The Pleasure Lord
145 Bottleneck
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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145 Bottleneck

The celebration outside the Manor went on till midnight. Leftover food, which was not much, was donated to the only orphanage in the city.

This orphanage has been built long ago by the first Dorbank Lord when he had just gained a foothold on this island. After he retired, the orphanage then started to slowly get ignored by his successive descendants as it was too expensive to keep it operational.

So they rather let it fend for itself until it remained just an empty husk and a name. Alex thought it would be better to rebuild the old orphanage and make it operational as he considers it to be one of the important moral pillars of any country and the only safe asylum for the orphaned or parentless children. 

Just after becoming Lord, Alex ordered his puppets to rebuild the orphanage in a night's time when he came to know about its pitiful existence. 

Then the next day when he had executed Darren and his group, the puppets started to bring the homeless children below a certain age to the orphanage mostly from the slums. Alex then especially looked into the list of many professions inside the Artificial puppet personnel tab.

He actually found a puppet having a profession related to running an orphanage institution. Without thinking any further, he bought two of them and sent them to run the orphanage. He told them to recruit more staff if needed among the civilians. 

When the public came to know that their Lord has restarted the orphanage to take care of children without a proper home, they started to donate whatever they could to the institution without having being asked for. 

Now it had funds to take care of at least fifty children without worrying. Of course, Alex would donate enough money to the orphanage institution from his own pockets so that it can take care of how many children it will have in the future. Anyway, the leftover food from the celebration was sent to the orphanage.

Right now, Alex was cultivating on his bed as he would do every night. For some days now, he had been feeling like he would break through the Early stage of Dantian Formation Realm anytime now.

But the final push never seems to occur and he is not able to form the Dantian even after trying it numerous times even though. He felt like he was experiencing a bottleneck or something like that in cultivation.

Nevertheless, Alex still accumulated the Qi from the surroundings and purified it in his body using the Book even though his body was already overflowing with the Qi. Therefore, Alex would use any excess Qi to quench his body to make it stronger physically.

After finishing with today's session of cultivation, Alex appeared in front of the Book in his mind again.

This time, the heavenly spirit was also waiting for him there. She was now spending more time strolling in his soul space then residing in the book.

"Done with your cultivation?" The heavenly spirit asked while hovering up to him.

"Yes, but you already know what's happening outside then why ask?"

"Hmph, I was just trying to make a regular conversation. Can't you just tag along? Anyway, tell me, did you find it hard to form your Dantian." The heavenly spirit asked with a meaningful smile.

"...Yes. do know what's the problem?" Alex asked knowing now that she definitely knew the answer to his problem.

"Of course, I know. Well, it's not a problem at all if that's what you are thinking it is. You are on the right track actually, so no need to get depressed. What you are lacking in now is your body cultivation. Your Copper body stage, which is in late-stage now, needs to reach the perfect stage before you even try to form your Dantian. That condition is needed for you to form a stable Dantian or else if you forcefully try to form it first then your body will go kaboom!" The heavenly spirit explained while also making the action of his body exploding if not followed, with her hands for effect.

"Wouldn't that take too much time." Alex completely forgot that his speed of cultivation is already too fast.

" would take you around another two months to perfect your Copper stage. So suck it up and continue to quench your body regularly. Don't try to make any more efforts in forming Dantian forcefull or I will not be responsible for what will happen to you."

"...Is there any other speed up my body cultivation." Alex asked not wanting to wait that long.

"Obviously, there are many ways. You can use Rank 1 Body Quenching pills, spirit stones or cores and meat of Rank 1 Demon beast and any lesser than that won't help you much. All of them are good ways that you already know." The heavenly spirit replied.

Alex thought to look for Body Quenching pills in the Book and see if it's affordable for him or not. Spirit Stones is a luxury for him now. So he will probably take on the last option if the first is not available.

Searching through the list of pills section in the Book, Alex found the Rank 1 Blood Quenching pills.

They were priced at thousand currency points and five hundred merit points for a bottle containing ten pills.

It was affordable but Alex thought it would be better to know its recipe and the method to make it.

He found that the price for the complete knowledge about that pill was six thousand Currency points, one thousand five hundred Faith points, and four thousand Merit points.

Alex knew that his Master does not have the recipe to concoct the Body Quenching Pill so he purchased it right away.

After that, he scrolled again to search for a suitable technique to contract with multiple Demon Beasts. 

Since he had looked for one previously sometimes ago, Alex had already decided which one he wanted to buy.

Alex chose a Peak Grade Black Ranked Demon Beast Contracting Technique.

The difference here between Low or peak grade was the number of Demon beast a person can contract and the probability of forming a contract successfully.

Black ranked technique has a 90 percent chance of failing to form a contract with a demon beast of equal strength.

Higher ranked than it will have a lower chance of failing to form a contract with the demon beast. Low, Mid, High, and Peak grade decided the number of Demon Beast a person can handle to form and keep it as his contracted beast simultaneously. 

A Peak Grade Black Ranked Demon Beast Contracting Technique would let Alex form a contract with Ten Demon Beast. 

The price of it was twelve thousand Currency points, ten thousand Faith Points and eight thousand Merit points.

If Alex purchased it then his savings in all three categories would come down below a thousand points.

Currency and Faith points are not that hard to gather now. The puppets were regularly sending him the cores of Demon beast below Rank 1 to replenish his currency demands and the other category which is the Faith points, it keeps regularly increasing day by day after he became a Lord.

What gives him the real problem is the Merit Points. To make it increase, he and his puppets would have to keep doing good deeds and eliminate people with very bad karma. This is the only way known to him for giving out Merit points.

Examples of good deeds would be like building an orphanage for children and keep it functioning properly will help to contribute some merit points.


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