The Pleasure Lord
144 Allegiance
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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144 Allegiance

Alex stared at Violette and said, "Well, since you want to know if I'm worthy for you to follow and stay back here then take a look at this."

He placed two items on the table.

Violette looked at those two items, but what her heart really took note of was Alex. 

With just a wave of his hand, Alex made some kind of blueprint and rolled beast's skin appear. What did this mean? It meant that Alex had some sort of Interspatial storage item.

Spatial storage items weren't something that ordinary people could have.

Spatial storage items weren't just special equipment, it was also a sign of your superior status. You wouldn't be able to get a spatial item if you didn't have great strength. 

That was why Violette's heart couldn't help but feel surprised when Alex pulled those two items out of nowhere.

Because of this, she had confirmed her belief that Alex certainly belonged to some kind of large underground force, or an unknown foreign clan or something along with that line, otherwise he wouldn't have an Interspatial storage item nor would he have such a large trained army coming out of nowhere.

Violette was now more determined in her choice. That was because she was very clear about her situation. 

They needed a powerful ally and stable place where she can make her business reach new heights. Rather than leaving her home island where her foundation of her family has already been laid and settling somewhere unknown while also starting her business from scratch was too much trouble.

Violette picked up the blueprint off the table and carefully looked at it, then she put it back down. The next item she took in her hand was the bundle of beast skin.

She unrolled it first and then started to read what was written on it from the top.

Violette was surprised by what she read on it.

What Alex had written on it was just an outline of what he is going to do in the future. The policies, the laws and basic plan on how he would execute it one by one starting from now on.

Basically, it was the roadmap on how he was going to spur the economy of his land, the use of the resources available on this island like the development of the Swamp Marsh Forest and also what type of relation and cooperation he wants to see between all the stages of society that will help him to stably reign over his subjects. 

The merchant, the soldiers, the craftsman, the mercenaries, etc all had something written about them in this bundle of Beast skin quite clearly. 

Violette felt many things written on this beast skin scroll were quite novel and interesting. One thing that particularly caught her eyes was the new judiciary system whose purpose is to solve the criminal cases and disputes between subjects without the direct involvement of the Lord.

The mechanism of how it would work was also very clearly written. This would lessen quite a load that the Lord would have to directly handle giving him spare time to concentrate on other important matters.

But there were many other mechanisms like the judicial system that Violette found eyecatching. 

Violette suddenly stood up and bowed to Alex, "Lord Alex Mordrake, please accept the Angevine family as your subject and our allegiance to your family." 

Norman and the others also stood up seeing that. Norman was happy seeing that their conversation had gone well.

Alex stood up as well, and reached his hand towards Violette, "Its good that you decided to stay. You have my word that as long as you abide by all the laws of this island, you will never regret or be disappointed by having me as your Lord. Also, I hear that you have some past grievances with President Kon of the Merchant Union. He and the other members of your union are still rotting in their cells back in the Merchant Union City. So if you want, I can let you handle them as you see it fit. My advice would be to make their dark history made public and then deal with them openly in front of the civilians. Like you, some of the civilians would also have past grievances with them."

Although Violette was surprised, she nodded her head. "This is natural. I 'll abide by all the laws just like any other subject. You have my gratitude for giving me the chance to avenge my father's death. I will never forget that. If there is anything you want me to do then please do tell me."

"Hehe, well actually there is something that I want to ask you," Alex said.

"Yes, please ask away." Violette was curious about what he wanted to ask her.

Alex came a little closer so that only she can hear what he was going to ask.

"If you don't mind, can you please explain what you meant that day by saying and I quote 'Eww, do I seriously need to deal with your kind even when I am dead'? I'm still confused about that." Alex gave a mischievous smile.

Violette: "..."

Alex: "Yes?"

Violette was feeling quite ashamed. She didn't think he would bring that matter up. But now what can she even say in her defense. She had blurted that out she was not in her right mind: "I...!"

"Haha, I'm just joking. No need to take that seriously." Alex thought this much teasing was enough. If he really made her say the reason then that would make her feel embarrassed.

"Why don't you two stay in the guest rooms and rest there for the night? Your men will also be shown to their resting quarters by my servants so don't worry about them. Alright"

"Lord Alex, there is no need for you to do that. We had already made our arrangements to stay at the inn in this city..." 

"I insist that you stay for the night as I have one task that would need your help to complete in the morning. Tomorrow morning, you can head back to the Merchant Union city if you want. Maid, show them to their rooms." Alex ordered the servants.

Violette couldn't say anything after that. She and Norman were then shown the way to their rooms by the maids.

Cen and his subordinates had their dinner with the other guards in the Manor after which they were taken to their rooms to rest for the night.

The maids brought the two guests to their rooms that were adjacent to each other and then they took their leave from there.

Norman started smiling once they were left alone. "I think that he took a fancy to you, Miss Violette, otherwise why would he be so good to you."

Violette blushed a little. "What nonsense are you speaking, Uncle Norman?"

Norman couldn't help but laugh, which made Violette's face turn even redder. Violette had a good impression of the teenage boy almost half her age. After all, he had saved her life twice during the battle and also helped her achieve her life long wish to avenge her father's death. 

In addition to feeling gratitude, Violette also found him interesting.

Whenever a woman is curious about a man, it wouldn't be long until her heart falls.


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