The Pleasure Lord
135 Lord of the Sea Shell Island III
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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135 Lord of the Sea Shell Island III

Alex returned back to the Mordrake city on the third day.

The news of his victory over the two cities had already reached the Mordrake city two days ago. 

So Alex and his army were welcomed with thunderous applause and cheers by all the citizens the moment he entered through the gates of the city. Their new Lord won a great victory and did another inconceivable feat of defeating the other two cities in just a single night.

This showed that their Lord though young is very strong and capable enough to protect them if the need ever arose in the future. Alex announced that an open banquet would be held in the evening at the city square to celebrate the victory together.    

Anyone can come and eat as much as they like. This elicited another round of applause and cheers from the public. 

"Alex, I'm happy seeing that you are including the common people to celebrate with you but you also need to think about how much strain it would put on the granaries of our city that are already dwindling down because of the past two wars and also the trade being stopped for almost a week. Remember that most of our grains and vegetables are imported from other islands near the Belmont subcontinent and whatever we have left in stock would only last the whole island a month and a half before it also gets exhausted." Uncle Jack tried to bring one of the major problems that every lord on this island had faced previously to Alex's attention. 

"Uncle, that is a serious problem and I'm well aware of it. But don't worry, I'll send my men to procure all the food we will require to feed everyone on this island in the coming future. For now, let's just celebrate with everyone. " Alex said in a reassuring tone that he had everything covered.

Jack too did not pursue this matter anymore since he trusted his adopted son when he said he would deal with this matter without any problem.

When they reached their manor, Alex saw Aunt Meg, Aunt Julie, Selena, and Anna standing at the front gate for them. 

Selena had returned to normal on the surface and seemed to have gotten over the revelation about her family's tragedy three days ago by her father. She was genuinely happy for Alex coming back victorious.

Without caring how others would see this, Alex went ahead and embraced Selena into his arms as he felt she needed that very much.

For some moments, no one interrupted them but then Selena's eyes started getting moist that caused her to start crying her heart out eventually in Alex's arms.

She unburdened herself of all her worries and sorrows in Alex's arms, and her heart-wrenching sobs made the insides of the onlookers twist as well. Master Clayton's eyes too got a little red seeing this. He had been away for some days helping Alex so he did not get the time to console her properly.

Anna who was standing just by their side holding a little fox cub in her arms finally quipped in between as her lips unconsciously started to pout, "Big sis, look around, we are still standing outside. Everyone is looking at you and big brother Alex where is my hug?"

It finally struck Selena that others were also present there seeing her crying while embracing Alex. This caused her to forget about her pain completely but now she didn't want to move away from Alex as she was too embarrassed to show her face to everyone. Embarrassed or not, she did feel good when Alex held her and let her cry all out on his shoulder. 

"Haha, come here. How can I forget about you?" Alex opened one of his arms hugged Anna together with Selena. Her smiling face looked even more charming and cute.

"Hahaha, I think its time for Alex and Selena to marry each other. What do you think, Master Clayton?" Jack suggested.

"There is nothing more in this world that I could ask for than seeing my daughter marry a good man. It would make me very happy and content. Let's hold a wedding ceremony for them as soon as possible. I can't wait to hold a first grandchild in my arms." Master Clayton also wanted to see them marry. 

"Father!" Selena blushed uncontrollably when she heard the last sentence.

Anna instead giggled aloud and started teasing her in front of everyone. Since the ladies already knew that Alex and Selena had consummated, they were more than happy to see them getting married as soon as possible. 

"Uncle Jack, we should hold a grand ceremony and everyone on the island as Alex is their Lord," Hank suggested from behind. He and Tom also came back with Alex's group while Donald, Theo, and Joe stayed back in the Merchant Union city to look after it for some more days. Alex 

This time Jack didn't bring the matter of cost in holding such a large wedding ceremony since he too wanted it to be grand. 

The adults went inside the manor to discuss the date and the place suitable to hold the marriage as soon as possible. 

Selena also went inside with Anna leaving Alex, Hank, and Tom alone.

"Tch, Tch, I can't believe you would be the lucky one to get married first rather than me or Tom and to such a beautiful sister in law," Hank said while putting one arm around Alex's shoulder. Tom agreed with Hank on this one. Since they were more like brothers than friends, both Hank and Tom still treated Alex as their little brother.

"Oh, then should I ask Uncle Donald and Aunt Julie to let you marry first since you are one year older than me. Tom, your mother would also be very happy to see you getting settled." Alex jested.

"No, No, No... Don't you dare put such thoughts inside their heads! I still want to live my life freely like a bird. Tom, why don't you say something to him?" Hank thought Alex would really tell his parents.

"I don't mind settling down, I... think I have found someone that I really like" Tom actually thought the prospect of settling down with someone he loves to be a very good idea since that would also make his mother happy as she will also get company not stay alone when he is out with Hank and others. He had already found that special someone he thinks is best for him and his mother. 

"Wha...what! You... even found someone? Don't joke with me? we always stay and go everywhere together. How can you even get the time to... No, ait, don't tell me, the person you like is ... that girl from that place." Hank suddenly thought of someone and asked Tom for confirmation.

Tom nodded his head determinedly.

"Are you out of your mind? She is a fucking who.."

"Hank!" Tom shouted to stop Hank from spouting something that he would regret afterward.

Hank also seemed to understand that he had almost crossed a line. But he still did not want his friend to fall in love with a woman working in that kind of profession.

"Calm down, you two. Can you tell me about which girl you two are talking about?"Alex interrupted them in between before Hank could say anything further that might sour their relationship.


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