes and sizes of animals, plants or humanoid species like humans. They can even take the form of nonliving things like elements, swords, spears, armors, or even a shovel used to dig the ground. The thing which they all have in common is that they are very proud sentient beings. 

If any human tried to forcefully make them submit then the spirit beast would suicide immediately by exploding.

In the case of Demon Beasts, humans can try to tame them slowly by force or other means like binding them with contracts but with spirit beast, this is not true. It's all up to them to decide whether they want to swear allegiance with a said person or not.

But once they do decide on a person to follow then only death can do them apart no matter what happens. A contracted Demon Beast may betray its master if their bond is not strong but spirit beasts are loyal to the core.

Alex had read in a book that in some rare cases in the past, spirit beast had suddenly sworn fealty on their own to a complete stranger the moment it saw him or her for the first time. 

Form what Alex had read, spirit beast can merge with the body of its master to whom they had sworn fealty with to fight enemies and even enable its master to use the unique abilities that they are born with.

For example, a Fire-type elemental spirit can give it's master the ability to control and use fire element as they wish.

A water elemental spirit gives the ability to control water, and wind elemental spirit beast gives wind type abilities and so on.

An animal type spirit beast gives their beastly trait to their master like night vision, claws, the ability to breathe underwater, or other similar traits, which that particular animal is famous for.

A humanoid spirit beast might let your talent for swords or any weapons increase or they can even help in increasing their master's cultivation speed or comprehension. In general, the abilities that the spirit beast can provide may vary but are restricted to their nature and form in which they are born. 

As sought after as they are by cultivators and different forces, some spirit beasts are also feared because some of them tend to form territories of their own either by controlling demon beast or enslaving other species sometimes even their own if they are given time to grow.

That's why, whenever an unclaimed spirit beast is found, cultivators either try to become its master or they kill it before it can develop into a disaster for their kind.

"Sigh...where would even I find one. The locations at which they appear are just too random. Let's just see if the puppets can find any information on them." Alex mumbled before coming out of his soul space. 

When Alex left, the heavenly spirit materialized again in his place. But this time another glob of fog also appeared to hover by her side.

"Finding a spirit beast would be difficult before he awakens his bloodline. Should we help him a little." the heavenly spirit asked.

"You know we cannot help him much. Let's just hope he can find one before that happens... And don't let it bother you about how many girls he will marry in the future. The future of our race rests on his shoulders." whatever entity the fog was, it actually replied back to the question that the Heavenly Spirit asked.

"Wh..what! Why would it bother me anyway? I don't care if he marries one woman or two. For all I care, he can go and copulate with a pig." The heavenly spirit vanished again not wanting to talk on that matter anymore. 

The fog did not stay there for long as it also got sucked back into the book.


Back in the real world, Alex was sitting on his bed contemplating what to choose first.

"Hmm, should I study this Beast Contracting manual first or the recipe for the Body Quenching Pill. Both of them are important... huh!... Oh, my waifu is coming, I should definitely attend to her first. It's clear which one is more important now. Hehe..." Alex threw both the manual and the parchment into the inventory before readying his bed where the action is going to take place through the night.


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