The Pleasure Lord
143 Celebration and Guests II
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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143 Celebration and Guests II

When Alex had introduced Anna, Norman suddenly remembered his encounter with her that day outside her window and what happened afterward.

'Ah, mother forest, that really was a black day for me. How unfortunate I was that day. Sigh~' thought Norman in his head.

He spotted the furry little fox sitting right on the girls lap busy liking its paw with the tiny tongue of hers. Taking his eyes off the pet, Norman made a decision to have to talk with the girl afterward.

"Lord Alex, I've been meaning to ask but can you tell me how you could found out about my disguise as abnormal that day."

Alex shook his head. "I'm sorry, Mister Norman. It's a secret." It was clear that he refused to answer.

Alex gave no further explanation. After all, today was only the third time he had met the druid. So Alex didn't say anything as he kept his head down and ate dinner.

At once, Norman said, "I'm sorry, Lord Alex. I was being rude."

"Don't worry about it." Alex waved it off, then he smiled, "Now try each dish before they go cold."

Seeing that Alex wasn't speaking, Violette and Norman focused on eating.

Then the two of them politely picked up their knives and forks, ready to taste the dishes on the table.

 But soon they didn't feel bored because the things they were eating were delicious.

They had never tasted food like this before. It was completely different than what you could find here on this island or places elsewhere near this island.

Violette had high requirements when it comes to what she ate. Whether it was taste or ingredients, she was very demanding.

Being a Merchant, Violette would regularly go out for business purposes to different islands and even to the Belmont subcontinent sometimes. Naturally, she had tasted all many dishes all these years. 

In this world, their cooking methods weren't really worth mentioning, but their quality of ingredients was high, thanks to the magical thing like Qi which is present everywhere. It not that there are no talented chefs in this world.

In fact, their numbers are even greater than what it is on the Earth. It is just that most of the cooking methods and food recipes are never shared with the common public. 

Violette couldn't help but feel taken aback. She tried all the other dishes and everything was delicious. The most important one was the roasted rabbit covered in some kind of red gravy.

It had a crispy texture to it and was very spicy because of the red gravy made by different spices.

But it was just spicy enough to make her crave for more.

The taste was pure and crisp. It was simply the best. It was so good that she couldn't stop herself from eating two portions.

And then there were the little orange cubes that Alex called as roasted tater tots.

The ingredients used to make it was as simple as potato.  Another dish that Alex made was brown butter sweet potato alfredo. It was not better than the rest of the food but it was still novel for Violette to taste for the first time.

Norman was also the same, he seemed to have forgotten that he was eating as a guest in someone's else house. The only thing he wanted to do now was to keep devouring whatever came his way without minding his manners at all.

The atmosphere around the table was good with everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Once dinner was over, they all went back into the man hall. Meg and Julie provided everyone with a cup of tea. It was then that Alex turned to Violette and said, "Miss Violette, did enjoy the dinner."

"Lord Alex, I'm sure you would know the answer to that question by looking at how much both of us had eaten. It was one of the best I ever had in my life." Violette quickly said.

"It feels good to hear that. Now let's move on to the main topic. Since you arrived here then it means you have decided what to do in the future. Please tell me." Alex smiled before coming to the main question.

"Yes, indeed I have made my decision but before telling you, can you answer some of my doubts and... a request."

"Of course, why not? As for the request if it's reasonable then I won't have a problem listening to it." Alex said.

Norman, Master Clayton, and Jack were talking amongst themselves while the ladies went back to the kitchen. Hank and Tom went outside the Manor, probably to visit the brothel again.

Violette turned to sit in a more comfortable position but by doing so she exposed her curvaceous body to the eyes of Alex, not to mention when she bent a little to adjust in her seat, her voluptuous bunnies moved sideways due to the inertia of her body.

If any men caught the glimpse of it they might not want to move their eyes away from that scene.

But like a gentleman he was, Alex always had his eyes on the face of her guest and never below her neck. 

"Miss Violette, is the chair making you uncomfortable?" Alex asked.

Violette was startled, but then she recovered, "No, I was just getting into a comfortable position to talk."

Violette was impressed seeing that Alex had never checked her body out in a rude way even once. Only some men in this world can resist not looking directly at the curvaceous body like hers.

Till to this date, Violette had never met any man that had not looked at her body with eyes that of a beast wanting nothing more than to possess her. Alex was the first such man to ever resist her charm. 

Even during the battle, she never felt his eyes roam on her body lasciviously. 

If only she knew that Alex had already stopped using his eyes to check out beauties anymore. He now uses his spiritual sense to see most of the time than his real eyes.

If not for her wearing clothes with the ability to resist spiritual sense then Alex might have even been looking to find how deep the valley is or how tall the mountains are. 

Anyway, Violette thought it was best not to test the boy anymore so she said "Lord Alex, though its place to ask, I still wanted to know how you plan to run this island economically. What policies would you make for the common people that will help them to prosper as you had promised on the day you became the Lord of this land. Also, how would you treat merchants if they..."

Violette asked five-six questions in one breath. What she was asking was closely related to how Alex would handle different situations as a Lord and what are his plans for the future. 

Alex chuckled before saying "So you first want to hear me answer your questions before you decide whether I will make a good Lord or not in the future. No, not just a good Lord but also a capable one, right?" 

"Yes, and I hope you are honest with what you plan to do or how you propose to implement your plans in the future," Violette nodded her head as she replied.


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